Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bits & Morsels

"Bits and Morsels" by Jordana Z, is an ongoing collection of information from the world of the foodies and foodblogs:

New additions. Two new food spots have recently opened in the neighborhood: The casual-vibed Pane e Vino, on 62nd and Lexington (also the sister restaurant to Barbaresco), and David's, located on 62nd and 3rd. At Pane e Vino all of the food is made to order ... and it's delicious. I especially love the artichoke salad and the pasta primavera.

Pane e Vino.
The salad bar at David's.
David’s is a 24-hour café and appetizer store (however, they are closed on the Sabbath). They serve all-natural hand rolled bagels and offer every variety of cream cheese imaginable. They also serve omelettes and salads and they make delicious salmon platters for any occasion. They brew Illy coffee and I love that they have the old fashioned glass bottles of Coke and Diet Coke. Did I mention that they are open 24 hours?!

The bright side of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is officially good for you. Just don’t eat too much. A recent study conducted in Germany concluded that participants who ate a small amount of dark chocolate every day lowered their lower blood pressure. The participants in the study gobbled up six grams of the miracle stuff, which equals to 1 & 1/2 Hershey’s Kisses. [The Wall Street Journal]

Tasty cicadas. Every 17 years the cicada bugs come out to mate. The males chirp and the females click their wings. This can be extremely noisy given that there can be 1.5 million cicadas per acre. The good news is that they are completely edible and are actually delicious when fried. The taste is meaty with a texture of soft shell crab. Don’t worry they don’t sting or bite. [Gourmet]

Do you remember a time when watermelons were too big to carry? Well, It’s a new life for watermelons. The Japanese are producing smaller versions that are square. The idea is that they will fit comfortably in the fridge. Except these watermelons don’t come cheap, costing up to $100 per. I don’t know if we will see square melons in New York anytime soon, but when I was in Whole Foods the other day I saw some watermelons that were no bigger than a cantaloupe. []

Congratulations to Joey Chestnut for winning the 92nd annual Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. He devoured 66 hot dogs on buns in 12 minutes. This is a new world record in competitive eating. Of course, the prize is a mustard belt. [International Federation of Competitive Eating]

The hot dog aisle in any market can be daunting with new brands coming out every season. This Off the Broiler tasting included 34 different brands, and many different cooking methods. Hot dogs were griddled, grilled, boiled, and fried. So, if you are craving dogs, check out the results of Jason Perlow’s tasting. [Off the Broiler]

Till we eat again,
Jordana Z.

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