Thursday, October 1, 2009

All over the map

Amy Schumer, Pete Correale, Marc Maron, Lynne Koplitz, Nick DiPaolo, and Robert Kelly at "SIT, STAY AND STAND-UP!" Comedy Show to Benefit The ASPCA.
This past Tuesday night, “Sit, Stay and Stand-Up” an ASPCA benefit at Comix at 353 West 14th, they held the biggest night of comedy New York has seen in a long time. Comic Jimi Celeste hosted some of the top comedy headliners in the country including Greg Giraldo, Nick DiPaolo, Robert Kelly, Lynne Koplitz, Ben Bailey, Marc Maron, Pete Correale, Amy Schumer, Seth Herzog.

With tickets going for twenty bucks in advance and $25 at the door, they sold out and all proceeds went to the ASPCA. Outside the club they had the ASPCA Adoption van with waiting/anticipating love dogs and cats, keeping their paws crossed for good loving homes and joy to fill all the rooms.
Amy Landecker
Nicholas Rodriguez
Matt Wayne
Brian Fischler with Nash
Jimi Celeste and Jamie McCarthy
Rodney Dorivano, Jen Marden, and Cory Slovik
Anthony Perullo
Marc Maron and Meghan Raloff
Diane Neal
Adam Roth, Alec Morton, Chris Phillips, and C.P. Roth
Kimberly Hannwacker and Lynne Koplitz
Jen and Cindy Marden
Courtney Dawson and Emma Snowdon-Jones
Nicholas Rodriguez and Ceslie Armstrong
Pete Correale
Amy Schumer
Ben Bailey
Kimberly Hannwacker and Jimi Celeste
Robert Kelly
Jimi Celeste
Our furry little friends
Every single day of the year, the ASPCA rescues animals from a lifetime of cruelty, violence and pain. Your commitment makes it possible for their life-saving programs to create happy endings for those innocent lives touched by cruelty. Please consider making a donation.
Last Wednesday a week, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS) hosted its Opening Night: A Viennese Evening, celebrating 40 years of performances at Alice Tully Hall. 

200 guests were in attendance at the benefit honored long-time philanthropists and chamber music aficionados, Jamie and Maisie Houghton. 

The evening included cocktails, a seated dinner, a Viennese-inspired concert program and private reception. Chairman of the CMS Board Peter Frelinghuysen and Opening Night Co-chair Harry Kamen gave warm introductions to the evening’s Honorees Jamie and Maisie Houghton who shared personal anecdotes with the crowd about their love for chamber music and how they were introduced to the art by their family member, the late, legendary Alice Tully.
Musicians with David Finkel, Creative Director.
The evening’s Gala Co-chairs included: Barbara and Harry Kamen, Barrett and Peter Frelinghuysen, and Elizabeth W. Smith. The Benefit Committee included: Carol and Richard Miller, Barbara and Bob Erskine, Melissa and James O’Shaughnessy, Carol and Chuck Hamilton and Priscilla F. Kauff.

Guests included: Artistic Director David Finckel, Herbert and Judy Schlosser, Norma Hurlburt, Baylis Thomas, Charles Wadsworth, Anne and John Coffin, Susie and David Simon, Mary and Howard Phipps, Florence Davis and Anthony Gooch, Alexandra and Philip Howard, Elizabeth Cooke and Reynold Levy, Coke Anne and Jarvis Wilcox, Edmee and Nicholas Firth, Edith and Martin Segal, Fred Krimendahl and Emilia Saint-Amand, Marifé Hernández and Joel Bell, Marlene Hess and James D. Zirin, Philip and Alexandra Howard, Alice and Ted Cohn, Joe and Marie Melone, Edith de Montebello, Missy Rennie Taylor,  Helen-Mae and Seymour Askin, Pat and John Rosenwald, Elaine and Alan Weiler, Kim and Mason Granger, Elizabeth and Herbert Tulchin, Brenda Anderson, Barbara and Charlie Pierce and more.
Edith de Montebello and Stella Sichle
Alexandra Howard and Kelley Anderson
David and Suzy Simon
Elaine and Alan Weiler
John Bradbury, Frances Ferguson, Norma Hurlburt, Bayliss Thomas, Priscilla Kauff, and Sharon Griffin
Barbara and Harry Kamen
Jamie and Maisie Houghton
Coke Anne and Jarvis Wilcox
Herbert and Elizabeth Tulchin
Reynold Levy and Norma Hurlburt
Kim Granger, Marifa Hernandez, Joel Bell, and Mason Granger
Elizabeth Cooke, Barrett Frelinghuysen, and Sandy Cortesi
Judy and Herbert Schlosser with Ron Targan
Anne and John Coffin
Emilia Saint-Amand and Fred Krimendahl
Paula Lawrence and Ed Jones
Maisie Houghton, Harry Kamen, and Jamie Houghton
Edmee Firth, Jamie Houghton, and Peter Frelinghuysen
Edmee and Nicholas Firth
Jacques and Hope Tetrault
Howard and Mary Phipps
Elizabeth W. Smith with daughter, Elizabeth Smith
Barbara and Bob Erskine
Pat and John Rosenwald
Phillp Howard and Adaline Frelinghuysen
Photographs by Gregory Partanio

