Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bits & Morsels

Cheesy Baked Ziti from Tony's DiNapoli.

"Bits and Morsels" by Jordana Z, is an ongoing collection of information from the world of the foodies and foodblogs:

Taking lite seriously. Rich Kaminski is a DJ on 106.7 Lite FM. In June he began training for the New York City Marathon. He and I recently had  lunch at Tony’s DiNapoli and discussed everything from his taste in music, his pre-marathon diet, and training routine. Tony’s DiNapoli is located on 43rd street between 6th and 7th Avenue and the ultimate place to get your pasta fix before any race.

What’s your favorite thing to eat here?

I’m a simple guy. I am going for the pasta now because I am trying to get the carbs to energize for the race. I started training in June. I did the New York City half marathon and the Philadelphia half marathon so if you put those together, I ran a marathon but it doesn’t count that way.

Rich Kaminski.
How many miles do you run a week?

I run over 30 miles a week. One of them has to be a really long run. I have a training schedule. Last week I ran 18 miles in one sitting. That’s the longest run I've completed.

How did you feel after that run?

I felt pretty bad the next day, really fatigued and my legs were very sore. The last 8 miles are going to be tough. I still have a few more weeks to build up.

Do you have a trainer?

I don’t. I know some people who have run the marathon and I email them for some advice. They gave me a training schedule that I try to stay on top of. The long run once a week is most important thing. The other runs during the week are to train for the long one. Eventually you make them longer and longer and hopefully on race day you'll be ready.

If you can run 18 miles you will be fine on race day.

It sounds that way but at the same time I’m like that’s another eight miles. That’s at least another hour and a half.

What kind of sneakers do you wear when you run?

New Balance.

Do you listen to music when you run?

I do. I have my ipod fully loaded. Right now I am big on the Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani; Any kind of Bon Jovi that’s upbeat; The Rocky Balboa soundtrack also works.

Ceasar Salad.
Broccoli with garlic.
What made you decide to run the  marathon?

The stories that I've heard from those that ran it. They say it’s an experience that will be with you forever. Little memories like running past the cancer hospital with all the kids outside that slap your hand and cheer for you.

The first half of the marathon is in Brooklyn and the firemen put a ladder up across the road and they are on the ladder cheering for you, little moments like that. It’s also the feeling of accomplishment at the end. You are in a certain club with a small percentage of the people. It’s a story that lasts forever.

You are really pushing your body.

I am excited and scared at the same time. I have heard stories where people have a hard time taking off their shoes at the end. They are just so exhausted. But the training is the most important thing ... just to keep up with it and hopefully the crowd at Central Park in the end will push you through with their cheering.

When I look ahead I am hoping to do it in four hours and twenty two minutes ... that’s a ten minute mile the whole way. If you think about running four hours straight it seems impossible, but you have to take it in micro goals. Get through Brooklyn, get through the first hour and then you are almost done.

Do you feel that because you are training you can eat whatever you want?

You get so hungry all the time. I have been eating more and I do feel like I can eat anything.

What do you like to eat?       

I love Rocco’s Pastry on Bleecker Street in the village. I love the cannoli and the cappuccino. I also like going to Uncle Jacks Steakhouse on 9th avenue for steaks

Tony's main dining room.
Do you work out everyday? How do you stay motivated?

I work out five days a week. I can take two days off but they can’t be back to back. That’s the tough part, some days I get up and I don’t feel like running but I have a set schedule. I just have to find a way to go out and do it. It’s very time consuming and that’s a problem, but I just use the motivation that I would be mad at myself if I didn’t do it. It’s going to be so amazing when I cross that finish line.

Do you run on the treadmill or outside?

Always outside. I don’t like the treadmill ... I get bored on it.

When you are on the radio what do you like to snack on?

I never have a meal but now that I am training I am eating all kinds of fruits and vegetables. When I am not training I eat Doritos and anything like that.

Do you love your job?

I do. Lite F.M. is the radio station in New York.

Have you always wanted to be a D.J.?

I have wanted to be on the radio since I was in high school. I always liked music. My dad had a huge record collection. When I got to high school I found out I was not any good at playing musical instruments but I wanted to do something with music so I pursued broadcasting. 

Rich running the half marathon.
Radio is changing. How do you feel about satellite radio?

Satellite hasn’t hurt us all that much. It’s a different entity. You are not going to get any localism on there. You are not going to hear about anything going on in New York City. That’s what makes local radio what it is. The ability to relate to where you live and the events that happen which impact you directly.

Do you have any tips for people who train for the marathon?

A lot of people tend to overdue it and push themselves too much. Only increase your distance by ten percent or less every time. Some people think they can start off and run 10 miles until they wake up the next day and don’t feel so good ... keep building up slowly and eat the pasta at Tony's DiNapoli :) [Rich Kaminski 106.7] & [The New York City Marathon]

Milk and cookies. I just came back from a milk and cookies party. It was the perfect way to  cap off a weeknight. The only beverage at the party was ... you guessed it ... milk ... so there was no need to worry about people drinking too much (alcohol). The milk was from Ronnybrook dairy and it was a nice change from the flavorless Skim Plus that we all know and not-so-love. All of the guests were asked to bring home-made cookies or from their bakery of choice. I brought chocolate chip cookies from  Le Pain Quotidien, my favorite. The only guideline: Nothing wrapped in plastic sold at the local supermarket chain. No chips ahoy!

It’s a good thing that there were no fortune cookies at the party.  Wonton Food, the largest fortune cookie maker, has been putting bad fortunes in their cookies. The company said the fortunes in the cookies are just more cautious, because it's hard to come up with positive fortunes all the time. [International Herald Tribune]

Till we eat again,
Ronnybrook milk in the glass.
Cookies from Le Pain Quotidien.

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