Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ABT, El Museo, Bomb magazine, and Colette

Caroline Zerah, Jay Dubiner, and Tania Lerner
Claudia Overstrom, Marina Purcell, and Susannah Kagan
Last Wednesday night at the Park Avenue apartment of Blair Husain, American Ballet Theatre’s Junior Council celebrated the upcoming exciting Metropolitan Opera House season with a cocktail reception for ABT and its dancers. The season opens on May 14th with the 67th annual Spring Gala.

Guests included: Claudia Overstrom, Asha Talwar, Daniel Cappello, Gervaise Gerstner, Nancy Sambuco, Chris Lentz, Lance Reindhardt, Susannah Kagan, Marina Purcell, David Ford, Ashley Melone, Suzannah Smith, Mimi Hills, Peter Lyden, Emily Reifel, Ellie Berlin and Caroline Zerah.  With ABT Dancers Yuriko Kajiya, Jeffrey Golloday, Adrienne Schulte and Marian Butler.

American Ballet Theatre’s 2007 Spring Gala is sponsored by Carolina Herrera Ltd., First American Title Insurance Company of New York, GRAFF, Griffon Corporation, Tivia and Richard Kramer, La Prairie and RexCorp Realty. Countrywide Financial is the National Sponsor of American Ballet Theatre.  Superfund Asset Management, Inc. and Northern Trust are the sponsors of ABT’s Metropolitan Opera House Season. For more information please visit
Anastasia Coleman, Peter Lyden, and Blair Husain
Benette Chen, Yuriko Kajiya, and Adrienne Schulte
Danielle Mastrangelo, Ashley Melone, and Emily Weiss
Danielle Mastrangelo, Jeffrey Golladay, and Ashley Melone
Ellie Berlin, Peter Lyden, and Adrienne Schulte
Gervaise Gerstner, and Katherine Leahy and friends
Grace Kaynor and Phillip Reeser
Fernanda Gilligan, Jeff Caldwell, Stephanie LaCava, Daniel Cappello, and Talwar Asha
Jen Murray, Emily Reifel, and Dave Dipaolo
Lance Reinhardt and David Ford
Lynne Bermont, Anne Ford, Amy Brown, and Meghan Davis
Marina Purcell, Claudia Overstrom, and Mimi Hills
Sarah Gregg and Chris Lentz
Lane Peters and Sarah McClure
Marian Butler, Yuriko Kajiya, Adrienne Schulte, and Jeffrey Golladay
Nancy Sambuco and Suzannah Smith
Prakash Melwani and Simone Mailman
Tova Berger, Jennifer Holmes, and Joanna Rob
Last Wednesday night at the Carolina Herrera Boutique on Madison Avenue and 75th Street, El Museo held a cocktail reception for the “unveiling” of the Designers’ Masks for their upcoming gala. Carolina Herrera is the honorary chair of the gala. Gala chairs are Yaz and Valentin Hernandez and Isabel and Ruben Toledo. Journal Chairs are Jackie Bird, Vilma Vale Brennan and Cristina Roig Morris. Junior Committee Chairs are Mayra Hernandez, Jana Pasquel and Samantha Thompson.

Among those designers attending: Gustavo Arango, Dennis Basso, Carlos Campos, Maria Cornejo, Eric Javits, Nicole Miller,Liliana Casabal, Francisco Costa, Cathie Hardwick, Victor Costa, Louis Dell'Olio, ·Cathy Hardwick, Calvin Klein, Robert Lee Morris, Giles Mendel, Angel Sanchez, Heidi Schuster, Michael Vollbract, Diane von Furstenberg, Kohle Yohannan, Patrick McDonald, Gemme Kahng and Istvan Francer.
Caridee English and Carlos Campos
Carolina Herrera and Yaz Hernandez
Christina Vita Coleman
Evett Donato and Gemma Kahng
Carolina Herrera and Robert Lee Morris
Helle Jeppsson
Gustavo Arango and Patrick McDonald
Joanna Faria and Fernando Diez Barroso
Joanne de Guardiola
Janna Pasquel
Jim Shi and Jennifer Raznick
Eric Javits and Andrea Karambelas
Patricia Harteneck and Helmut Wieser
Cathy Hardwick, Louis Dell'Olio, and Jacquelie Dell'Olio
Louis Dell'Olio, Jacquelie Dell'Olio, Cathy Hardwick, and Michael Vollbracht
Susan and John Gutfreund
Sam Thompson
Valentin and Yaz Hernandez
Lucia Amaroon, Yaz Hernandez, and Phoebe Gubelmann
Heidi Schuster
Whitney Wolfe, Sarah Wolfe, and Karry Berrebe
Melba Ruffo Di Calabria, Tony Bechara, Yaz Hernandez, Janna Pasquel, and Munnu

Last Tuesday, BOMB magazine celebrated its 26th Anniversary with an (art) star studded dinner and silent art auction set amid blossoming wisteria at The Park restaurant in Chelsea.

Editor-in-Chief Betsy Sussler thanked Board chair Tim Nye; Gala Co-Chairs Michèle Gerber Klein, Erika Klauer, Virginia Cowles Schroth, and Brent Sikkema and Young Collectors Chair Bree Jeppson.

Alex Katz, at the event with his wife and muse Ada, introduced Honoree Irving Sandler (art historian) while Gary Tinterow, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Met, toasted honoree artist Kara Walker. Both Walker and Sandler were presented with “Pink Bomb” awards created by sculptor Tom Otterness.

