Thursday, April 26, 2007

A little love goes a long way

Lisa Scottline, Linda Fairstein, and Jon Gilman
Linda Fairchild, Karen Pearl, Ina Garlen, Frank Rich, and Lisa Scottline
Jamee Gregory, John Demsey, Rachel Smith (Miss USA 2007), Cynthia Lufkin, and Frederique von der Wal joined best selling authors Linda Fairstein, Ina Garten, Frank Rich, Lisa Scottoline, and Harlen Coben to support the work of God’s Love We Deliver a week ago Tuesday at the Rainbow Room for the 4th annual Authors in Kind Literary Luncheon. Authors each signed copies of their latest books and and spoke during the luncheon.  Nearly 300 attended Ms. Garten was interviewed by Stephen Drucker, Editor-in-Chief of House Beautiful.

Nearly 300 attended, and they raised more than $200,000 was raised from ticket and book sales. Funds raised will be used to provide meals and nutritional counseling for people living with HIV/AIDS and other serious life-altering illnesses.  Mikimoto (America) Co. Ltd. donated a stunning South Seas cultured pearl and sapphire pendant for a raffle prize at the luncheon, and also provided a gift for each of the authors.  Each of the luncheon guests also received a gift from Mikimoto and M•A•C Viva Glam. The M•A•C AIDS Fund is God’s Love We Deliver’s 20th Anniversary Lead Corporate Partner.
Betty Gilman, Brad Learmonth, and Jon Gilman
Debby Landesman and Frank Rich
Dan Rizzo, Miss USA Rachel Smith, William Thomas, and Susan Tennant
David Ludwigson and Frank Rich
Karen Pearl, Miss USA Rachel Smith, William Thomas, and Jamee Gregory
Susan Tennant, William Thomas, Karen Pearl, and Dan Rizzo
Miss USA Rachel Smith and Frederique von der Wal
Kelly Bensimon
Raven and Barbara Rubel
Dara Bush and Dan Rizzo
Elaine Fabricant and Karen Pearl
Eugenie Rouffel and Chet Harrell
Susan Tennant, Dan Rizzo, Linda Fairstein, William Thomas, Frank Rich, and Lisa Scottline
William Thomas and Karen Pearl
Linda Fairstein and Chet Harrell
Eugene Hummel
Victor and Kathleen Zammit
Miss USA Rachel Smith, William Thomas, and Jamee Gregory
Stephen Drucker and Ina Garten
Cleavage -- or its design result in the necklines of women's dresses, decolletage -- is nothing new in fashion. For centuries women have charmed, astonished and titillated with indications of the sexy shapeliness. From the 18th century court at Versailles to the blonde bombshells of television and film in the last half century, it has brought fame and fortune and at times a resplendent notoriety. Ladies in society have always acknowledged its generous flattery, and the wittiest of them have demonstrated its chic.

An historic example of its chic: actress and socialite Dina Merrill in a black crepe evening dress with a short train inspired by John Singer Sargent’s “Madame X,” designed by Luis Estevez in 1960.

Estevez, known as “King of necklines” referred to the dress as “Classy and classic.”
Best Décolletage?
Annalise Peterson
Peggy Siegal
Rachel Roy
Andrea Correale
Gillian Miniter
Nina Griscom
Katherine Matta
Ally Hilfiger
Cornelia Guest

Bernie Marcus, Jane Elfers, and Richard Baker
Last Wednesday night a week, Jane Elfers, CEO of Lord & Taylor, and Richard Baker, CEO of NRDC, hosted Bernie Marcus, founder of the Georgia Aquarium. Lord & Taylor was celebrating the unveiling of its summer windows themed “Lord & Taylor Makes Waves,” inspired by the spectacular Georgia Aquarium where the store’s summer catalogue was shot.

Mr. Marcus was especially honored at the dinner his generosity on bestowing a gift of $250 million (!!) for the cost of the aquarium.

The dinner was held at Del Posto at 85 Tenth Avenue. Guests included Nicole Miller, Bud Knoheim, Meredith Melling Burke, Harold Koda, Laura Poretzky, Yoehlee Teng, LaVelle Olexa and Kenneth Greenfield, Jim Fallon, Renee Webin, Charla Lawhon, Paul Wilmot and Stephanie George.
Bernie Marcus and Richard Baker
Bud Konheim and Stephanie George
Renee Werbin and LaVelle Olexa
Jane Elfers, Renee Werbin, and Nicole Miller
Laura Poretzky, Jane Elfers, Meredith Melling Burke, and Kate Doerge
Meredith Melling Burke and Yoehlee Teng
Ken Greenfield and LaVelle Olexa
Bernie Marcus toasting the guests
Bud Konheim, Kate Doerge, and Peter Elfers
Top right: Nicole Miller, Paul Wilmot, and Meredith Melling Burke. Above, right: Rosemary Feitelberg, Yoehlee Teng, Renee Werbin, and Harold Koda.
Michael Morris, Renee Werbin, and Bernie Marcus
Yoehlee Teng, Paul Wilmot, and Charla Lawhon
Also last Wednesday night in New York, the Society for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Care Center held a kick-off cocktail reception at Mish's shop (on East 70th and Lexington) for the Society’s upcoming 10th annual Awards for Excellence to be held on May 16. On that evening, at the Rainbow Room, they will be honoring Richard I. Beattie for corporate leadership, Larry Norton MD for Medicine and Mort Zuckerman for Philanthropy. Constance Casey and Dr. Harold Varmus are honorary chairs. Chairs are Mrs. Roman Martinez IV and Mrs. Benjamin Rosen.

Committee members include: Lindsey Andrews, Marc Biron, Wendy Breck, Chesie Breen, Leslie Coleman, Katie Colgate, Mary Davidson, Joanne de Guardiola, Natalie Leeds Leventhal, Derek and Nicole Limbocker, Jeanette Loeb, Helena and Roman Martinez, Barbara and Kevin McLaughlin, Tina and Steve McPherson, Chris Meigher, Amanda Meigher. Gillian Miniter, Marisa Arredondo, Muffie Potter Aston, Patrice Bell, Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler, Anne and John Pyne, Vera Safai, Christina and Sean Smith, Dale Sudakoff, Mrs. Zach Taylor, Alan Washkowitz, Bradley Clair, Kimberly Flaster, Mrs. Robert Gardiner, Miss Slater Gray, Alexia Hamm Ryan, Gail Hilson, Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Jones, Dr. Sheldon Latos, Heather and Tom Leeds, Mr.and Mrs. Sherlock Hackley, Karen and Tony May, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDonnell, Claudia Overstrom, Tatiana Papanicolaou and Thorne Perkin, Caroline Perkin, Leslie Perkin and Helen Whalen.

Tables of 10 are $12,500 to $50,000 and Individual Tickets $1,250 to $5,000. A Limited number of Junior Tickets are available from $500. For further information and to purchase tickets please call the Society Office at (212) 639-7972 or email Olivia Striffler at
Eugenie Niven and Nicole Limbocker
Joanne de Guardiola
Helena Martinez and Helena Martinez
Kristina and Shean Smith
Mary Davidson and Muffie Potter Aston
Mish and Helena Martinez
Wendy Breck and Amanda Meigher
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
Leslie Jones and Mish
Mish and Vera Safai

Photographs by ©Patrick McMullan
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