Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bits & Morsels celebrates Thanksgiving

Risotto with an organic egg and freshly shaved truffles at The Little Owl.

The Little Owl, located at 90 Bedford Street, is a cozy and accessible neighborhood restaurant. The space is small but not cramped, and you can see into the kitchen from pretty much wherever you sit. The feeling is one of being at a friend’s apartment for a dinner party. Little Owl's chef/owner is Joey Campanaro. Besides being a talented chef and super low-key, he gets it. He understands and delivers on hospitality and just knows what people want to eat (we will be publishing an interview with him in a future column).

One particular pork chop dish on the menu is known simply as 'the pork chop' because it has such a loyal following. And they have these adorable meatball sliders that people just love. Hearty food with no pretence; or (much) better versions of everyday dishes.
The check arrives tucked into a paperback book.
Another mouthwatering dish: risotto with an organic egg and truffles. The risotto is made from the rice that the truffles are stored in (the proper way to store truffles is in a jar of rice to absorb moisture and keep dry, plus the rice will absorb the truffle aroma and flavor). They even come around with fresh white truffles to shave over the risotto. Talk about decadent. If you like halibut, they have a visually stunning halibut dish perfectly roasted over chive mashed potatoes. Oh, if only the The Little Owl lived on my block. [The Little Owl]
The Little Owl from the outside; A view of the kitchen from the dining room.
Bread and olive oil, always a welcome sight. Potato wrapped scallops.
Notice the glass. Gravy meatball sliders.
Risotto with an organic egg and freshly shaved truffles. Pasta fagioli.
Roasted halibut with chive mashed potatoes. The pork chop
Pumpkin panna cotta with bourbon maple syrup. Tracy Gribbon and David Giuliano of The Little Owl.
Thanksgiving Central. On Monday I stopped by my favorite bakery, Two Little Red Hens. The second you sit down and order a cup of coffee, you won't want to leave its warm vibe and buttery smells. My favorite thing about the bakery is that they make bite size versions of all their cupcakes (read: you can try a little bit of everything, especially the red velvet cupcakes). Just be careful if you know what I mean.
Chocolate Chunk, Ginger Spice, and Double Chocolate Crinkle cookies.
They couldn't bake the pumpkin pies fast enough because it was mobbed with people buying up pies and cakes for their thanksgiving dinners. So, always a good idea to order in advance. [Two Little Red Hens]
Clockwise from above: Happy Turkey Day courtesy of Two Little Red Hens; Pumpkin pies going into the oven; Cakes and more cakes.
Pecan pie. Freshly decorated cakes.
Inside Two Little Red Hens.
Turtle bars. Linzer tarts -- my favorite.
From Black Friday, November 28th until New Year’s Day,  David Burke’s Bloomingdale cafes will be giving out free glasses of wine.  All you have to do is present a Bloomingdale’s receipt from that day and bingo ... a glass of red, a glass of white. [Zagat Buzz]

An enjoyable way to give back and add meaning to your thanksgiving meal is to go to Convivio. Located at 45 Tudor City Pl, Convivio will donate $25 from every meal to City Meals on Wheels. In this tight economy charities are hurting and this is a generous gesture. [The Feedbag] & [Convivio]

The best part of the thanksgiving meal
for me are the leftovers. Nothing beats a moist turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and stuffing. If you don't have any leftovers, you have nothing to worry about. Midtown lunch has a list of the best turkey sandwiches in Midtown. The good news is that they are available all year round. [Midtown Lunch]

We all have a lot to be
thankful for this Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my friends, my family, my dog and their good health. I am thankful that we are getting a new administration in the White House. I am especially thankful for my NYSD family. I could not ask for better editors and mentors than DPC and JH. I am thankful to the readers whom I love getting e-mails from. You have no idea how you inspire me. I wish everyone a happy and healthy thanksgiving filled with friends, family and great food.

Until we eat again,
Jordana Z.

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