Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Art for Life

The dinner scene at Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation's first Art For Life Miami Beach gala.
Last Thursday night, night Pierre Cardin, along with Elle Decor's editor-in-chief Margaret Russell, and interior designer Jonathan Adler, received the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Etoile Style Design Award presented by SCAD's co-founder and President, Paula Wallace.

The Savannah College of Art and Design has become the largest art and design school in the world with a fantastic campus in Lacoste, France, where Cardin lives in a castle which once belonged to the Marquis de Sade. Between the Savannah College of Art and Design and Cardin, they have almost totally restored the 17th century village of Lacoste.

The reception and presentation took place at the French Embassy Cultural Services mansion on 5th Avenue and 79th Street which was built by McKim, Mead and White for Helen and Payne Whitney at the beginning of the last century. 

Among the glamorous crowd: Lee Radziwill, Blaine Trump, Anne Slater with John Cahill, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and his wife Veronica, Katherine Bryan with her son the New York Observer's George Gurley, and Vogue's Andre Leon Talley, and Academy Award winning director Milos Forman.

Pierre Cardin stood near the entrance and greeted many of the guests for a good part of the evening before going upstairs to where the reception took place.

Shelley Wanger and David Mortimer, Kim Garfunkel, Pat Kerr Tigrett (the number one designer in antique lace), the Council of the Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) head Fern Mallis, top casting agents Bonnie Timmermann and Avy Kauffman and painter husband Charles Nesbitt, producer Diane Passage (she recently signed the group Blowing Trees to a contract at Glassnote Records and who spent two weeks in Savannah filming their video) and her husband top money manager Ken Starr, all mingled before adjourning to the brief (20 minutes) presentation.

Dakota Jackson, the designer, introduced Paula Wallace, the associated press's Delores Barclay and producer Barbara (the original "Hurly Burly") Ligati, Diesel's head of marketing Erin Hawker and her husband film producer Jon Furay (who developed the book, “Tragic Indifference” and the movie based upon it, Roll Over, about litigation lawyer's Tab Turner, suit against Firestone and Ford over the 281 traffic deaths caused by the Ford Explorer rollovers), Hildi Santo Tomas of TLC's "Trading Spaces", Hachette President Jack Kliger, Paul Wilmot.

Cardin left the next morning for Savannah, where he was visiting the Savannah College of Art and Design and meeting with students, accompanied by SCAD head Paula Wallace and her husband Glenn Wallace, who plays a very prominent role in the running the college.
Anne Slater
Blaine Trump
Dakota Jackson
Cindy Adams
Jonathan Adler with his mother Cynthia
Paula and Glenn Wallace
Katharine Bryan and George Gurley
Lee Radziwill and Pierre Cardin
Ken Anderson and Soojin Nam
Fern Mallis and Andre Leon Talley
Milos Forman and Bobby Zarem
Blaine Trump and Pierre Cardin
Claude Morais and Brian Wolk
Stephanie Labeille and Oliver L'Olivier
Jonathan Adler, Margaret Russell, Paula Wallace, and Pierre Cardin
Veronica and Ray Kelly
Anne Tannenbaum and Paula Wallace
Diane Passage and Ken Starr
Louise Mirrer, head of the New-York Historical Society, along with Board of Trustees Chair Roger Hertog and Chairman’s Council Chair Pam B. Schafler, hosted a gala black tie reception kicking off the annual Weekend with History on Friday, April 4, at the Society’s home on 170 Central Park West, at 77th Street. 

There were informal remarks by Gordon Wood, Paul Goldberger and Christopher Hitchens with a special reading by Jim Dale. At dinner, Daniel Walker Howe was presented with the annual New-York Historical Society American History Book Prize.
Jim Dale, Gordon Wood, Christopher Hitchens, Paul Goldberger, and Louise Mirrer
In addition to noted historians Debbie Applegate, Thomas Bender, Harold Holzer and Seth Kaller, guests included: Irene and Bernard Schwartz, Pam and Scott Schafler, Ric Burns, Andrew Ferguson, Eric Gibson, David D. Ho, Marjorie and Gurnee Hart, Barbara and Kenneth T. Jackson, Edward P. Jones, Pat and John Klingenstein, Nancy Newcomb and John Hargraves, Michael Oreskes, Lisa Phillips, David Redden, George Rupp, Benno C. Schmidt, Peter Silver, Rosalind P. Walter, Leah and Michael Weisberg, G. Edward White and Hope and Grant Winthrop among others.

