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Summer Sporting

The Angkor Dance Troupe at LongHouse Reserve's Summer gala.
LongHouse Reserve hosted its annual Summer Gala on its 16-acre East Hampton grounds last Saturday, honoring internationally-acclaimed silk weaver Carol Cassidy. More than 300 guests gathered to celebrate “ASIAN LAUGHTER,” a tribute to the joy that Southeast Asian art and culture bring to the world.

Patrons sampled unique culinary delights from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, while enjoying music performed on traditional Asian instruments. They also had the opportunity to view LongHouse’s exquisite grounds and silently bid on art from renowned artists such as Willem de Kooning, Roy Lichtenstein and Dale Chihuly.
The Angkor Dance Troupe
Anne Roos, Jane Gropp, Lou Gropp, Manana Freyre, and Brigitte Gambini
The evening began at 5p.m. for “patrons,” “benefactors” and “sponsors,” who purchased tickets at $1,500 or more, at the Round House reception. Guests viewed the unique property formerly owned by Jack Lenor Larsen (see NYSD House), next door to LongHouse, and each received a one-of-a-kind, white silk scarf, designed by Cassidy.

At 6:30p.m., Cassidy and the Round House reception patrons joined other partygoers arriving at the Asian-themed gala. The Angkor Dance Troupe performed several interpretive dances, leading guests on a journey through ancient Cambodia. Internationally-acclaimed Korean drummer Vongku Park also took the stage with his unique ability to combine poongmul and samulnori elements of traditional Korean dance with Western drama.
LongHouse’s exquisite grounds ...
Summer Gala proceeds will support the LongHouse Reserve’s mission to exemplify living with art in all forms – a mission Jack Lenor Larsen, one of the world’s foremost advocates of traditional and contemporary crafts, began in 1991.

Through its arboretum, sculpture gardens, and educational programs, LongHouse unites art and nature, aesthetics and spirit. It remains strongly committed to a belief that the arts are central to living wholly and creatively.
Johannes Cassidy-Seyoum, Carol Cassidy, and Sarah Cassidy-Seyoum
Fred d'Hallewin, and Beatrice Dupont
Maximillion Schmidbauer, Magdalena von Behr, Daniel von Behr, and Sherry Dobbin
Kouchi Hara and Dianne Benson
Matko Tomicic, Sue Felsher, Steve Felcher, Dianne Benson, and Joseph La Piana
Alice Aycock and Steve Davis
Peter Beth, Pamela Fiori, and Nadia Noek
Bill Smith, Dennis Schrader, and Dianne Benson
Tina Maria Birch and Yuta Powell
Florence and Richard Fabricant
Will Trinkle and Juan Granados
Anne Roos, Charles Roos, and Jane Gropp
Arlene Slavin, Vincent Cobello, and Barbara Press
Amanda Bowling, Gordon Bowling, and Susan Gullia
Antoinette Botarelli, Marco Botarelli, and Beatrice Dupont
Bill Cunningham
Ruth Goodman, Jack Larson, and Janet O'Brien
Alexandra Munroe and Carol Mandel
Pepe Villegas, Brad Learmonth, Romulo Villalpa, and Jon Gilman
Amy Schichtel and Rob Wussler
Carol Rattray and Sharon Peterson
Susan Gullia and Bob Menschel
Nancy Weeks and Douglas Harrington
Chester and Christy Murray
Cassandra Lazano and Natasha Sigmund
Diane Looney, Rich Garvey, and Walt Looney
Rob Wussler, Carol Weisman, and Michael Weisman
Maxine Stadnik, Joyce Evans, and George Stadnik
Will Trinkle, Nancy Weeks, and Douglas Harrington
Cassandra Ellis and Francesca Esmay
Rob Wussler, Liam Hackett, and Mason Rader
Shang Huang, Magdalena von Behr, Florian Boss, Adrien Madeler, Lauren Digiulio, Jakob Oredsson, and Awa Sawicka
Madeline Bennett, Grasiella Chajon, Mia, and Joanna Steichen
Vince Bandy, Sandra Ballentine, and Carol Cassidy
Mark and Jean Patiky
Steve Davis, Alice Aycock, and James Salomon
Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave
Pamela Fiori and Colt Givner
Roseline Koener and Mark Walcott
Masako Dempo
Susan Gullia, Barbara Slifka, and Judy Bergsma
Skye Marigold and Laura Gundersen
Nicoline Bergsma, Sarah Cassidy-Seyoum, and Alexandra Nicklas
Maximillion Schmidbauer, Rob Wussler, Lisa de Kooning, and Amy Schichtel
Terrie Sultan, Nae Mougin, Manana Freyre, and Dianne Benson
Jessica Joffe
Janet O'Brien
Lisa De Kooning
Elizabeth Hill, Alison Hill, and Mana Hill
Grant Haffner, Francesca Esmay, Taylor Van Deusen, and Elliot Wandel
Lisa and Joel Bass
John Driscoll, Marylyn Dintenfass, Elizabeth Levine, and Mark Levine
Photographs by ©
Last Wednesday night a high-profile crowd of tennis legends, sports enthusiasts, New York City officials and local community members gathered on a beautiful summer evening for the first annual Tennis Champions for Children Benefit at the new SPORTIME at Randall’s Island tennis facility hosted by the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation.

