Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Guest Diary

Bewitchingly Dezia: September 2015

by Dezia Restivo

To arrive at your “key number,” add each digit of the month and the day of your birth; this gives you your number unless it comes to more than 9. If this is the case, add the two remaining digits together. This is now your number. For example, if you were born on November 17th, then add the following digits: 11 and 17 (1+1+1+7=10). Because 10 must be reduced to arrive at one digit add 1 + 0 = 1. Therefore your “key number” would be 1.

#1 People

Avoid tackling anything new wind up all those unfinished tasks. Visit all those neglected friends and family members. Go slow. You will be feeling emotional; curb those outbursts. You will get through the month easily if you exercise more tolerance than usual.

While being unselfish, check your tendency to be too self-sacrificing. If ideas don't take root most immediately, this is not a time to force them. Be loving but avoid over-involving yourself. Balance all aspects. If you don't, you could find yourself in a minor scrape.

#2 People

Now is a propitious time to start new projects. Think independently. Make plans now for financial freedom and good health. There is likely to be some tension this month, so watch your temper. This will be aided by going away. In the last half of the month, a surprise will be had; weddings and christenings will be much in evidence. Watch some good drama.

Bite the bit that presents itself to you; utilize well. A good month for opportunities, though things could be hampered if you over-indulge in wishful thinking.

#3 People

Don't be Cautious about following impulses. Practical opportunities should present themselves to you. Your self-confidence could be at an all time high; you will find yourself receiving both social and professional recognition. Things will be more difficult in the third and fourth weeks, so move fast early in the month. Older people will play an important role.

You will find yourself to be the life of the party, but beware of frittering time away. Gossip will get you into trouble if indulged in this month.

#4 People

Approach this month in low gear. Keep socializing less frantic than usual. Mix with both the young and the older. Guard against loss and you may make substantial gains. Be generous with your time to those in need of your attention.

This period of time should be spent taking stock; if possible, get away. Avoid those with nervous dispositions. A relationship could be endangered if poise and patience are abandoned for self-pity. You could find yourself being your most charming if the
tension is kept under wraps.

#5 People

Keep a low profile. Now is the time to deal with the fundamentals, however boring this may seem. Your budget is in need of attention. All that is achieved now will have a lasting effect on the nature of your whole year. You find your temper flaring up, notably when you are interrupted from the task at hand; be forewarned and thus prepared against outbursts.

Console yourself with the fact that this time will provide you with a smooth passage through the rest of 2015 and that jollier times are on the horizon. Guard against narrow-mindedness.

#6 People

This Month will be high powered for you. Be poised and diplomatic with those around you. There will be many elements of surprise at this time, most of them welcome. Promotion is a possibility, perhaps stemming from efforts made during January. Keep the mind wide open to changes. Make sure to establish, with self and others, exactly what you want. Spend free time listening to music or reading philosophy, if so inclined. Be resourceful in new predicaments, which are likely to arise now. Beware of excess.

#7 People

This month is a strongly domestic time. Cook, clean launder and mend, trivial though it may seem. Spend more time than usual with loved ones. Harmonize all aspects of your life; this will come easily to you if you employ the ease and poise that come to readily to you.

Watch your diet as excess weight will more easily procured than usual. Avoid signing any documents if possible. Put business on the long finger and devout yourself to the home front. Slow down and check any tendency to be wasteful.

#8 People

This is a time to pour calm on all those troubled waters, your own and others. You may find others draining your resources, particularly the eldest of your circle. Money has more than ever a tendency to leave your pocket. Be very cautious, especially with credit cards. The month has little physical substance. Make a change in your approach to routine in the last half of the month. Clear that correspondence, and make time for improving your personal appearance. Romance is a strong possibility.

#9 People

Be practical in your approach to everything. Tackle predicaments from a new angle. Financial matters are in need of your attention now. Be careful not to neglect the domestic scene. Resolve any matters pertaining to last month.

In practical matters, steam ahead, personal ones have to wait. Give yourself full recognition for all that you achieved as others may not. Make use of efficient allies in the world of business. Look into your personal budget and insurance matters now. Capital investments may need rethinking.

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