Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bits & Morsels

Behind home plate at Mickey Mantle’s.

"Bits and Morsels" is an ongoing collection of information from the world of the foodies and foodblogs:

Willie, Mickey, & “The Duke.” It’s safe to say that all baseball fans this past week had it rough. Since the release of the Mitchell Report, the news has been filled with baseball players and their trusty steroids. So, I headed over to Mickey Mantle’s (42 Central Park South) as I was in need of a nostalgic trip to the good ole days of baseball in its purest form (a stretch, but you get the point).

As far as sports bars go, Mickey Mantle’s is one of my favorites. It’s in an excellent location so it gets a good mix, ranging from locals to visitors staying at the Ritz Carlton next door. It’s a spacious restaurant and has over 35 large screen TVs so you always have a front row view of the game. The restaurant is packed with sports memorabilia, from Mickey Mantle jerseys to Mickey's baseball bats. Sort of like a mini version of Cooperstown.

Mickey Mantle’s serves up all of the classic sports bar fare you would expect, i.e. burgers, chicken wings, and barbecue; and it's more than adequate as far as sports bar cuisine goes. I was pleased with the veggie burger and a blue cheese salad. Hey, after all, you don't go for the food, but the memories.
Mickey Mantle's on Central Park South.
Mickey gazes out at his diners.
A Mickey Mantle Jersey.
A signed A-Rod jersey.
#7 working the bar.
Iceberg salad with blue cheese.
Wings, fries, and a coke.
French onion soup.
Burger, onion rings, and beer at the bar.
Veggie burger and fries.
Exciting news. 2nd Avenue Deli reopened this past Monday at its new location at 33rd Street between Lexington and Third avenues. The deli will feature all of their classics such as a pastrami sandwich and chicken soup in addition to a new appetizing section. The original 2nd Avenue Deli which opened in 1954 was located at 2nd Avenue and 10th Street. In this era where delis are boarding up fast, the 2nd Avenue Deli is a treasure. [Save the Deli]

If you want to test the durability of your friendships, go on a raw diet. Take notice of not only of how you, but also how your friends, adapt to you only eating uncooked fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Making any lifestyle change is difficult, but even more so when you don’t have the support of your friends, especially your dining companions. To combat this issue many diet-geared social networking websites are being launched in which people can discuss their diets and feel good about it. A good example is the raw food networking site, [The Guardian]

An explosion of sea lice from fish farms has been infecting young pink salmon (above). [National Geographic]
Fishy farming. It has been established that wild fish stocks around the globe are slowly disappearing. This is due to many factors including pollution and over-fishing. As a result, many fish farms have opened up in order to attempt to compensate for the diminishing fish stocks. These fish farms may be doing more harm than good. Many wild salmon which swim through open fish farms have been contracting lethal sea lice. The impact of this is so severe that it may lead to the complete wipeout of the wild salmon population. [National Geographic]

White whole grain bread?
In 2005, Sara Lee introduced whole grain white bread. The bread has about as much fiber as whole wheat bread but it’s made primarily with bleached white flour. While white flour makes bread tasty, it lacks some of the health benefits of whole grain. In general, people should be eating more whole grain flour and much less bleached white flour. Sara Lee is facing possible legal issues for marketing the bread as whole grain. [Well]

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