Saturday, July 14, 2007

'Bits & Morsels'

"Bits and Morsels" by Jordana Z, is an ongoing collection of information from the world of the foodies and foodblogs:

A wonderful weekend retreat. A 40-minute train ride from Grand Central station to Greenwich, Connecticut and we were officlally worlds away from the hustle and bustle of New York, breathing in the cool, crisp Greenwich Harbor air and the subtle charm of the Delamar hotel.

Jonathan Wise, General Manager of the Delamar.
My original plan was just to have dinner at the Delamar's acclaimed waterfront L’Escale, but soon realized there was much more in store for this daytripper. Greenwich Avenue is right down the door from the hotel, so if you're in the mood for shopping, Richard’s and Saks is at your disposal. For pet lovers, the Delamar welcomes pets and even keeps dog treats in the lobby. And every night during cocktail hour, the hotel offers a boat ride from Greenwich Harbor for its guests to unwind.

So after a full day of activity, My appetite and I were ready for dinner. L’Escale turned out to be one of the more unique dining experiences I've had in a while. It is a casual French-style restaurant that overlooks the harbor transporting my guests and I to the Cote d’ Azur.

I started with the smoked salmon, which was melting-in-your-mouth luscious. I then moved on to the pea tortellini, a perfect summer dish; and for a sweet ending, the black and white soufflé, divine. I already have plans to return to the Delamar to take that twilight boat ride and to try the heirloom tomato salad before the season is over. [The Delamar]
The Delamar and L'Escale
Dining al fresco
Chicken Paillard
French fries
Lamb chops
The Souffle
Smoked salmon
Halibut with vegetables
Mushroom risotto
Seafood spread
Not so wholesome. Whole Foods CEO John Mackey was caught bad mouthing the Wild Oats chain of health markets on the Yahoo! Stock message board. While John Mackey did not steal or commit fraud, his behavior was totally inappropriate, putting Whole Foods in a different (fluorescent) light. []

Bee careful! Urban bee keeping is on the rise. Now more than ever, people are interested in natural foods and want a hand in how their food is made. Beekeepers harvest their own honey (and make wax out of the honeycomb). While this tastes infinitely better than the over-processed bland honey that is sold in super markets, it is risky business because bee keeping is illegal in most urban areas. []

Steamed buns sold in Beijing contain 60 percent cardboard, a report on China Central Television said.  
If it tastes like cardboard it probably is made of it. In the recent months, food coming out of China has been cause for concern. This is not unwarranted given that a hidden camera report uncovered that cardboard is a primary ingredient in Baozic. Baozic are pork dumplings that are to China what hot dogs are to New York. They are thought of as a street snack and sold practically everywhere. When one vendor was asked about Baozic's contents, he stated they were 60% cardboard and 40% fatty meat. Hot dogs never looked so good. []

Cocktail Time. Cognac is on the rise as a base liquor for cocktails. Since drinkers are demanding high grade cocktails, many bars are hiring master mixologists to seek out the best quality ingredients. There are strict laws in France regarding Cognac production ensuring an excellent product. Another convenience of Cognac is that it is made from grapes so it goes well with wine. Drink up! [USA Today]

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