Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chef Marcus Samuelsson in action at August

Heirloom tomato salad at August.

Last Wednesday I took the digital to see Chef Marcus Samuelsson
in action at the bar at August. Not only is he a guest judge on Top Chef, but he also just won Top Chef Masters.

Marcus Samuelsson is a celebrity chef with a capital C. His unique brand of global cuisine seems to have won almost everyone over. Want more? Well, he is also extremely charming and charismatic. I could have sat at at the bar and watched him cook all night long (sigh).

Jordana Z. with Marcus Samuelsson
He’s as sharp and sleek as a French knife, and you just can’t help being seduced by him. He was selected to be the guest chef at the first state dinner of the Barack Obama presidency last November. Need I say more?

The bar menu at August featured items that he whipped up while competing on Top Chef Masters and included cured tuna, seared char, foie gras ganache, and Kobe beef sliders.

While August's traditional menu fare was august (couldn't resist), the dishes on the bar menu prepared by Marcus Samuelsson were the primo part of the evening.

August is named for the month, and to celebrate throughout this very month they are offering special menus that pay tribute to those who have influenced European Cuisine. The heirloom tomato salad and vegetable lasagna were part of Catherine de Medici’s Court menu. You can be sure I'll be back shortly for another European feast.

359 Bleecker Street (between Charles and West 10th Street)
August at 359 Bleecker Street (between Charles & West 10th).
Bar August Top Chef menu presenting Marcus Samuelsson .... August's regular menu.
Grilled corn.
Veal Chop with market vegetables on the side.
Seared char with spicy kraut and sour broth.
Kobe beef sliders with smoked mayo, cabbage, and pearl tomato.
Foie gras ganache.
Cured tuna with melon gazpacho.
Vegetable lasagna with artichokes and anchovies.
The bar area.
The enclosed garden area in the rear of the restaurant.
One of the great perks of being here in August is having the ability to take advantage of those restaurants that are normally too hard to get into. Restaurants like Nobu 57 usually require a booking reservation a month out, but you can almost walk right in during the month. Not only are restaurants less hectic but stores and spas too. Time to pamper yourself. [NY Post]

It amazes me how popular urban farming
has become in New York. It’s a wonderful thing to see – taking an unused rooftop and transforming it into a garden or a farm. It’s better for the environment and healthier to eat local and seasonal foods. Here's a list of some local urban farms. Some of them offer classes and sell farm products. [Metromix]

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking
for a fun day trip that’s easy and one where I can bring my dog. Many wineries in the New York area welcome quadripeds and often have events that cater to them. Just keep in mind that grapes are toxic to dogs, so don't lose sight of your little sweetie. [NY Daily News]
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