Guest Diary

Jill Krementz celebrates Charlie Scheips

Charlie Scheips ready to receive his guests.
Charlie Scheips, my friend and colleague, has just published a wonderful illustrated book: Elsie De Wolfe's Paris: Frivolity Before The Storm (Harry Abrams). On Sunday night, Charlie was given the kind of send-off writers dream about by Beth Rudin DeWoody and her husband, photographer Firooz Zahedi. The cocktail party was held at their art-filled apartment overlooking the East River.

On the inside back flap: Charlie Sitting 2005 © David Hockney. Photograph by Richard Schmidt.
When I say art-filled, I'm not kidding. Beth, a Whitney Museum Trustee, has one of the most interesting collections you can imagine. Charlie was busy signing a gazillion books for all his friends so after a brief hello I had the opportunity to wander around ... and what a stroll it was. There I was gazing at work by Chuck Close, Jeff Koons, Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, Rob Wynne, and Ed Ruscha and so many others. My head was spinning — and not from the especially concocted "Lady Mendl" all-but-lethal signature drinks.

Charlie is a well-known curator, art advisor, writer and cultural historian who has cavorted with a wide assortment of artists over the years ranging from Warhol to his close friend David Hockney. It's not every author who can lay claim to an author's picture by Hockney, but if you buy the book (and you should), take a look at the inside back flap. Indeed, there's a painting of the author, reclining in a chair, by the renowned English artist.
Pumpkins on table at entrance to Beth DeWoody's art-filled apartment.
Display of books on the piano. Click to order.
Firooz Zahedi and his wife, Beth Rudin DeWoody. Chuck Closes are on the wall behind.
"Lady Mendl Cocktails," made with gin, grenadine, lemon juice, and egg white. Caterer David Drum added a dash of bitters as 1930's era grenadine was more like that.
Joan Hardy Clark lives on the same block and walked over. "The traffic was terrible," she joked. Daniel T. Billy Jr.

Daniel T. Billy Jr. congratulates Mr. Scheips.
George Farias converses with the author.
Sculptures by Nancy Grossman.

Installation by Rob Wynne.
Marc Swanson's Yeti.
En route to the bedroom.
The master bedroom with an installation of Tony Oursler eyes that kept changing.
Two Jeff Koons sculptures opposite the bed.
The beautiful bathtub off the master bedroom.
"Rooz," Beth and Firooz's sweet poodle.
Designer fast food (by artist Tom Sachs).
David Croland with Rooz. Mr. Croland was the late Robert Mapplethorpe's first model. The two men had a long and loving relationship. Croland is now a successful illustrator.
Robert Smithson was the famed American environmental artist, who often incorporated glass and photographs in his work.

Very exciting to see this lovely piece on the floor propped up against the wall.

A closet of "curiosities." The dolls by Charles Ray on the floor: Michael Jackson and Charles Manson.
Stephen Shadley, decorator to the stars including Jennifer Aniston, with Firooz Zahedi and Beth Rudin DeWoody.
Firooz Zahedi sitting in the dining room. To the right, on the floor, is a photograph by him.
Dr. Michael Jacobs, a dermatologist associated with Cornell/Weill Hospital, with Joan Hardy Clark.

Dr. Jacobs is also a major art collector who just returned from Frieze London where he purchased two major Rob Pruitt paintings, which he showed us on his cell phone.

David Drum, who is with Gold-Service Smile, not only helped with the food and drink but knew everything about the art. That sculpture beside him is not what it looks like ... i.e. a stack of magazines. David said he found that out one day when he was tidying up and tried to stack them neatly.
Art by Christopher Wool.
Guests eat dogs (i.e. Pigs in blankets).
Ross Bleckner. Glenn Ligon.
Tony Rosenthal sculpture.
John Wesley.
Jim Dine.
Gallerist Garth Greenan, one of Beth's advisors, with his husband Bryan Davidson.
Artist Mark Fox, who has a show on now at Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea.
Joanne Leonhardt Cassullo, a close friend of Beth's and a Whitney Trustee, with Mark Fox.
Family portrait. Billy Rudin with his sister Beth, his wife Ophelia, and his pal Charlie. Billy and Ophelia were heading out for a last hurrah party at the Whitney -- the museum stayed open over the weekend for 36 consecutive hours before closing shop and moving downtown.
Charlie with Vogue editors Christiane Mack and Valerie Steiker.
Charlie Scheips with Arlene Dahl and her husband Marc Rosen. Ms. Dahl was a long time friend of Elsie de Wolfe.
Big kiss for a great party!

Text and photographs © by Jill Krementz: all rights reserved. Contact Jill Krementz here.