Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bits & Morsels

La Vilette’s Poulet Organic Aux Épicés De Louisiane.
by Erin Frankel

Still feeling stuffed a week after Thanksgiving? Me too. So I’ve compiled a small list of some of the heartiest and healthy-ish dishes this season. Also, a look at a nouveau slimming option designed specifically for our looming winter sluggishness. Here are some of my suggestions:

L’Apicio’s Spaghetti: At Gabe Thompson’s newest Italian outpost on the Bowery, he sticks to straightforward, unaffected pasta. Unlike the many fussy versions out there, Thompson’s spaghetti is noticeably simpler, fresher, and lighter on the palette, with enough texture and flavor to keep you guessing.

L’Apicio’s Spaghetti.
Prandial’s Seared Wild Striped Bass.
La Vilette’s Poulet Organic Aux Épicés De Louisiane.
Mr. Chow’s Beijing Duck Mignon ...
... on Endive.
The spaghetti is covered in a spicy sauce made of fresh tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. There’s a clear saturation of ingredients and nuances of flavor for this brilliantly delicate yet zealous winter dish.

Prandial’s Seared Wild Striped Bass: At Mark Stern’s new low-key Flatiron bistro, chef Pierre Rougey prepares French-influenced American classics. His crispy (seared) wild striped bass is accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables — aromatic baby fennel, parsnips, and pickled chanterelles. It's nearly the perfect winter dish.

La Vilette’s Poulet Organic Aux Épicés De Louisiane (pan-seared Cajun-rubbed chicken). Angelo Peruzzi’s subdued opening of La Villette, his cozy West Village French brasserie, benefits those who want a quiet, charming place for dinner in the colder month ahead. Peruzzi’s chicken is the house specialty.

Although most of dishes on the menu are classic French in style, the Cajun-rubbed chicken breast is a reflection of Peruzzi’s diverse heritage — part influenced by his French Lebanese mother, part his Italian father, with a touch of Southern American mixed in for good cheer. This generous portion of crispy white meat with a tinge of spice and lemon zest is a brilliantly light yet satisfying dish.

Mr. Chow’s
Beijing Duck Mignon on Endive: Michael Chow’s refined Beijing-style cuisine has been a favorite among the upper echelon diners of New York City. As a born and bred Manhattanite, I have long favored Chinese cuisine as a Sunday night ritual.

Mr. Chow's version of Duck Mignon is roasted to golden crispy perfection with an aromatic spray of spice and herbs. In a city fierce with competition, Mr. Chow’s Beijing peking duck has reached classic status.

Now it's time to exercise. I know you’re feeling less than motivated, but your winter is filling up with charity galas and tree-trimming parties and you need a solution that fits within your schedule that is also sensitive to your lack of will power.

The answer: a Pure Flow Vibration machine. It's what Pure Flow CEO and founder Andrew Luke Barile calls "a space tube enhanced with high frequency vibration technology that causes rapid muscle contractions," where eight LED light slim pads are placed on any area of your body that you would like to slim and tone.

The heat and unique wavelength of the LED lights helps stimulate fat burn and boost a more lean and contoured body. This treatment is perfect for those seeking trimming and cardiac output enhancement. And ideal for overcoming the effects of jet-lag, for your big meeting, or when simply in need of a tune-up.

Strapped in to the Pure Flow Vibration machine.
LED light slim pads for slimming and toning.
Me in the Pure Flow oxygen chamber.
Unlike post-jog fatigue, you will feel fully awake and energized and ready to go back to work ... or out on the town. That’s what you get from having oxygen piped into every molecule of your body. You get a full cardiac workout simply by laying down on a bed and doing whatever it is you need (or want) to do. When does that ever happen?

And, there’s clinical data!! 45 minutes of reading your iPad, checking your emails, or taking that much-needed power nap amounts to a 7-mile run! The unique combination of pulsation and light therapy helps to metabolize fatty acids and activates fat-burning. So, you’ll enjoy (and yes, actually enjoy) a FULL cardiac workout.

And unlike your trainer at the gym, the machine doesn’t yell at you for being lazy.

For those in need of some healing, Pure Flow recently installed a unique pure oxygen chamber. Here, you climb into a bed (somewhat resembling that of a spaceship) for a high-altitude experience as your body absorbs oxygen more efficiently. Using pressurized oxygen therapy, the chamber helps your body improve circulation, heal more rapidly, and remove lactic acid.

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Pure Flow
791 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor
(entrance at 30 East 67th Street)