Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Bits and Morsels"

"Bits and Morsels" by Jordana Z, is an ongoing collection of information from the world of the foodies and foodblogs:

The weather in New York has been up and down. On Monday it was chilly and I snacked on some warm chestnuts from a vendor. Thursday it was sunny and I had some frozen yogurt.

All in the same week: Chestnuts to keep warm and frozen yogurt to cool down.
Congratulations to Jonathan Gold of LA Weekly. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for criticism. He is the first food writer to receive this prestigious award. I am a fan of his writing, and an avid reader of his Counter Intelligence column. My all-time favorite restaurant review was his take on Al Moro restaurant in Rome. The review, “My One and Only,” ran in Gourmet in March 2003. There is such genuine passion in Jonathan Gold’s writing. This is huge! [Counter Intelligence & Pulitzer Prize]

Mouthing Off is the blog for Food and Wine magazine. This post is about how to create a greener kitchen. Small changes such as buying an energy-friendly fridge can have meaningful results. [Mouthing Off]

Did you know that fruit cocktails are healthy? It was just reported that spiking fruits such as strawberries and blackberries with alcohol adds to their nutritious value by increasing their level of antioxidants. [Reuters]

Everyone from Mayor Bloomberg to Starbucks is anti trans-fats. I'm with them but there is also a lot about fat that I don’t know. “Chewing the Fat” is a well researched article about the different types of fat and how their properties influences the way we cook. I guarantee you will learn something from it (and get a chuckle or two). [Chewing the Fat Part 1] & [Chewing the Fat Part II]

Next time your dining out try to spot
the poster that illustrates the Heimlich Maneuver, This is a great icebreaker to play on a date. Seriously it’s something to think about. Frank Bruni of the New York Times gives a survey in this Diner’s Journal about how salience of the Heimlich Maneuver. [Diners Journal]

The stuffed artichoke at Gino (780 Lexington).
All choked up: Artichokes are here and in season. There are so many ways to enjoy this versatile and healthy vegetable, yet people are intimidated by it’s appearance. Of all the mega-recipe sites, Simply Recipes is the most thoughtful and user friendly. Here is a good breakdown of how to prepare an artichoke. [Simply Recipes]

Chez Pim is also on the artichoke bandwagon this week. Check out the beautiful gallery of artichoke pics. [Chez Pim]

If you don’t feel like cooking, stop by Gino on 60th and Lexington. They have the best stuffed artichoke in the city. Order a salad, artichoke and some potato croquettes for the perfect dinner.

I am enjoying the new book "Chasing Life" by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Dr. Gupta, who is a medical correspondent for CNN, has a way of explaining complicated concepts in an approachable manner. The book is about how to be proactive with your health in order to live life to the fullest. Much of the book focuses on nutrition and how what we eat affects our health, the environment, and overall quality of life.

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