The gala benefit honored New York’s hometown tennis heroes Billie Jean King, Chris Lacopo, Eugene L. Scott (in memoriam) and Ken Solomon and was held in conjunction with an exciting Advanta World TeamTennis Special Legends match between the NY Sportimes featuring John McEnroe and the Boston Lobsters featuring Martina Navratilova.
Claude Okin, Karen Cohen, Billie Jean King, Tori Dauphinot, John McEnroe, Ken Solomon, Martina Navratilova, Polly Scott, and Chris Lacopo
The evening began with guests enjoying cocktails and hors d'œuvres after which guests moved out to the packed 2,000 seat stadium filled with New York’s tennis enthusiasts ready to enjoy the evening’s match.

Between games, guests dined courtside and relaxed on SPORTIME’s outdoor terrace with gourmet picnic fare. 
John McEnroe, Billie Jean King, and Martina Navratilova
Lisa Cashin, Dale Burch, Marnie Worth, Marjorie Torres, and Aila Main
Ken and Julie Podziba
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Cohen
During half-time, Benefit Chair Tori Dauphinot led a special awards ceremony. Both John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova provided heartfelt praise to each honoree for their special contributions to the world of tennis and young aspiring tennis stars from The Randall’s Island Sports foundation helped present the Tennis Champions for Children awards. 

Proceeds from the evening benefit the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation (RISF) and the tens of thousands of children from East Harlem and the South Bronx it serves every year through free sports and recreational programming.
Chuck Adams, Christina Fusano, Robert Kendrick, Abigail Spears, and Jesse Witten,
Martina Navratilova
Guests included: Katie Couric, Billie Jean King, John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, NYC Parks and Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe, NYC Sports Commissioner Ken Podziba, RISF Founder and President Karen Cohen,  RISF Chairman Rich Davis, Aimee Boden, Chris Lacopo, Polly Scott, Ken Solomon, Sportime Managing Partner Claude Okin, NY Sportimes Coach Chuck Adams, Bennett Schlansky, Patricia Shifke, Susan Danilow, Jerry Goldman, Dean Landis, Nancy Neff, Rodney Cohen, Bradford Peck,  Bimla Picot, Waide Warner, Anne Wilson, Pinky Keehner, Dan Weinstein, Bonnie Strauss, Lauren Cohen Starr, Karen Klopp, Francis Angelino, Ricardo Zurita, Carol Angelino, Michelle Beaulieu, Kelli Bender, Lisa Cashin, Dale Burch, Marnie Worth, Marjorie Torres, Aila Main, Anella Bokhari, Patricia Wanadi, Jenna Herold, among others.
Ashley Harkleroad
Pinky Keehner, Rich Davis, and Aimee Boden
Bimla Picot
Rich Davis, Aimee Boden, and Adrian Benepe
Dean Landis with Mr. and Mrs. Brad Peck
Anne Wilson and Dan Weinstein
Anella Bokhari, Patricia Wanandi, and Jenna Herold
Polly Scott and Tori Dauphinot
Karen Klopp and Pat Shifke
Bonnie Strauss and Lauren Cohen Starr
Francis Angelino, Ricardo Zurita, and Carol Angelino
Betsy and Andy Cohen
Girls sporting summer dresses
Pat Shifke, Katie Couric, and friends
Karen Cohen and Jack Hayflick
Kelli Bender and Michelle Beaulieu
Bennett Schlansky and Nancy Neff
The Frick Collection, the museum in a mansion on Fifth Avenue and 70th, is known for its fine and decorative arts collection and the contemplative residential quality of its galleries. Its gardens too, elevated and set back from Fifth Avenue, are beloved. However, they were designed to be viewed from afar and are generally not open to the public. Visitors customarily peer through the fence, through the window ... they are lovely outdoor spaces ...

