Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bits & Morsels

Shrimp Cocktail at Del Frisco's.

Last Thursday night I dined at the bustling Del Frisco’s
Double Eagle Steak House, located at 1221 Avenue of the Americas at 49th St. I went with three girlfriends for a long overdue “girl’s night out.” It is no secret that most steakhouses are packed with carnivorous men and are not meant for forging new friendships, however, the atmosphere at Del Frisco’s does allow for some mingling.

Del Frisco’s is located in the heart of midtown and is the place to go for after work cocktails and dinner. The space is massive so I prefer dining on the ground level near the bar. And its huge windows almost project you out onto the avenue. It’s rare to find a restaurant that feels this airy and spacious especially when it’s jam packed, like it was on this particular night.
Scott Gould with Chef Clarence Van de Mark. A slice of lemon cake, the house specialty.
For such a large scale steakhouse, the service was attentive and personal. They have a long wine list and our server was patient in suggesting which wine to order. I am not a big meat eater so when I go out to a steak house I tend to focus on the appetizers and sides. I could live on beef steak tomato and onion salad and the version at Del Frisco’s is tasty thanks to a generous handful of crumbled blue cheese.

Del Frisco’s offers all the steak house classics like shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, potatoes everyway possible, steaks (of course), and fried onions. I had an order of sweet potatoes and onion rings (I know ... don’t say it). The sweet potatoes were baked with a crumbly streusel-like crust and they were delicious, by far my favorite side dish. For dessert you must try the lemon cake. They are famous for it, and it lived up to the hype.
Tomatoes & onions salad. Caesar salad.
Clockwise from top left: Cheers!; Stone crab claws; Crab cake with cajun lobster lauce; Skillet potatoes and onions.
Cutting into a juicy sirloin.
Onion rings. Sweet potatoes.
Chocolate cake. Cheesecake.
Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day everyday. I hope everyone had an eventful St. Patrick’s Day. I celebrated mine at The Crooked Knife, one of my favorite pubs, located at 29 East 30th St. (between Park and Madison). Besides being the perfect place for sharing a Guinness with a friend, its food is far tastier than your average bar. In my experience, the better the bar scene the worse the food. This is not the case at The Crooked Knife. I am addicted to the potato wedges with sweet Thai dipping sauce. I'm also a fan of the traditonal beer battered fish and chips.
Clockwise from left: A pint of Guinness; Hand cut wedges; Fish and Chips, fresh cod tossed in a light and crispy batter fried and served with steak fries and homemade tartar sauce; Corn beef and cabbage.
Here is a rundown of some of the nutrition bars that seem to be popping up in every market. These bars are great for breakfast or a snack on the go. All of them are relatively healthy. The whole grain, fiber rich Gnu Bar raises the "bar" for being the most nutritious. Good rule of thumb when buying a nutrition bar: Look at the ingredients. If it contains things that you can’t easily pronounce, think twice before purchasing. [Calorie Lab]

I love artichokes but they can be a pain to prepare. Besides the preparation which involves trimming and cleaning, I am always disappointed with the results. This post by Minimalist Mark Bittman explains that as long as your artichokes are fresh they can be consumed raw without any meddling. [Bitten]

Cooking at the South Pole is a challenge.
Besides not being able to attain many fresh ingredients, the weather is frigid and something as seemingly simple as boiling soup can take hours. This is a fascinating article about attempting to recreate French cuisine in the South Pole where the freshest produce is 3,000 miles away. [The Wall Street Journal]

Here are some spots that are going
to be serving Easter Brunch. There's a generous assortment of Greek, Italian, French and Middle Eastern restaurants to choose from. Make some reservations and eat up! [Restaurant Girl]

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