Friday, April 13, 2007

"Bits and Morsels"

"Bits and Morsels" by Jordana Z, is an ongoing collection of information from the world of the foodies and foodblogs:

Rich Wolf wants to pay critics to stay away from his restaurants. is a new website made by and for people in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Rich Wolf is the mind behind Tao restaurants. He’s willing to pay critics not to cover his establishments. Sounds good to me! He wants to keep his restaurants out of the papers, which is unusual for most restaurants especially in New York. [Shift Drink]

Dave Thomas had a vision of what he wanted Wendy’s to be like. But Thomas passed away and the company is going in another direction. Thomas used to say it would be detrimental from an operations perspective to have more than one flavor of the famed frosty shake, and to serve breakfast at Wendy’s. The chain just announced that they will be testing out breakfast items and adding new frosty flavors. [Food Service]

Gristmill is a good source for environment and food news. I love it when chefs who often talk about using fresh ingredients and the benefits of cooking a meal with them  go on to create a line of frozen entrees. Mario Batali is a great restaurateur and a talented chef. One of his many restaurants is Otto,one of my favorite spots for dinner. I love his cookbooks and constantly go to them to look for quick and tasty Italian recipes. Now Batali has partnered with General Mills to create a line of frozen entrees to be sold at Costco, Sam’s Club and similar stores. The meals take 20 minutes to prepare and they serve five adults. In under 20 minutes you can make fresh pasta and a quick tomato sauce. I just can’t begin to picture Mario Batali ever eating a frozen dinner or serving it to his family. [Gristmill]

Honey just got more complicated. Here is a good breakdown of the latest flavors in the honey industry. Single origin products are hip and just about every food item from chocolate to coffee is involved. I have tried single origin coffee and it does not taste anymore distinct than regular joe. [NY Sun] is a blog which focuses on all aspects of molecular gastronomy. When you understand the science of gastronomy you really can appreciate how certain textures and temperatures influence taste.Here is an innovative way to have your coffee in the morning. [Kyhmos]

Oysters aren't always even for Rockefeller anymore. This is an informative article in the New York Times about oysters and the best time of year to eat them. I was surprised there was no mention of the health risks involved with eating oysters. The water everywhere is so polluted I think it’s risky to eat oysters, especially if they are raw. In Chesapeake Bay there is a big effort to restore the oyster population to the bay. Due to overharvesting the oyster population is all but depleted. Around the docks on the bay there are oyster floats which protect the native oysters until they are mature and can reproduce. [NY Times]
Oyster Floats in Chesapeake Bay.
Thanks to Off The Broiler I know what my plans are on April 21, 2007. I definitely do not make enough trips to Chinatown. There will be some interesting and new foods to try out at this Spring Taste of Chinatown. It’s worth going to. [Off The Broiler]

I recently dined at Central and it’s just as fantastic as it sounds here. Another restaurant in D.C. which is worth the Acela ride is Minibar by Jose Andres. The concept is a food laboratory of sorts: 2 chefs cooking for 6 people. There are approximately 32 bite-sized courses which are playful and inspiring.The chefs are friendly and welcome questions about the food. When they present each dish they instruct you on how to eat it. For example the Mojito should be eaten in one bite. Dishes included a carbonated glassless Mojito, pasta made with Feta cheese water, and a sushi-like Caesar salad. All of the flavors in these dishes are pure and refined. They showcase molecular gastronomy in an understandable context. [Diners Journal]
Minibar in D.C. Clockwise from top left: Cesar-salad; Carbonated Mojito; Beet Tumbleweed and Papaya and Black Olive chip; Beet Meringue with Pistachios and Berries.
A creative way to incorporate antioxidants into your diet. Jelly Belly has just launched a pomegranate flavored jelly bean, which is fortified with vitamins and antioxidants. [Sugar Savvy]

I am enjoying the new Mark Bittman televison show, The Best Recipes in The World. Alan Richman wrote a great review of it in the Times. I took his class the French Culinary Institute and he is a great teacher. This is a well crafted and entertaining review. [NY Times]

Till we eat again.