Last Thursday night at the American Museum of Natural History, the museum’s Junior Council, the membership group for New Yorkers ages 22 to 39, kicked off its 2009-2010 season.

Members and guests were treated to a private screening of “Wild Ocean,” the spectacular IMAX film which explores the annual feeding frenzy that takes place in the oceans off the coast of South Africa as billions of sardines migrate up the KwaZulu-Natal Wild Coast followed by whales, sharks, dolphins and gannets feasting on a (comparatively slight) portion of the migration.
Hall of Biodiversity
J. Skyler Fernandes, Jenna Dreher, Angela Latigona, Gaelin Rosenwaks, and David Dwyer with friends
Melanie Stiassny, Curator of the Department of Ichthyology spoke. Mary Solomon served as Trustee host and co-chair Zach Pomerantz served as the Junior Council host.
Museum Curator Melanie Stiassny with guests
Michael Jones, Dana Wallach Jones, and friend
Matthew and Nicole Bruno and friends
Jameson McFadden and friend
Co-chairs Lori Toub and Zach Pomerantz with Sherri Toub
Josh Liebling and friend
Erin Moennich, Beth Sweberg, Adrienne Morrison, and Natalie Smith
Margaret & Ivan Marshalek
Peter Stein (on right) and friend
Jay Alson, Lisa Heffner, Taylor Brandt, and Jason Martin
Co-chairs Andrew and Zibby Right and friends
Lauren and Marni Issacs with Mark Posner
Photographs by © AMNH\D. Finnin

Wild, weird, wacky, fusion fashion and various stages of dress and undress -- you fill in the blanks -- was the program of the Vogue Ball, emceed by Princess Xtravaganza, held last Friday night at 215 Centre Street.
Adrian Alicea, Princess Xtravaganza, and George Wayne
Daniel Greenfield, Nick Taricco, and Chad Austin
Anna Badoian and Keppie
Manuel Curmi and Casey Shimon
Drew Droege and Hannah Gruber
Adam Miller, Megan Duffy, Chris Williamson, and Alex Poole
Gulianna Giordano and Cassidy Vaccaro
Eleanor Serenn
Evelyn Santos, Krissy Karma, Hector Xtravaganza, and Juan LaPerla
Giovanni Morales
Nicola Vassell, Valentine Xtravaganza, George Wayne, Evelyn Santos, Patrick Duffy, Patrick McMullan, and Soteris Kallis
George Wayne, Nicola Vassell, Tanya Morgan, and Max Vallot
Lauren Wai
Juice, Adrian Alicea, and George Wayne
Sdenja Knoedler and Don Greenwood
Malcolm Stuart and Gretchen Zuk
Nicola Vassell
Pilita Garcia and Scott Connolly
Lukasz Kozlowski, Ray Hines, Davon Ford, J.R., Manuel Curmi, and Lauren Wai
Patrick Duffy, Eleanor Kossler, Eleanor Serenn, and Tommy Rom
Soteris Kallis, Patrick Duffy, and Nicolas Petrou
Valentine Xtravaganza
Nunney Karma
Princess Xtravaganza
Lee Soldier and Nirvana Karma
Lee Soldier
Max Steiner and Amy D. Richardson
Photographs by


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