Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ABT, God’s Love We Deliver, Cinema Society, The Carlyle

Charles Nolan with Junior Council and ABT dancers.
Last Wednesday, Charles Nolan hosted the American Ballet Theatre’s Junior Council. Everyone also came out toast the designer and preview his 2008 Spring collection at his New York flagship store on 30 Gansevoort Street.

Among those attending: Peter Lyden, Ian Bone, and Kristin Koch, Karen LeFrak, Eric Masella, Brian Reeder and ABT dancers.
Joseph Gorak, Mara Thompson, Flavio Salazar, and José Sebastian
Brian Reeder, Karen LeFrak, and Charles Nolan
ABT Dancers April Giangeruso, Kaia Annika, and Jamie Hickey
ABT Dancers Joseph Gorak and Jose Sebastian
Kristin Koch and Amanda Meigher
Mary Singer, Ian Bone, and Jillian Barsalou
Mari Jo Ziesel, Richard Toda, Brian Reeder, Roxana Ranseur, and Trey Gillen
Carola Nolan with guests
Jeffrey Goodstein and Susan Schneider
Karen LeFrak and Peter Lyden
Ty Gurfein, Mara Thompson, Kaia Annika, Calvin Royal III, and Courtney Lavine
Mari Jo Siesel and 'Cake' Choreographer Brian Reeder
Also on Wednesday night, God’s Love We Deliver held its 20th Anniversary Commemorative Gold Tile Celebration, honoring Harry Slatkin, President of Slatkin & Co. Tile recipients included: Jonathan Adler, Blaine Trump, Paul Wilmot, Joan Rivers, Henry van Ameringen, Lily Safra, Joy Behar, David Hockney, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Altria Group, Howard Stern, MAC Cosmetics, Polo, Nike, Mikimoto and others.

Jonathan Adler designed the limited edition commemorative tiles, which perpetuate the dedication and support of the individual, corporate, and foundation community to the agency. The tiles, installed in the lobby of God’s Love We Deliver, serve as a model of how the strengths and resources of the private and public sectors have combined to support God’s Love We Deliver in its critical work.
Michael Sennott
Karen Pearl
God’s Love We Deilver Committee Board
The evening also brought out Kyle MacLachlan and his wife Desiree Gruber, God’s Love We Deliver President and CEO Karen Pearl, DIFFA’s David Sheppard, Michael Sennott, Jeff Diglio, Luigi Tadini, Allison Mazzola, Susan Lher, Luis Gonzalez, Edward Barnes, Jon Gilman, Fred Gonzalez and additional God’s Love We Deliver board members and long time supporters. Slatkin & Co. provided signature fragrant candles.

God’s Love We Deliver’s misson is to improve the health and well-being of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses by alleviating hunger and malnutrition. They prepare and deliver nutritious, high-quality meals to people who, because of their illness, are unable to provide or prepare meals for themselves. The organization also provides illness-specific nutrition education and counseling to clients, families, care providers and other service organizations.
Blaine Trump and Harry Slatkin
Kyle MacLachlan and Desiree Gruber
Luigi Tadini
Jeff Diglio and Chef Pascal Segelbacher
Gary Snieski, Tom Knotek, and Alison Mazzola
Susan Lher and Luis Gonzalez
Behind the scene at God's Love
The Cinema Society and Nicole Miller co-hosted a screening of the film “Married Life,” the film by director Ira Sachs which stars Patricia Clarkson, Chris Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Pierce Brosnan. The film  is a clever and poignant look at marriage and adultery and relationships in the 1940s, in the days when it was never spoken of except when it was about movie stars.

The stars -- Clarkson, Cooper, McAdams and Sachs – also  joined Cinema Society founder Andrew Saffir and Ms. Miller for the screening at the Tribeca Cinemas. There was a party which followed in the Penthouse of the Soho Grand Hotel.

