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Here are the pages you'll need to use to publish and maintain the new NYSD site:

When creating content, you can just type paragraphs and submit the piece and it will be properly formatted. The only thing you need to remember to do is select the appropriate "Content" category from the select list.

To insert an image simply place the cursor where you want to insert the image and then click the icon under the textbox. A pop-up window will appear and from there you can select from existing uploaded images or you can upload a new image. Provide the caption info, the photo credit in the description box and then select to display it in thumbnail size or preview size - which is appropriate for the top large image on a page. You can also align it and/or make it a link to the full-size uploaded image.

It's that simple. Just click submit and the piece will be created. You can review it there and click the "edit" tab at the top to make further revisions if necessary.

If you have a pre-formatted bunch of HTML code that you want to submit to create a new page, select the proper "Content" category and then paste in the HTML code. Then click the "Input format" link to select "PHP Code" which will prevent the Drupal system from trying to format your submission for you. Click submit and you're done!

Notes on File Locations

The header is contained in /v1/includes/
The footer is contained in /v1/includes/
The sidebar is contained in /v1/includes/
The stylesheet for the site is contained in /v1/includes/style.css

Those files control most of the look/feel of the site. You should be careful when editing those files are there is some PHP code within those files that is essential to the funtionality of the ad code, sidenav "Also In" menu of most recent pieces, etc. It is always best to make a backup first before making changes just in case you need to revert.

The other files in the includes directory are Drupal essential files. There is no reason for any of those files to be edited for design or other purposes so they should be disregarded.

The files that contain the ad code pieces are all in /v1/includes/ads. The directories are set out in a pretty self-explanatory way: vertical, horizonatal, topsmall, etc. The site is setup to support different ads on different categories, with default being what is displayed on the homepage and on other pages not assigned to a main category.

There are many other Drupal modules, settings, configurations, etc that could be put into use as the NYSD site evolves. At present there is no need to understand, access, use, change, remove or otherwise work with those pieces. Adding content and images, managing the content of the homepage, other pages and ad code can all be done with the basic instructions provided on this page.

About Adding Cameos

To add a cameo, simply add a piece of new content in the "Cameo" category. The most recent Cameo is the one that will display on the front page of The List.

Here's the HTML to make a suitably formatted Cameo posting:

<img border="0" src="" width="200" alt="" align="center" hspace="6"><br>

<span class="medium_blue_headline">Laura Laytham</span>
<br> Fusce magna ante, accumsan ut, pellentesque id, fringilla a, mi. Nam interdum euismod felis. Mauris id orci. Integer non nunc. Nunc purus. Nam a purus. Aenean vitae leo. Maecenas sapien. Vestibulum volutpat. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Nunc eget est. Donec velit. Aenean euismod, sapien non consequat elementum, quam dui sodales ipsum, nec vehicula massa risus quis odio. Sed eu metus at quam varius ornare. Morbi a arcu. Integer ornare consectetuer turpis.

The List

To add someone to The List you need to do two steps.
First, add the name as a "term" in The List category. You can do that here:

Just add the name. You can leave the other field blank.

Once that name has been added, you can use the "Add Content" link above to add the body content for that person. Give the content title the same person's name, select the person's name from The List select-pulldown and then paste in the content with HTML as required and save.

New additions will be marked with an asterik for the first 30 days they are online.

If someone should be in the "In Memoriam" section, just include the phrase "In Memoriam" anywhere in the body content of that posting and it will automatically be pulled out and listed there.

(To add further instructions, click edit above and add to the content "Body" textbox.)

© 2013 David Patrick Columbia & Jeffrey Hirsch/