Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Epicurean Walk Abouts!

Cherry pie and brunch at Bubby's Brooklyn.

by Jill Donenfeld

I am lucky to know someone named David Tze. My good friend and, often times, culinary inspiration is as invested in gastronomic delights as the most avid chefs and the most renown critics alike.

While he may not be as well known as the former groups, he is certainly as adventurous and ambitious with what he chances a taste. 

David Tze.
Here is a guy who once deep-fried grapes (and proclaimed them fantastic!); here is a guy who organized a triple-borough tasty taco tour. Here is a guy whose most recent adventure is centered on devouring sweet pies from morning until night.

David Tze is thorough when it comes to his passion, and for the passed year or so, his passion has included leading culinary walking tours. I write “included” because these delicious investigations are not his main gig.

Mainly, Tze runs Aquacopia, a venture capital company dedicated to fish farming and the like. The firm invests in ocean-based farms and technologies across the globe.

Knowing a thing or two about seafood varieties, David is a very good person with whom to enjoy sushi. And, while he is yet to arrange a crab cake-fried clam-bouillabaisse-caviar-calamari-toro tour, he is always up for suggestions.

Since he began these adventures, he has uncovered a variety of fried chicken, the range of pizza in multiple boroughs, the Russian offerings of Brighton Beach, BBQ, bahn mi in Chinatown, Sunset Park, and Boerum Hill, and, once, he prepared 28 lbs of fish in his apartment—not exactly a tour, but an event nonetheless.

Sweet Melissa Park Slope.
Trois Pommes Patisserie.
His taco tour was incredibly ambitious, going from the Red Hook Ball Fields to Snack Dragon to Tacos Mexico in Astoria.  His pizza tour actually turned into a two-part series due to the sheer amount of cheese, tomato sauce, and dough that one can devour in Gotham. Most recently, he led the pie tour. This is the itinerary:

• 11:30 am. Sour cream apple walnut pie at Little Pie Company Grand Central, Lower Dining Concourse, Grand Central Terminal [4,5,6 trains - 42nd St.]

• 1 pm. Cherry pie and brunch at Bubby's Brooklyn, 1 Main St, Brooklyn, NY 11201. 718.222.0666 [F - York]

• 3:30 pm. Chocolate pecan pie at Sweet Melissa Park Slope, 175 7th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11215. 718.502.9153 [F - 7th Ave; 2,3 - Grand Army Plaza]

• 4:15 pm. Apple pie and a cranberry apple streusel pie at Trois Pommes Patisserie, 260 5th Ave , Brooklyn, NY 11215. 718.230.3119 [F - 4th Ave / 9th St; M, R - Union]

• 5 pm. Beverages at watering hole TBD

• 6:30 pm. Maple-bourbon-pecan pie, cherry pie, and dinner at Clinton Street Baking Company, 4 Clinton St., New York, NY 10002. 646.602.6263 [F,J,M,Z - Essex/Delancey]

The tours are not all this sit-down-ish. Some are more in the on-the-go style. Tze’s tours are free for now and you can attend them on a drop-in basis. However, he prefers, of course, that everyone attend for the entirety of the trip. 
Pie sampling at Trois Pommes Patisserie.
A selection of pies at Sweet Melissa Park Slope.
Tze had a brief moment to answer a few questions for NYSD. Here’s further proof that Tze is the real deal:

Favorite thing eaten on food tour?

Saigon Bakery bahn mi

From David Tze's BBQ tour.
Favorite food tour?

Taco tour

New ideas for tour?

Mac n' cheese, gelato, raw bars

Favorite dining city?


Favorite dining borough in nyc?


Favorite thing to make at home?

Monk fish with Crystal Hot Sauce vegetable puree

When not food touring, favorite thing to eat?

Sichuan Chinese. No, ribeye. Sichuan-style ribeye?

Get in touch with David to learn about his next tour or to make a suggestion: David@Tze.org

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