Saturday, June 16, 2007

'Bits & Morsels'

A panino and an iced cappuccino at Via Quadronno.

The Italian job.
After reading about DPC and JH's trip to Venice in the NYSD this week, I think it’s safe to say that everyone wishes they were there with them. Here are some tips to make you feel as if you are in Italy while in the Big Apple.

Start your day off with some authentic Italian food at Via Quadronno, located at 73rd and Madison. I recommend ordering a panino and an iced cappuccino and if the restaurant is too crowded, which it usually is, take the panino (or two) to go, head over to central park, and eat al fresco.

Above: Strolling through Central Park. Below: A visit to Prada.
Next stop: Prada at 841 Madison. Buy a handsome wallet and a passport cover which will come in handy when you do travel to Italy. And if Italy is not in your cards, I guarantee that the vibe in the store will make you feel more Italian.

While Venice is the city of bridges, you will find no shortage of bridges and waterfronts in Central Park. Enter on 73rd street and walk towards the boat basin. Watch the boats glide by and you might feel like you are overlooking the Grand Canal. When the weather is sunny you can event rent a gondola! If you happen to spot some children blowing bubbles (you probably will) just pretend that they are blowing Venetian glass. It always amazes me to see how fascinated children are about blowing bubbles.

For an afternoon snack head to the newly opened Grom at 2165 Broadway. Grom is a chain of Gelato shops based in Italy. They are known for using strictly the best artisan ingredients possible. It doesn't get any more authentic then Grom gelato. My favorite flavors are the pistachio and chocolate.

Pistachio and chocolate gelato at Grom.
For dinner is there anything more appropriate than Cipriani?

Go to the newly reopened Cipriani on 59th and 5th Avenue. Have a bellini and a plate of pasta and you will think you are at Harry’s Bar in Venice. Make a left out of Cipriani and stop at the Apple Store to ask if the cube is made of Venetian Glass.

For a nightcap head to Feinstein’s at the Regency. Venice may have Paolo Conte but New York has Michael Feinstein. Go to the late show of his tribute to Bobby Short.

With enough imagination and maybe too many Bellinis I guarantee you will feel like you are in Italy.

Speeding up Slow Food. Italian Carlo Petrini founded slow food. It started as a response to McDonalds opening up in Rome. The concept is to appreciate and support artisan food makers, so that they don’t go out of business, also, to revive people’s interest in food and to slow down the fast food lifestyle. How to Join the Slow Food Revolution. []

Spanky’s ribs at the Taste of Midtown.
Midtown Lunch is a blog that covers all dining events in Midtown. Last week they held the taste of Times Square. The pictures were very appetizing and I had no clue that there was such good eats in Times Square. Broadway show not included. [Midtown Lunch]

Batali bites back. Chef Mario Batali does not like food bloggers because he feels that there is not enough accountability. Most food bloggers will publish anonymous tips which reader will perceive as facts, and it is especially cut throat. Any foodblogger can go to a restaurant, have a bad meal and then blast the restaurant based on this one experience. Check out Chef Batali’s rant on Eater. [Eater. Com]

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