Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bits & Morsels visits Follow Me Caffe

Nutella and banana crepe at the Follow Me Caffe.

Shhhh!!!!! Don’t tell anyone but I'm in love with the Follow Me Caffe. Located on 62nd street between Lexington and Third, the Follow Me Caffe is truly a hidden gem. Friends and family don’t want me to write about it because they don’t want the secret to get out. Or at least they'd have me lie and say the food is nothing to write home about.

The café (or caffe's) owner is Nesha Marjanovic. He bought it in 2004 when it was struggling to stay afloat. Through his continuing hard work and quality chefmanship he has transformed the Follow Me Caffe into a charming destination. He is currently taking an intense career course at the French Culinary Institute to sharpen his skills. When he's not hitting the books, you can find him in the kitchen keeping an eye on everything. He tells me that there's a real possibility that they will be expanding the business in the near future.
Follow Me Caffe owner Nesha Marjanovic.
The café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For brunch, the ricotta cheese pancakes with raspberries are an excellent choice as they are not too sweet. Gone are the days of schlepping downtown to the same old brunch joints for barely adequate food. While the café is located near the hustle and bustle of Bloomingdale's, it sort of feels immune to the pressure of the city. It’s just the type of place that when people sit down, they linger and stay for a while.

145 E 62nd St, (212) 832-9772.
When the weather cooperates, you can sit on the outdoor patio with your favorite person or pet and make a day of croissants, cappuccino, and people watching. And if you're hungry, they've got omelets, salads and sandwiches. The Nordic with smoked salmon and the spinach and goat cheese omelet are my two top choices. The omelets are served with toast and a crisp salad, much healthier than your average home fried potatoes.

I am passionate about crepes and the Follow Me Caffe gets them right: savory with mushrooms and spinach or sweet with a variety of toppings. My favorite: banana and nutella.

The Follow Me Caffe is also a smart place to go for light dinner and drinks in an unpretentious setting. The have a liquor license and the environment is just right for an actual dinner conversation.
Clockwise from top left: Iced cappuccino; Mushroom and spinach crepe; Spinach and goat cheese omelet; Tuna salad sandwich; Pickles for the tuna sandwich.
Clockwise from top left: Ricotta pancakes with melted raspberries; Brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream; Apricot tart; Pastries to go.
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Until we eat again,
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