Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bits and Morsels visits Table Local in Bedford, NY

Tomato and mozzarella sandwich from Table Local in Bedford, NY.

Last week I took the Metro North Train to Bedford Hills. I was curious to visit since Martha Stewart and Richard Gere have homes there, and it was recently reported that Bill and Hillary Clinton would be moving to the neighborhood as well. In addition, The Wall Street Journal had published an article about chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's casual tips for hosting summer guests. According to the WSJ piece, he stops for produce at the Table Local Market in Bedford Hills before going to his country house in Waccabuc, New York. Now if Jean-Georges goes there, then you know it must be special.

Table Local is located directly across the street from the train station in Bedford Hills. Proprietress Cynthia Brennan opened it a little over a year ago. Before opening Table Local she had a fair trade design boutique called James (she has a background in design). While working at James she realized people would be more interested in buying sustainable and fair trade items (like food) as opposed to clothing. And so, a food coop and farmer’s market (in a stylish setting) became one at Table Local. Since opening, it has quickly become an important member of the community.
Donna Walsh and owner/creator Cynthia Brennan.
Table Local offers house accounts that are paid for in advance. This gets community members shopping there on a regular basis and gives the store some wiggle room. Table Local is a bright and airy space designed with sustainability in mind. Everything from the shelves, which are made from vintage wine crates, to the compost bin (good luck finding a garbage can), gently reminds us to think more about our environment.

Working with Local food is not only better environmentally, but it’s better for our health because we end up eating only what’s in season (it’s also a lot fresher). All fruit and produce at Table Local is no more than a few hours old from when it was picked. I’m still thinking about those fresh sour cherries. Sour cherries are highly perishable so many places just don't sell them. I know I haven’t been able to find them in New York.
Bedford Hills train station.
Table features food from farm and producers such as Amawalk Farm, Madura Farms, Sprout Creek Farm and Migliorelli Farm (and that's only a sampling). They also have an excellent selection of prepared foods for take out and a casual cafe menu to eat in. Breakfast includes many tasty morsels like maple walnut scones and morning glory muffins. So next time you just can’t take the city heat, grab the next Metro-North from Grand Central to Bedford Hills.

Table Local
11 Babbitt Rd.
Bedford Hills, NY 10507
Table Local Market in Bedford Hills.
Nuts, legumes, rice. The shelves are constructed from recycled wine crates.
No garbage cans here, just compost and recycling.
Gorgeous local produce.
NY State Eggs from Thomas Poultry Farm in Schuylerville, NY.
Broccoli from the Meadows Farm in Yorktown, NY.
New England Shelling peas from Amba Farms in Bedford, NY.
Mushrooms galore.
Sour cherries from Red Jacket farm in Geneva, NY.
Beautiful, rustic heads of garlic.
Summer peaches from Hepworth farm in Milton, NY.
Locally grown corn.
Homemade Love it! granola is a popular brand.
Pancetta, Petit Jesu, Pepperoni, Speck, Jámon, with cheese to pair.
A selection of local cheeses: Toma Celena from Cooperstown, Connor Abbey from Highgate Center, Vermont, and Vivace Bambino and Bloomsday from Cato Corner.
Tomato and mozzarella sandwich.
Meats and prepared foods.
Roasted carrots.
Kale salad.
Roasted chicken.
Fresh baked scones and cupcakes.
Treats for the train ride back.
Don’t even get me started about Lebron James. Like most New Yorkers, I was disappointed by his decision to sign with Miami. Although, I will say that I was happy to hear that the Lebron James MVP sandwich at the Carnegie Deli has been removed from the menu. The short-lived sandwich was filled with pastrami, corned beef, brisket, turkey and American cheese. Not exactly a winning combination. [TMZ]

If you didn't know, Emeril Lagasse lives on the Upper East Side. Some of places he frequents include Brio, Fred’s, Del Posto and Il Vagabondo. At this rate, I'm bound to run into him. [NY Post]

Pretty soon you will be able to order draft beer on airplanes. Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways will soon be doing the pouring. Until now, there has always been an air pressure issue regarding any beverage on tap. Someone should be in the winning for a Nobel Prize. [CNN]
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