Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bits & Morsels dances at Doubles

A little slice of heaven at Doubles Club.

Recently I had a lovely lunch with JH at Doubles, the private club in the Sherry Netherland. In its serene and chic environment you feel you are worlds away from the hustle and bustle of Fifth Avenue just outside the hotel's doors. Wendy Carduner, the club's director was one of its founders thirty years ago.

Chef Steven Mellina and Wendy Carduner
It is famous among the New York social set for its dinner dances, holiday parties, private birthdays and receptions. Although its interior has been newly refurbished by Tom Britt (see NYSD HOUSE) it continues to have that feel of sophisticated old Manhattan.

You can almost imagine Don Draper from "Mad Men" coming in for lunch or in black tie having a cocktail at the bar before dinner. Also, there is no phone reception at Doubles, so lunches and dinners are thankfully free of the ever-ringing Blackberry.

The buffet lunch at Doubles is famous for its cornucopia of healthy and tasty culinary choices. Buffets are my favorite as you can try a little (or a lot) of everything. As I'm not big on meat, I was impressed with the tempting variety of healthy vegetables and fish options.

Every item in the vast buffet is expertly prepared by Chef Steven Mellina; poached salmon, celery rout remoulade, turkey biscuit pot pie (mouth watering yet?), salad nicoise, a sirloin roast, cauliflower gratin and that's just for starters. The dessert buffet is equally as tempting with cookies, cakes, and pies, fresh fruit, mousses, and brulées. We sampled a key lime pie with soft meringue topping that was insanely refreshing.

Doubles is especially festive this time of year and they host beautiful Christmas luncheons. If you want a unique and special experience you should head to Doubles. But first you have to join. 783 Fifth Ave, (212) 751-9595.
Celery root remoulade. Tempura coconut shrimp.
Sirloin roast. Asparagus flan.
Carrot Puree. Salad nicoise.
Vegetable aspic. Roast cauliflower gratin.
Our luncheon plates, all wiped clean within 10 minutes.
The dessert table. Chocolate mousse cake.
Creme brulee. An assortment of cookies, all baked on the premises.
Lemon chocolate cake with meringue. Fresh fruit salad.
Key Lime Pie. We were even treated to a luscious and velvety chocolate cake from a birthday celebration the night before.
Fresh strawberries. A fishbowl of jellybeans on the way out just in case you have a little room left ...
Here is a list of food trends to look forward to in 2009. 1. Smoking food will replace frying and 2. ginger will replace mint as the spice of choice, especially when it comes to cocktails. Another trend that I am excited about: rustic food will replace molecular gastronomy. [Epicurious]
A coffee house on the Upper East Side is charging customers for use of their electrical outlets. They are charging $3 an hour and $5 for five hours. That potentially makes one cup of coffee cost over $5. I think I'll pass. [The New York Post]

Punch is back such as the The Hibachi at the Double Down Saloon [metromix].
Of all the possible drinks ... punch is back in vogue. Who knows why but it is. Either way, here are five bars to get your punch fix. The offerings range from rum punch to punch lit on fire. [Metromix]

People are drowning their economic
sorrows in food and cocktails. Alcohol sales at 21 are up 9% and more customers are starting to drink before the work day is over. At Michael’s, alcohol sales are up a fifth from last year. [The Financial Times]

When the weather gets cold
nothing is more satisfying than a hot toddy. Here is a list of bars serving specialty warm drinks. [AMNY]

In a study conducted in Sweden, researchers discovered that mice that ate a diet high in junk food (fat, cholesterol and sugar) for nine months showed very early signs of Alzheimer’s. The cause of Alzheimer’s is still sort of a mystery but eating smart is a promising antidote. Good motivation to eat healthier. [Science Daily]

Until we eat again,
Jordana Z.

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