Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bits and Morsels plays ping pong at Spin

Homemade fruit tart at Sfoglia.

Good, clean fun. Spin New York is the recently opened ping-pong haven located at 48 East 23rd Street. Bill Mack, Franck Raharinosy and Jonathan Bricklin are the owners and Susan Sarandon is an investor. The space itself is massive and modern filled artfully with ping-pong tables, Olympic quality cushioned flooring and a restaurant and bar.

What I especially like about Spin is that it's a social venue that's not intimidating. There are seats and bleachers around the ping-pong tables so you can watch, talk, drink, and loiter with groups of friends. There is also the restaurant and bar, Ducks at Spin. Will Horowitz is the chef and the menu is designed specifically for the environment with an excellent selection of sandwiches, sliders and popcorn, all made with quality ingredients and pizazz.
Spin, 48 East 23rd Street.
Wally Green playing against Jonathan Bricklin.
While Spin offers memberships, you do not have to be a member to play. There are even pro ping-pong players you can hit with. Although, I can't think of a better date spot ... feeling someone out by seeing how they play can be very revealing.

Spin New York
48 East 23rd Street
The bar. Owners Jonathan Bricklin, Will Horowitz (he owns ducks at Spin), Franck Raharinosy, and Bill Mac.
Clockwise from top left: Mixed salad with grapefruit juice; The Lean -- asparagus mousse, tomatoes and goat cheese; Fish sandwich -- coconut marinated escolar with candied grapefruit and thai basil; The cubano sandwich.
Last Thursday I went to Sfoglia for dinner and again for a book party they were hosting for Pasta Sfoglia. I’m a big fan of Sfoglia and the new book features all of their signature scrumptious pasta dishes. The goody bag was bascially a deconstrcuted pasta dinner, containing the “Sounds of Sfoglia” cd, pasta, a can of tomatoes and garlic. Sfoglia is located at 135 East 92nd Street right across from the Y.
Susan Simon and owner, Ron Suhanosky. Inset: Goodie bag contents, the making of a great pasta dish.
A glass of prosecco to toast the new book. Table of antipasti.
Sfoglia is owned by Ron and Colleen Suhanosky. Ron is the chef and makes all the pasta; and Colleen bakes the bread and all of the desserts. And trust me, you could make a meal of the bread alone, but then you would miss out on the pasta with figs and brown butter and the best cookie plate in town (and I know my cookie plates). Sfoglia is a rare breed of restaurant that is genuinely inviting, pleasant, yet elegant.

135 East 92nd Street

To order, Pasta Sfoglia
Roasted wild mushrooms, shaved peach, kale salad. Wild mussels with tomato and garlic.
Clockwise from top left: Fusilli al telefono; Striped bass with celery root puree; Sfoglia's extraordinary cookie plate; Spaghetti, figs, hazelnuts, ricotta salata, brown butter.
The Big Apple Bog is currently going on at Rockefeller Center from October 6th-8th. The bog is 1,500 square feet and is filled with over 2,000 pounds of cranberries. Ocean Spray, which is an agricultural cooperative owned by more than 600 cranberry growers, is celebrating its 80th anniversary harvesting cranberries. The bog is beautiful and something to see so head over to Rockefeller center for some craisins and cranberry juice. [Ocean Spray]
Big Apple Bog.
Henry and Justin from the Ocean Spray commercials.
The Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink in preparation for its opening on October 9th.
This is a disturbing article about how ground meat is processed and made into hamburgers. It still amazes me how many different animal parts wind up in a burger. And not all companies bother to test the trimmings for E. coli. Costco is one of the few companies that actually tests all of its meat for E. coli before grinding it. [The New York Times]

McDonald’s is opening up a restaurant and a McCafe at the Louvre in Paris. Yes, you read that correctly. McDonald’s, one of the more un-chic fast food chains, is opening a restaurant in the Louvre museum. For the love of culture. [The Telegraph]

Gourmet magazine has folded after 68 years
in business. This is sad, but not shocking, given the state of the economy. Check out Serious Eats and the post about Gourmet's first (groundbreaking) issue, which came out in 1941. [Serious Eats]

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