Thursday, April 10, 2008

An oh so Venetian Heritage

Anne Bass, Peter Bacanovic, Carol Mack
Adam Lindemann and Amalia Dayan
Berthil Espegren, Lori Baker, and Mark Gilbertson
The Venetian Heritage held its annual Spring Awards Gala Monday March 31st at the St. Regis Roof, honoring its co-founder (with the late Khalil Rizk) Larry Lovett.
Betsy Lovett, Jamie Figg, and Dodie Rosekrans
Betsy Lovett and Gary Parr
April and Roddy Gow
Brittany Horn and Jay Krehbiel
Brian Coleman and Lee Thaw
Christina and Marco Grassi
Larry Lovett with Sissy and Max Straus
Hiram Williams, Peter Vaughn, Betsy Lovett, and Toto Bergamo Rossi
Gaetana Enders and Victor Shafferman
Kenneth Jay Lane and Doda Voridis
Larry Lovett and Francesco Talo
Donald and Muffy Miller
Sharon Handler and Geoffrey Bradfield
Diana Quasha
Sarah Baker and Guy de Peyrelongue
Peter Bacanovic and Margo Langenberg
H.S.H. Princess Pierre d'Arenberg, H.S.H. Prince Pierre d'Arenberg, and Ann Nitze
Hilary Geary Ross and Wilbur Ross
John Schumacher, Barbara Cirkva Schumacher, and Rod Drake
Judy and Alfred Taubman
Sandra Ourusoff and Thomas Hampson
Ann Nitze, Pierre Durand, Elizabeth Lovett Colledge, Larry Lovett, and Betsy Lovett
Sandra Whitney and Paul Wallace
June Dyson, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, and Cristina Pinto
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Betsy Lovett and Deeda Blair
Doda Voridis and Katherine Embiricos
Elizabeth Lovett Colledge, Pat Shareck, Barbara Berlingieri, and Cristina Pinto
Princess Alexander Romanoff and Rufus Albemarle
Audrey Gruss and Roberto de Guardiola
Brittany Horn and Stonington Cox
Elisabeth and Karlheinz Muhr
Caitlin Riley and Charlie Wardell
Elizabeth Stafford and Richard E. Ford
Pierre Durand and Immaculada de Habsburgo
Shirley Maytag King and Count Nicholas von Wenkheim
Steven Harris and Marisa Noel Brown
Marife Hernandez and Joel Bell
Kalliope Karella and Barbara Cirkva Schumacher
Michael Callegaro and Marit Gruson

Photographs by ©

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