Among those attending were Morgan Freeman, Stanley Tucci, Helena Christensen, Lindsay Price (“Lipstick Jungle”), John Schneider, Judd Hirsch, Candace Bushnell and Charles Askegard, Beth Ostrosky, Milena Govich (“Law & Order,” “K-Ville”), Zuleikha Robinson (“New Amsterdam”), Neil Burger (director, “The Illusionist”), Ben Shenkman, Hana Soukupova, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Irina Pantaeva, Sandra Nilsson, Alexandra Kerry, Daniel Benedict, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, Olivia Palermo, Meredith Melling-Burke, Debbie Bancroft, Tiffany Dubin, Lucy Sykes and Euan Rellie, Sessa von Richthofen, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Jerry Della Femina and Judy Licht, Helen and Tim Schifter, and Sony Pictures Classics’ Tom Bernard and Michael Barker.
Alexandra Kerry
Beth Ostrosky
Charles Askegard and Candace Bushnell
Jerry Della Femina and Judy Licht
Candace Bushnell, Douglas Hannant, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, and Frederick Anderson
Nick Gregory and Tiffany Dubin
Chris Cooper
Helena Christensen and Andrew Saffir
Ira Sachs
Debbie Bancroft
Irina Pantaeva
Kelly Killoren Bensimon
Meredith Melling Burke
Judd Hirsch
Andrew Saffir and Beth Ostrosky
John Schneider
Patricia Clarkson, Nicole Miller, and Rachel McAdams
Sean Evans and Neil Janowitz
Lindsay Price
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Milena Govich
Daniel Benedict and Niki Beels
Helena Christensen
Hana Soukupova
Morgan Freeman
Lucy Sykes and Euan Rellie
Rachel McAdams
Nicole Miller and Andrew Saffir
Ira Sachs, Tom Bernard, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Cooper, Rachel McAdams, and Michael Barker
Sessa von Richthofen and Niki Beels
Patricia Clarkson
Sandra Nielsen
Tim and Helen Schifter
Zuleikha Robinson
Olivia Palermo
Sam Shaffer and Kathryn Neale
Stanley Tucci
James McBride and Lynn Wyatt hosted a launch party for Assouline’s new book “The Carlyle,” held in the Empire Suite of the posh Upper East Side hostelry.
Nick Foulkes, Anna Scott, Graydon Carter, Lynn Wyatt, and James McBride
Long before the Upper East Side came into its own there was a Carlyle. In 1929 when Walter P. Chrysler was watching the finishing touches put on his building, and John Jacob Raskob broke ground for the Empire State Building, uptown on East 76th Street, amidst both farmhouses and townhouses, rose a haven for high society, artists, royalty and world leaders.
Barry Diller and Lynn Wyatt
Michael Kors and Tory Burch
Dominick Dunne and Alexandra McBride
Marjorie Gubelmann, Nick Foulkes, and Lynn Wyatt
Elaine Stritch, Nick Foulkes, and Renee Fleming
Wendy Vanderbilt and Kenny Lane
Barbara Walters
Alexandra McBride and Liz Smith
Michael Bolla & The Accompanied Literary Society presented Forward: Readings by Arnon Grunberg and Victoria Redel. Guests joined Emmy Award-winning author and architect James Sanders for an introduction to Jewish New York past, and celebrated two authors looking forward with the launch of The Jewish Messiah and The Border of Truth. There was a live klezmer band, flowing cocktails, and dancing against the lights of Lower Manhattan all at the Forward Building Penthouse.
Arnon Grunberg and Josh Lucas
Alexis Laken and Adam Handwerker
David Margolick and Ira Silverberg
Brooke Geahan, Ira Silverberg, Sarah Jornsay Silverberg, and Danielle Merker
Caitlin Brown and Jill Magid
Michael Bolla and Susie Hayes
Cecile Barendsma and Tracey Ryans
Jacob Brown and Ira Silverberg
Brooke Geahan, James Sanders, and Stephanie Steiker
Victoria Redel
Voula Duval
Sue Stemp
Sam Ong
Maureen Cahill, Liz Crotty, Mark Mayer, and Jennifer Talbot
Molly Rosen and Porochista Khakpour
Sarah Jornsay Silverberg and Danielle Merker
Nathan Vogle and Brooke Geahan
Zadie Smith, Brooke Geahan, and Arnon Grunberg
Tatum O'Neal and friend

Photographs by ©PatrickMcMullan.com.

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