Monday, August 31, 2009

On Our Toes in The Hamptons

Evidence, A Dance Company Board of Directors.
Two Saturdays ago, The Honorable Bernard Jackson and his wife Joyce Mullins Jackson played host to 300 guests at their Watermill estate for the 6th Annual On Our Toes in The Hamptons featuring and benefitting Ronald K. Brown’s world acclaimed Evidence, A Dance Company.

Alicia Bythewood of Sag Harbor, New York and Palm Beach the event chair welcomed guests. Ms. Bythewood and her husband Dan took a moment to toast the very energetic committee which included, Reginald Van Lee, b Michael, Gail Monroe Perry, Harriet Michel, Brian and Mira Mullins, Ronald K. Brown, Donna Williams. Reginald Van Lee, Neil R. Lowe, Joyce Mullins-Jackson, Reggie Canal, Leslie Mays, Zaid Abdul-Aleem, Dwayne Ashley, Monica F. Azare, Joanne E. Hill, Andrea Hoffman, Sandra D. Jackson-Dumont, James Sullivan, Jocelyn Taylor, Dr. Ancy Verdier and Lisa B. Walker.
By the pool
b michael, Donna Williams, Ada Bordas, Dan and Brie Bythewood, and Mira and Brian Mullins
Pouring over the luxurious items on the silent auction tables were First Lady of New York Michelle Paterson, award winning actress Lynn Whitfield, Jean and Martin Shafiroff, Christian Dior president Stephane Barraque, Caroline Lieberman, and longtime supporter Noel Hankin of Moet Hennessey among others. Select auction items are also still on line available for bidding
Ronald K. Brown with Evidence, A Dance Company
For their final performance, dancers Tiffany Quinn, Clarice Young, Arcell Cabuag, and Otis Donovan Herring performed an excerpt from the powerful “Walking Out The Dark” choreographed by Ronald K. Brown; with live music performed by Farai Malianga and costumes by Carolyn Meckha Cherry. The piece was co-commissioned by the American Dance Festival.
Walk Out the Dark, performed by Evidence, A Dance Company
Among the guests: The Ground Crew founder Audrey Smaltz, Gail Marquis, Bryce Kennard up from Houston, Tracey Webb and Jacqueline Davis, Brad Lerman, Prince Kunle Omilana and Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria, Brie Bythewood and Alicia Rodriguez, Copper Cunningham, Audrey J. Bernard. Joanne Hill with Shawn Thomas, Allison and Eric Johnson, Jennifer Liu and Gerald Cooper, Donna Williams, Clinton Haynes and Felicia Daniels, Meghan Birdwell and Brian Beller and Cortez Charles with Lisa Farrow.
Alicia Bythewood and Rene Syler
Jean Shafiroff and Lynn Whitfield
Copper Cunnigham and Audrey J. Bernard
Allison and Eric Johnson
Allison Moxley and Arcell Cabuag
Andrea Hoffman and Bruce Michael
Brie and Alicia Bythewood
Joyce Jackson, Bernard Jackson, and Jocelyn Taylor
Audrey Smaltz, Ken Smaltz, and Gail Marquis
Rene Syler, Reggie Van Lee, and Alicia Bythewood
Noel Hankin, Susan L. Taylor, and Stephane Barraque
New York's First Lady Michelle Paterson and Lynn Whitfield
Kimma Reed
Margaret Morton and Barry Cozier
Prince Kunle Omilana and Princess Keisha Omilana
Shawn Thomas and Joanne Hill
Dan Bythewood, Alicia Bythewood, and Brie Bythewood
Stefanie Taylor and Michelle Bell
Lisa Manne, Bruce Michael, and Joanne Hill
Susan L. Taylor and Khephra Burns
Mira Mullins, Lynn Whitfield, John Wegorzewski, Alicia Bythewood, and Michelle Paterson
Photographs by Rob Rich

Guests joined hosts Joan and George Hornig at their Water Mill estate for the first annual Hamptons EcoSalon.

More than 120 guests attended including Lorraine Bracco, James Lipton and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and were treated to an environmentally focused program led by Van Jones, President Obama’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation on the Council on Environmental Quality in the White House.
Christie Brinkley and Hamilton Fish
Etienne Charles, Ben Williams, and James Shipp keep the crowd moving
Van was introduced by EcoSalon supporters Christie Brinkley and Alex Matthiessen. Guests had the opportunity to explore environmental issues during a Q&A session with Van before the evening wound down.
Uder the tent for a Q&A session with Van Jones.
George Hornig welcomes the guests
Dinner scene on the porch
A number of guests stayed on to enjoy further discussion and a sumptuous family style meal of organic, locally supplied trout, sea bass and duck.