The Weekend with History brings together America’s leading historians and many of the Society’s most passionate supporters for a day-and-a-half of informal conversation and presentations.
Arthur Imperatore
Michael Oreskes, Lois Chiles, and Gordon Wood
Barbara Jackson, Paul Goldberger, and Valerie Paley
M. Saleem Muqaddam and Nancy Newcomb
Debby Applegate, William Shutzer, and Leah Weisberg
Louise Mirrer with Jennifer and John Monsky
Nancy Perlman and Tom Klingenstein
Sarah Nash and Michael Sylvester
Roger Hertog and Carl Menges
Gordon Wood and Christopher Hitchens
Sue Ann Weinberg and Harold Newman
William Beekman
Sir Thomas Moore and Susan Brickwood
Daniel and Sandra Howe
Julie and Andy Klingenstein
Mark Samels and Deborah Carbanes
Last Tuesday night, The Horticultural Society of New York hosted its Spring gala, Flowers & Design held at 583 Park Avenue, the unique and elegant space designed by Delano & Aldrich and completed in 1923. This year’s honoree was renowned interior designer, author and garden enthusiast, Charlotte Moss.

The city’s leading floral designers always create spectacular table designs for this event and this year they were inspired by the theme “A Garden Party." The Design Chair was Chris Giftos, former Floral Master at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Barbara Cirkva Schumacher, John Schumacher, Ted Hartley, Dina Merrill, and CeCe Black
Zita Davisson and Gary Lawrance
Anthony Gerard and Frances Schultz
Morgan Swett, Elizabeth White, Greg Hersch, and Jeremy Hersch
Tony Smith, Bobbie Margolis, and Charlotte Moss
Roddy and April Gow
Huguette and Dennis Hersch
Jeff Peek, Sheila Stephenson, and Liz Peek
CeCe Black and Chris Giftos
Dominique Buaron, Millicent Johnsen, and Mark Gilbertson
Elise Lelon, Alberto Villabos, and Margot Takian
Cece Cord and Keith Langham
Varina Steuert, Zibby Tozer, and Sheila Stephenson
Lyn Flynn, Marianne Chaikin, and Jim Hunt
Lee Potter, Paige Betz, Mary Van Pelt, and Guy Van Pelt
Liselott Svaerdloef, Mario Nievera, and Ilka Gregory
Elizabeth Stribling and Guy Robinson
Andrea Fahnestock and Linda Garnett
Barry Friedberg and Charlotte Moss
Russell Simmons, Danny Simmons, and Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation held their first Art For Life Miami Beach gala and raised more than $575,000.

The event which took place at The Bath Club in Miami two Saturdays ago, honored Grammy Award winning artists John Legend and Wyclef Jean, TV personality Suze Orman and Real Estate Developer R. Donahue Peebles for their efforts in helping to improve the lives of others and in support of youth arts education.  

The event's Platinum Sponsor was R. Donahue and Katrina Peebles; Hennessy, Anheuser-Busch, and Wal-Mart were Silver Sponsors. Chip and Allison Brady, Tracy Wilson Mourning and Loren Ridinger served as event chairs and welcomed celebrities including Miami Heat players Dwyane Wade and Alonzo Mourning, NFL star Larry Johnson; director Brett Ratner, Creed’s Scott Stapp and his wife Jaclyn, singer Paulina Rubio and comedian Pauly Shore.

Emmy Award winning ABC journalist John Quinones served as the night's auctioneer helping to raise over $200K. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt couldn't be there in person but surprised honoree Wyclef Jean by sponsoring 5 Rush Kids in his honor; Dwyane Wade, Larry Johnson and Julissa Bermudez, and John Legend each sponsored 10 Rush Kids; as did Amber and Loren Ridinger, and event Honorary Chairman P. Diddy.
Russell Simmons and Porschla Coleman
Scott and Jaclyn Stapp
Suze Orman and Frances Hayward
Larry Johnson and Julissa Bermudez
Dwayne Wade, Katrina Peebles, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning, Suze Orman, and Donahue Peebles
Wyclef Jean
Alonzo, Tre, and Tracy Mourning
Chip and Allison Brady with John Legend
Nicolas Vallejo Nagera, Paulina Rubio, and Loren and JR Ridinger
Brett Ratner and DJ Irie
Sherri and Tom Ireland
John Quinones
Kalyn James and Katrina Peebles

Photographs by ©PatrickMcMullan.com (SCAD).

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