Friday, May 25, 2007

"Bits and Morsels"

"Bits and Morsels" by Jordana Z, is an ongoing collection of information from the world of the foodies and foodblogs:

It’s not personal, it’s dinner. A few nights ago, The Amateur Gourmet attempted to dine at the still “unopened” Waverly Inn. Although he had a reservation, for whatever reason, it could not be honored on that night. The content of his blog is usually funny and sincere, however this open letter to Graydon Carter is quite bitter and snide. Even if he had dined at the restaurant and the food was impeccable, he'd probably still hate it. I guess that’s what makes him the Amateur Gourmet. [The Amateur Gourmet]

With Memorial Day approaching it’s time to fire up the grill. I have tried grilling everything from fish to vegetables but nothing gets as mouth watering a response as a juicy steak. Serious Eats has a primer on all the different cuts of beef and the best methods for cooking them. [Serious Eats]

If you are craving fried rice and you don’t know where to go stop by David Burke and Donatella. Chef David Burke has turned out an $88 version with caviar, Kobe beef, lobster and crab. The rice is served in a bowl shaped out of a rock of pink salt. That sure beats a paper takeout container. [Bloomberg]

Frito Lay Pie is making a come back in New York. Fat Annie’s Truck Stop restaurant recently opened on 33rd and sixth avenue, and they serve everything from fried cheese curds to fried fish. I called the restaurant to make a reservation (not necessary) and I was told that there was a one-hour wait. [Grub Street]

Frito Lay Pie at Fat Annie’s Truck Stop  
If you never took food journalism seriously, now is the time to start. It used to be that a food journalist would only review restaurants and write recipes. But there has definitely been a shift in its focus whereas the new food journalism encompasses all of that as well as the ethics and implications that come with buying and eating food. It’s about time. [Columbia Journalism Review]

The Share Out Strength:
Taste of the Nation event was held on May 23 at Roseland. The goal of Share our Strength is to end all childhood hunger in America. The event brought together all of the top chefs and restaurateurs in New York. Off The Broiler has a recap of the tasty event. [Off the Broiler] & [Share Our Strength]
Serendipity III's Frrrozen Hot Chocolate has been a hit since Serendipity opened in 1954.
The sweetest way to cool off is with a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity (225 East 60th Street). The drink is simply hot chocolate blended with ice so instead of being heavy, it's frothy and refreshing. You can have it all year round and every table orders at least one of them. There is usually a long wait for a table at lunch and dinner, but if you go alone in the afternoon, you'll be slurping down the stuff in minutes. The décor is playful and I guarantee that you will feel younger just by dining there.

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