The idea behind the EcoSalon is to connect top environmental policy makers with thought leaders in the fields of politics, science, the arts, business and entertainment and to spend an evening sharing perspectives on many of our most challenging issues.
Joan Hornig and Etienne Charles
Ann Daulin and Stephanie Wahlgreen
Marit Larson and Adam Sobel
April Trigg, Alex Matthiessen, and Van Jones
Deric Bradford, Margeaux Guerard, and Lorraine Bracco
Bill and Amy Goldsmith
Van Jones, Hamilton Fish, and Nisa Geller
Diedre Wallace and Jared Carney
Elizabeth Rogoff and Keith Rosenbloom
Kate Hagerman and Alex Matthiessen
Kedakai Turner and James Lipton
Chris Gale, Lori Laub, and Christine and Jim Gray
Anne Hearst McInerney and Alison Mazzola
Marissa Bronfman and George Hornig
Hornigs and Schwartz-Schuttes
Bryna and Bevin Butler
Anne Jameson and Jay Eisenhofer
Kareen Abdul-Jabbar and Kim Marlowe
Hamliton Fish and Joan Hornig
Ralph Destino Jr., Kate Kennedy, and Beth Amorosi
Christie Brinkley, Alex Matthiessen, Kate Hagerman, and Lorraine Bracco
Nicholas Eisenberger
Nisa Geller, Cynthia Ryan, and Jeff Tannenbaum
Landon Slane and Bailey Gimbel
Karin Holstein and Marissa Bronfman
Lewis Perkins and Ann Colley
Katrina Duplessy and Lysbet Rogers
Mindy Moak, Elizabeth Stallman, and Christie Brinkley
Charles Stain
Jennifer Ephraim and Kerry Mertlick
Paul and Jill Poplin
Christy Brinkley and Sarah Beatty, Founder of Green Depot
Photographs by Ann Watt

Tory Burch recently hosted a shopping event to benefit her alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. Co-hosting the event were Andy Porter, Dean of PennGSE (UPenn's Grad School of Ed), Trustees George A. Weiss, Susan F. Danilow, and Lee Spelman Doty, along with Jennifer Saul, Diane N. Weiss, Dr. Reina Bassini and Emilio Bassini, Elyse Viner, Tiffany Watkins, Allison and Chip Brady. Russell Simmons, who recently hosted a shopping event with power couple Chip and Allison Brady at Tory's East Hampton store to benefit, also served as Honorary Co-Chair of this UPENN event.
More than one hundred University of Pennsylvania alumni and friends descended on the Tory Burch Boutique in the Meatpacking District to network, shop, and support the launch of an exclusive new UPenn networking group of future Penn leaders entitled Penn Pacesetters. 
Guests were provided with a 10% discount on all sales and Tory donated 10% of all sales that evening to support a scholarship at Penn's Graduate School of Education (PennGSE). From sponsorship, alumni donors, and sales from the event, approximately $20,000 was raised for the scholarship.
Andy Porter, Dean of PennGSE, Tory Burch, and Allison and Chip Brady
Tory -- C'88 -- was one of the first to arrive. She was going to do a brief meet and greet with the guests, but was having such a good time, that she delayed her exit and mingled for almost the entire event.  Guests scooped up Tory's Caecey clutches and Bria velvet and bamboo pumps.
In between trying on purses and shoes, guests discussed the state of education in New York City and Philadelphia, President Obama's Stimulus Package, and Penn's Homecoming in November. Among the event committee members were Marc and Courtney Portlock, Matt Maitland, Amir Rozwadowski, David J. Thompson, Jr., Gus Lipman, PennGSE's Alexis Wolson, and Faquiry Diaz and Amelia Balonek from the Penn Club of Miami. Joining them were Jill Kushner, Sameer Sethna, Lissa Guttman, Aleta Spitaleri, Abby Zimmerman, Caroline Waxler, Jasmin Rosemberg, Bobbi Rebell Kaufman, Carineh Martin, Deborah H. Lee, Stephanie J. Weiss, real estate mavens Samantha Kleier Forbes and Sabrina Kleier Morgenstern and non-Penn friends and fashionistas Jules Kirby, Linda Argila, and Alison Minton. 
Jennifer Saul and Susan F. Danilow
Dr. Reina Marin Bassini and Lee Spelman Doty
Matt Maitland and Tiffany Watkins
Laura Laughlin, Michelle Gilbert, and Jessica Chavkin
Jasmin Rosemberg and Naeem Delbridge
Jules Kirby and Fiona Eltz
David Thompson, Jr., Brynne Stevens Thompson, Sameer Sethna, and Amir Rozwadowski
Photographs by

Back in the city .... Michelle Joni and Veronica Varlow hosted a Burlesque Bash at Eye Candy at Citrine on West 21st Street.
Run Around Sue and Madame Rosebud
Alex Topkins and Sam Hamadeh
James Brown and Brandon Rubendall
Veronica Varlow, Michelle Joni Lapidos, and Aprella
Dizzy Swank and Bastard Keith
Anita Cookie, Clams Casino, Gigi La Femme, and Precious Little
Michelle Joni Lapidos and Roly Szegi
Samantha Hollinger and Erica Taylor
Rachel Schneer and Brice Starr
Matthew LeVien and Karin Hoesl
Nina Marie and Tiana
Ferrari, London, and Vladimir Zobachev
Ray Abouarab, Quentin Hernandez, and Brian Cato
Roly Szegi, Lady K, and James Pamphile
Shayna de Vane
Shayna de Vane making the party
Photographs by


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