Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BIts and morsels at Telepan

Cutting into the croque-monsieur at Telepan.

Restaurant week is in our midst and I hope all of you are taking advantage. Restaurant Week runs through July 25th and participating restaurants are offering lunch for $24.07 and dinner for $35.00.

Last week I took the digital to Telepan for dinner. Telepan is an elegant neighborhood spot on the Upper West at 69th Street named for Chef Bill Telepan, who besides being a talented and seasoned chef (he has worked with Daniel Boulud, Gilbert Le Coze, Alfred Portale, and apprenticed with the legendary Alain Chapel), is an all around great guy.

Bill does much more than cook. He is involved in various charitable organizations and is deeply passionate about the need for healthier and more nutritious food in schools. Wellness in the Schools is one such organization, a non-profit, community based organization which seeks to improve the environment, nutrition, and fitness in NYC public schools.
Chef Bill Telepan. Don't let that smile fool you. He is deadly serious about buying locally and cooking seasonally.
Besides participating in Restaurant Week, Telepan is offering stellar deals all throughout the summer where you can score a four-course dinner for $45 or a five-course dinner for $55. There are plenty of delightful options on the menu and the portions are more than generous. Tasting menu’s tend to be on the skimpy size (hence 'tasting' menu), but that’s not the case here. If you like trout, get the smoked trout. Served over a corn blini, it pairs beautifully with the sweet corn.

My dining companion gobbled down an order of soft-shell crabs that were prepared a la fish and chips. Though, the highlight of the meal was dessert. The blueberry pies are individually served (the apple pie from McDonald's will give you an idea of its shape and size only!) and come with a blueberry sauce for dipping. I had been craving s’mores all summer, finally getting my fix at Telepan. Their version? A brownie topped with hot marshmallow and graham cracker ice cream. Nothing says summer like s’mores and blueberry pie.
Telepan, 72 West 69 Street. An Old Fashioned to kick off dinner.
72 West 69 Street
Soft shell crabs and chips. House smoked brook trout on a corn blini.
Clockwise from top: Veal sausage Tortelloni wild mushrooms; Pea pancake with peas and mushrooms; Roasted chicken with gnocchi and wild spinach; Wild salmon with beans and fennel.
Blueberry pie. S'more.
This is fascinating. You can gargle with a carbohydrate solution and achieve the full effects of those carbs without actually eating them. This is handy if you are an athlete and drink a lot of carb-rich products like sports drinks and gels. This basically tricks the brain into thinking it’s getting a carb fix when it's really not. [NY Times]

Inside Sammy's.
The BP oil spill in the Gulf has had an abominable effect on the seafood in the area. As a result, the seafood industry in the Long Island Sound is growing. If the seafood issues in the gulf are not resolved soon, the price of oysters from Long Island sound could double in price. []

Good article about the old school Jewish Steakhouses that are fading away. The only one left in NYC is Sammy’s Roumanian. Sammy’s is famous for its festive atmosphere, live music, enormous steaks and the jar of chicken schmaltz at every table. [Tablet Mag]

Everyone is seemingly so focused on Lindsay Lohan going to jail that I thought you might enjoy a few tips on prison food. Here are some recipes that are prison friendly. They don’t require much more than a few basic ingredients and a microwave, if that. They include a spread made from ramen noodles and pasta with clam sauce. [Huffington Post]
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