Friday, October 31, 2008

Advertiser's Diary

Autumn may just be my favorite season on many levels. In the city you have the hustle bustle in warmer clothes which energizes. In the country you have the smells of the foliage, the smoke of the fireplaces hither and yon. It is the time when you first see your breath again, a time of change, of the new, the fresh possibilities and the anticipation of the holiday seasons in late November and December.

We asked our advertisers if they’d share what’s going on with them in autumn; what they are thinking of. Their responses are interesting, sometimes a surprise, sometimes something provoking a reverie.

Having once been in the retail business, I never think of advertisers as a product. I think of them as the people running those businesses we patronize for all kinds of reasons. It’s a world onto itself. These are people who spend a great deal of their time thinking of YOU, believe it or not, and of ways to charm, to intrigue, to assist, to enhance and to satisfy. They have to; that’s their job. And it’s not as easy as they often make it look, which is why I applaud them all. Have a look ...

DELAMAR Greenwich Harbor

Fall Foliage Escape Weekends

'So close and yet so far away'
Nature's artwork on display!

A Saturday afternoon excursion through the countryside, offered by the Delamar.
Let the DELAMAR take you on a Saturday afternoon excursion through the countryside to marvel at the stunning fall foliage.

The Weekend includes:
• Overnight accommodation for two in a Deluxe Room
• Reimbursement of two Metro North return rail tickets between Grand Central and Greenwich
• A glass of port or sherry at check in Saturday afternoon excursion from 1pm to 4pm, including on-board refreshments
• Manager's Wine & Cheese reception from 5pm to 7pm on Friday & Saturday evenings
• Complimentary continental breakfast in l'escale Restaurant on Saturday and Sunday mornings
• A gift certificate for either a 20-minute Scalp, or a Foot Massage at the Spa for two persons
• Late checkout until 5pm

SPECIAL PACKAGE RATES BEGINNING AT $279 PER NIGHT, honored on both Friday and Saturday nights.
A suite at the Delamar.
As the father of the ceramic Funk Art movement, Robert Arneson is one of California's most prominent artists. In the 1960s, when most artists were painting in a serious abstract style, Arneson turned common objects like beer bottles and toilets into politically-charged, often humorous, ceramic sculptures.
Robert Arneson 
A Nuclear Warhead, 1982 
17 x 18 1/2 x 9in 
auction estimate $12,000-18,000
Offered by Bonhams in November 18 "Made in California: Contemporary Art" auction.
In the 1980s, Arneson's satire became more covert as he grew increasingly concerned about the potential for nuclear holocaust.

Bonhams and Butterfields will offer Robert Arneson's 'A Nuclear Warhead' in the November 18 "Made in California: Contemporary Art" auction.
Luxurious outdoor space in New York, offered by Warburg Realty.
Warburg Realty
Just picture a penthouse way up in the sky
With hinges on chimneys for stars to go by
A sweet slice of Heaven for just you and I
When we're alone

Just like the song, one of the great things about it is autumn in New York – nature festooning in the heart of the Big Town. It doesn’t get better than this.

Verdura's maple leaf brooch, in multi-colored green tourmaline, mali garnet, zircon and gold.
Since fall is all about foliage and taking trips to see the fall leaves, people may want to check out the vista from our 12th floor salon, overlooking Central Park (745 Fifth Avenue, 212.758.3388).

The Park’s trees are poised to burst into color any day now. And mirroring what is happening outside our windows is what appears in our salon - beautiful, colorful such as the maple leaf brooch, in multi-colored green tourmaline, mali garnet, zircon and gold (image attached) which are in fact inspired from the beauty and majesty of nature. Jeff Goldstein, Verdura

One of my favorite memories as a child growing up in central California (where there was not much seasonal distinction) was when my parents would pile the family in the car on the weekends in the fall and we would drive up Highway 49 near Jackson, CA to a place called Apple Hill. It was an area of apple orchards where every fall the farms would come together and it would be all about hot apple cider, apple wood for sale, caramel apples, apple-picking, horse back riding, and large ponds with mallards and pin-tails skimming the surface. It was always chilly and slightly foggy and the air was saturated with the fragrance of apples. 

My father now owns apple orchards in Washington State, and I made my moved to the Big Apple. This is LMD’s ode to the apple!Lewis Miller, LMD
LMD’s ode to the apple. LMD, 437 East 12th Sreet, 212-614-2734.
Nikki Sedacca
Making Halloween Magic
Known as an artist in the kitchen as well as for her fine jewelry, Nikki Sedacca makes Halloween magic with this enticing treat: Take your basic black, add a splash of orange, top with myJade Noir Dangles and voila -- eye candy!

October is a wonderful month, as New York is in full social swing. I love going to masquerade galas around Halloween, which are full of mystery and glamour. It's fun guessing who is under their Venetian masks! And, of course, wearing gowns in fall colors -- burnt orange, deep purple, crimson ... which are reminiscent of the changing colors of leaves. It's a fabulous time to be getting dressed up and socializing before winter sends us into hibernation. Linda Pratka, Ilus
Nikki Sedacca's Jade Nior Dangles. Linda Pratka of Ilus.