Perhaps that (in combination the forecast for yet another dreamy July night), is why the responses to a Garden Party at the Frick last night came in with such great enthusiasm. Nearly 290 attended this benefit in support of the full range of programs of The Frick Collection, including educational and curatorial initiatives, and the Frick Art Reference Library.
Gustavo Arce, Amanda Mallan, Kay Sheils, Krista Schulz, and Anna Curry
Guests entered the museum on 70th, where they may also have peered into the little gem of an enclosed garden created in the 1970s by celebrated English garden designer Russell Page.

Inside the mansion (if they could resist the outdoors for a few minutes!) guests could enjoy the central Garden Court, a signature enclosed space created in 1935 by John Russell Pope, who designed the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. in the same decade. That classical marble-and limestone space is cool and inviting, with a central fountain, bronze Renaissance sculptures on the sides, a fantastic example of large scale white Meissen porcelain sculpture from the experimental early years of the manufactory ... and lots of greenery ... palms and the recent addition of deep orange and yellow bromeliads (member of the pineapple family).
Young Fellows Lucy Lang, Caitlin Davis, Rod Keenan, Dionne Manno, and Cator Sparks
At 7:15pm Senior Curator Susan Grace Galassi gave a gallery talk in the adjacent Oval Room on the acclaimed summer exhibition Portraits, Pastels, and Prints: Whistler in The Frick Collection, which runs through August 23.

Curatorial Assistants Caitlin Henningsen and Joanna Sheers stood by in the Cabinet Gallery to discuss Whistler’s series of etchings and pastels there (the works are shown against yellow walls, by the way, as Whistler preferred that color for the display of prints and even created a dress code (!) for print show openings, not adhered to by the Frick, Whistler felt ladies should wear black and white and the men: yellow cravats).

The etchings and prints of this room capture Venice the way Whistler appreciated it–for its quiet moments and off-the-beaten-track discoveries. These works have not been on view for over twenty years ... a treat to see.
Guests enjoy the Fifth Avenue Garden
Outside, reception guests enjoyed refreshments and hors d’oeuvres by caterer Sonnier and Castle. This garden was redesigned at the time of the museum’s opening in 1935 by Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., son of the planner of Central Park. The jazz quartet of vintage bandleader Michael Arenella offered renderings of the great American Songbook.

Among the names on the guest list were Frick Chairman Margot Bogert and Jeremiah Bogert, Gustavo Arce, Catherine Cahill, William Carey, Annika Connor, Brigitte and William Crovello, Maximiliano de Vento, Barbara G. Fleischman, Susan Grace Galassi, Amanda Gordon, Nina Griscom, Agnes Gund, Joanne and Warren S. Josephy, hat designer Rod Keenan, Elena Kornbluth, Lucy J. Lang, Harrison LeFrak, Amanda Mallan, Sloan McClure, Clare E. McKeon, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, Wendy Moonan, Lisa D. Morse, Alberic Paradiso, Laura Pels, Thorne and Tatiana P. Perkin, Frick Director Anne Poulet, Georgina Schaeffer, Kay Sheils, Krista Schulz Slyvana, Soto-Ward, Cator Sparks, Lisa and Amy Springsteel, Phillip Thomas ... and many more.
Alex Hasek and Mahisha Rupan
Peter Beeson, Susan Grace Galassi (Senior Curator and organizer of Portraits, Pastels, and Prints: Whistler in The Frick Collection), and Jane Borthwick
Young Fellows Coordinator Caitlin Davis, Frick Board Chairman Margot Bogert, and Director Anne Poulet
Christopher C. Grimes and Allison Ecung
Thomas Knapp and Laura Pels
Mr. and Mrs. Elsberry, Frick Board Chairman Margot Bogert, and Jeremiah Bogert
Cheong Kwon, Frick Trustee Agnes Gund, and Frick Director Anne Poulet
Danielle A. Wandersee and Sotheby’s Jill Waddell
Lauren Hawkins and Diana Willson
Sylvester and Gillian Miniter, Amanda Gordon, and Jonathan Heidelberger
Yina Luo and Annika Connor
Nina Griscom and Leonel Piraino
Maximiliano del Vento and Alberic Paradiso
Lisa J. Springsteel, Cheong Kwon, and Amy Springsteel

Photographs by Christine A. Butler (Frick).

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