Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bits & Morsels does Le Cirque

Chocolate birthday cake at Le Cirque.

When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, there is no more festive a place than Le Cirque. I went on Monday night for my birthday dinner and while most places are empty in August, Le Cirque was BUSY. Le Cirque regulars know what they are going to get every time: high quality food and a great atmosphere. In its current location at One Beacon Court in the Bloomberg Building, the décor is modern and sexy. And the service is silky smooth, a role model for all restaurants.

Le Cirque is owned and run by the Maccioni family and there is always at least one family member there to ensure that things run smoothly. Le Cirque (translated to "the circus") is one of the few places where the food is as captivating as the scene. Before you even look at the menu try the soft raisin roles with a smear of butter. I am not usually a fan of "the bread basket," but Le Cirque does have "the best" raisin bread.

My favorite wine is a Riesling by Dr. K, Frank. It’s dry, crisp and smooth. Not many restaurants have it on their wine list but Le Cirque does and it's a good order. A refreshing way to start your meal is with the tuna tataki. The tuna is seared and served with a side of bright, tart yuzu granita. For the main course nothing beats the grilled Dover sole with mustard sauce on the side. It’s oh so simple but when done right, it’s better than the most complicated of dishes. Le Cirque really shines when it comes to dessert. Besides my birthday cake (chocolate mousse cake with hazelnuts), order the chocolate soufflé. Le Cirque does not disappoint. [Le Cirque]
The Le Cirque logo. Raisin bread basket.
Marco Maccioni. Monday night at Le Cirque.
The specials. The Le Cirque salad.
Chilean sea bass with a poppy seed crust. Grilled dover sole.
Chocolate souffle. Crepes suzette.
A glass of Dr. Frank Riesling. My Birthday cake.
So you want to make brunch and have no clue how to make a poached egg. Poaching eggs may seem simple but there's a trick or two to doing it just right. Here's a step by step recipe with lovely photos from the Smitten Kitchen. Once you try the method you will be perfectly poaching eggs in no time. [The Smitten Kitchen]

It seems like every woman in New York is on a Greek style yogurt kick. I love it for its thick texture and tangy taste. I slab it on baked potatoes and it's a great substitute for sour cream (and healthier too). Fage seems to be the brand of choice however Cabot makes yogurt that is equally as tasty and slightly less expensive. [Palate to Pen]

Here is the Forbes list of the top
earning celebrity chefs. Rachael Ray tops the list with earnings of 18 million dollars a year. "Easy-peasy," huh Rachael? Other top earners: Paula Deen, Wolfgang Puck, and Alain Ducasse. [Forbes]

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