Friday, July 20, 2007

Southampton Fresh Air Home

The kids at the Southampton Fresh Air Home had their Prom last week and so I asked the directors to send us some pictures of the prom-goers.

This is a great organization, providing some summer outdoor downtime for these kids who often don’t get the opportunity to get out there with Mother Nature.

The people who run the camp are focused on helping the kids raise their wishes and dreams. I’m a big believer in fostering dreams, especially in the young whose imaginations are fertile and expansive. For a lot of kids, dreams, and nothing else, are what it’s about. And dreams do come true. I know this from personal experience. Sometimes they appear even long after you forgot you had them. Not all dreams do come true, but nevertheless it is important for a sunny spirit to have them closeby.

The Southampton Fresh Air Home provided me with a Camper Wish List that I’m printing here because if you’d like you might be able to assist in actualizing one or some of those kids’ dreams. If not it’s a good thing to bear in mind anyway. Sometimes dreaming of something for someone else is as good as dreaming it for yourself.

What the kids need:

Give a child the gift of camp!  Most campers are given scholarships and no child is ever turned away for financial reasons. Your donations will cover the full cost of a one or three week camping experience. Just that will provide a lifetime of happy memories. Donation: $5000 for a three week session and $2000 for a one week session.

New state-of-the-art infirmary. This summer the SFAH is launching a capital project to build an infirmary outfitted with medical equipment for special needs campers, storage for each camper’s daily medication and the boo-boo strips too. Donation: minimum $10,000, or name the infirmary for $250,000.
Tucker, Cara, Maureen, Bridget, Kathleen, and Maureen
What the kids love:

A simple outing with friends! It really is a thrill to the campers to experience new places with their friends. – a “sunset cruise” on Peconic Bay, a day trip to the Atlantis Marine World and the Children’s Museum of the East End; a movie at the Imax theatre; beach and park picnics, fishing trips, and an evening at the movies in Southampton.  Donation: $10 to $1000.

Music! DJs come to the camp with mixing decks and teach the kids to “scratch” and make their own music. Donation: $1000.

Victoria and Krishan (camp counselor)
Horseback riding and golf lessons! A special needs riding program will allow the campers the opportunity to experience the feeling of riding a horse.  Golf programs will provide specialized coaching and green fees for a group of campers. Donation: $500.

Entertainment programs around a virtual campfire! Tops on the kids’ list are a DJ Concert, Wildlife Presentation, Karaoke Party, and a Magician.  Donation: $100 to $500.

Favorite past-times! Popular rainy day activities (you need those remember) including Cooking, Newspaper, Chess, Drama and Comedy Clubs.  Donation: $100 - $250.

A crowning moment as a King or Queenfor a Day! The campers love to be pampered with a morning of spa beauty and grooming fit for royalty including hair, nails, and massage followed by a sweet summer picnic lunch in the park catered by a local deli. Donation: $180.

Parties and R&R! It wouldn’t be camp without a pizza party, an ice cream party, a pie eaeting contest and dances! The kids also love supplies for arts & crafts, the Computer Center and swimming as well as swimming lessons and pool games. Donation $50 to $500.

To contribute to the Wish List, please CLICK HERE.
Kathryn (cc) and Brian
Andy (cc) and Garrett Eric
Camp counselors Kenra and Becky with Amy
Simone and Kiara
Stephen and Shanice
Prom Prince Evan and Prom King Harley
Justin David
Jamal, Natalie (cc), Amy, and Laura (cc)
Matt, John Henry, and David
Naya and Adrian (cc)
Jermaine Corey
Jason and Jen (cc)
Asha (cc) and Joe Prom Prince Evan
Michael and Nicole
Prom Queen Shannon and Prom King Harley
Prom Princess Emily Alexander
Pam Michaelcheck (Chairman of SFAH) and Aba
Annsley and Laura (cc)
Becky (cc), Ashley, and Miguel (cc)
Rienk (cc), John Paul, and Cody (cc)
Katie Aba
Katehleen, Bridget, and Maureen
Katie and Christina
Brian and Caitlin
Miguel (cc) and Katie
Andy (cc) and Gil
David and Rienk (cc)
Ian and Carrie
Dennis and Roshaya (cc) Jessica
Thomas (cc), Shania, and Simone
Cody (cc), Dominic, Scott (cc), and Gil
Maureen Miguel (cc) and Christina

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