Among those attending: Steve Martin with Anne Stringfield; (The movie star won three out of the four BOMB cover paintings by Ellen Berkenblit in the silent auction.) Jo Carol Lauder, Agnes Gund, Gabriella de Ferrari, Melva Bucksbaumand Ray Learsy and George Negroponte; artists Ellen Phelan,James Rosenquist,Eric Fischl, April Gornik, David Salle, Vik Muniz, Joel Shapiro, Wangechi Mutu, Philip Taaffe, Pat Steir, Paul Pfeiffer, Joyce Kozloff; writers Patrick McGrath, Mike Wallace, Lynn Tillman, Francine Prose, Frederic Tuten, Max Kozloff, Estrellita and Daniel Brodsky; and top gallery directors Michael Jenkins; Marian Goodman, Alice and Paul Judelson (I-20), Janis Cecil (Marlborough) and Anton Kern.
Alice Judelson and Charles Scheips
Ada Katz and Roberto Juarez
Michele Gerber Klein and Vik Muniz
Other bidders and diners included Rose Lee Goldberg and Dakota Jackson, Jane Gullong, Dorothy Lichtenstein, James R. Hedges IV, Marla Prather and Jonathan Schiller, Mimi Thompson, Isabel Stainow Wilcox, Steven Learner, David Nolan, Carolyn Newhouse, Michelle Marie and Jon Heinemann, Will Ryman, Tina Barney, Natvar and Janet Bhavsar, Roberto Juarez and Charlie Scheips.

The silent auction offered works by over fifty famous artists including Jasper Johns, Philip Taaffe, Tony Oursler, Amy Sillman, Barbara Kruger and Pat Steir.

The evening raised over $350,000 for BOMB to continue its mission of publishing interviews and essays in which emerging and established artists can speak openly about their work.
Steve Martin
Michele Marie and Jon Heinemann
Joel Shapiro
Janis Cecil, Will Ryman, and Betsy Sussler
Gaby Palmieri, Melissa Siebel, and Josh Schiller
Alex Katz and Irving Sandler
Eric Fischl and Kara Walker
Ray Learsy and Elyse Goldberg
Chai Vasaraheli and Jack Turner
Chris Burnside and Amber Shields
Klaus Kertess and Mary-Ann Monforton
Lee Nolan and Steven Lerner
Madeline Weinrib and Peter Fleissig
Deborah Grant, Rico Gatson, and Amy Mackie
Mary-Ann Monforton, Gerald Slota, and Katherine Matta
Natvar and Janet Bhavsar
Michael Jenkins and Janaina Tschape
PK Ramani and Sasha Chavchavadze
Nancy Portnoy
Tina Bradley
Paul Judelson
Karen Braven, Edward Nahem, and John Lee
Tom Kirby, Amy Anton, and Matt Casey
Art lovers and fans of the multi-media artist Colette congregated at the opening of her show ApARTment at the HPGPR Gallery at 32-36 Little West Twelth Street. Next door is the boutique Destination, where gowns and artwork, created during Colette’s Bavarian adventure when she posed as Countess Reichenbach, are on display.

The mix was uptown and downtown socialites, collectors, artists, bankers, fashion victims, poets, young and old, rich and poor radical and conservative.

This exhibition is up until May 12th. It is Colette’s fifth show in the past year alone. The difference from her November show -- of magnetic commissioned portraits at Vivian Horan’s luxurious gallery on the posh Upper East Side -- is striking.
Alessandra Spivy Anderson, Colette, and Jacques Spivy
Claire Feldman
The theme “home as art” is a recurring one for Colette and ApARTment deals with the subject in a most enchanting way. The gallery has been transformed into an “inner sculpture” –a dream world of artworks, photographs, paintings, sculptures and artifacts and furniture from her own bedroom amidst clothing from her famous closets. There are dresses, high heels shoes, gloves and hats.

At the opening: HPGPR Gallery owner Taka, who flew in from Tokyo with his wife and family; the gallery’s director Shuhei Yamatani; photographer Chris von Hohenberg; MoMA’s Alessandra Spivy Anderson (author); artists Michelle Marie, Kathie Burkardt, Larry Miller and Barneby Ruhe; Princess Ismane, who flew in from Italy for the event; Walter Robinson, Adrian Danett; Peter Frank; Baird Jones; Larry Quallis; Ed Rubin; poet and publisher Michale Andre; Caroline Stern; Marianne Gill; Burkardt Ekelman from Duseldorf; Arnie Zimmerman; Aziz; Jacques Spivy; Art Net’sBryan McConnville; Pryor Dodge; The Walsh Foundation’sDennis Elliot Sharp and The International Children Workshop’s Jackie Marlis.Also, there was John and Katrin Helpern, David Slackin, Sarah Siegel, Walter Robinson, Michael Andre, Claire Feldman, Christoper and Andrew McNeur, Liz Derringer, Sally Anderson. Roger Webster, Federico Suro, Judith Chusid, Jon Heinemann, Victoria Moran, and Jason Grant.

There is a waiting list for people who are seeking to acquire her commissioned portraits. Quoting January’s artnet, “Word to the savvy hedge fund collector, ‘snag yourself one of Colette’s flamboyant portraits.’”
Liz Derringer
Arnie Zimmerman
David Slackin
Colette and Taka, owner of HGRP Gallery
Federico Suro and Taka's daughter
Princess Esmane
Sarah Siegel and Colette
John and Katrin Helpern
Barnaby Rhue
Roger Webster and Colette
Sally Anderson
Christoper McNeur, Pryor Dodge, and Marianne Gill
Chris von Hohenberg and Colette with friends
Cothes in window
Michelle Marie and Jon Heinemann
Colette's closet
Colette's Apartment

Photographs by Patrick McMullan (ABT & El Museo); Roger Webster & Colette (Colette).
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