Monday, March 5, 2007

Celebrating The Frick and the Loebs

Alexis Bryan
Angel Sanchez & Modeled Collection
Two of the best parties in town last week were the Lehman family’s book party celebrating the publication of the book “Lots of Lehmans: the family of Mayer Lehman of Lehman Brothers” and the Young Fellows of The Frick. The Winter Ball is one of the best parties of the season in New York, taking place in Mr. Frick’s beautiful mansion filled with masterpieces, men in black tie and lots of beautiful young New York women dressed to knock ‘em dead. More than 600 attended and they raised more than $100,000 for the Educational programs at The Frick.
Anait Bain and Jared Clark
Andrew and Kathy Thomas with Alexandra Lind Rose and Louis Rose
Alison Minton and James Killerlane
Alexandra Lebenthal, Melissa Berkelhammer, and Kim Hicks
Byrdie Bell and Mark Gilbertson
Kipton Cronkite and Adriana Archer
Gabriel Rivera, Samantha Platner, and Christian Cota
Melissa Brown, Gillian Miniter, Angel Sanchez, Dayssi Kanavos, and Adelina Wong Edelson
Kloe Korby, Justin Belmont, and Caroline Rowley
Lydia Fenet and friend
Lydia Fenet and Martha Loring
Matthew Hemsley and Dana Waisberg
Jane Shull, Lydia Fenet, and Adriana Archer
Marina Rust Connor, Nathalie Gerschel Kaplan, and Marianna Sabater
Maria Eugenia Arria, Angel Sanchez, and Karina Correa Maury
Samantha Platner and Victoria Rotenstreich
Lauren du Pont, Lydia Fenet, and Tinsley Mortimer
Vanne Aaron and Tony Braddock
Marina Rust Connor and Tinsley Mortimer
Mariana Sabater, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, Lydia Fenet, Tinsley Mortimer, Marina Rust Connor, Martha Loring, and Nathalie Gerschel Kaplan
Mariana Sabater, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, Lydia Fenet, Tinsley Mortimer, Angel Sanchez, Marina Rust Connor, Martha Loring, Nathalie Gerschel Kaplan, and Lauren du Pont
Stephen Sans, Gillian Miniter, Elizabeth Finkle, Alison Minton, and James Killerlane
The book about Mayer Lehman is really about the lives of Mayer and Babette Lehman, founders of the branch of the family that is now made up of several families and hundreds of descendents, many of whom possess other names just as distinguished as Lehman. More than 100 of the couple’s descendents and their spouses and children congregated at the Museum of Jewish Heritage last Wednesday night for a joyous celebration that was above a family reunion.
Ambassador John Loeb Jr., June Bingham Birge, and Robert Morgenthau
Ben Morgenthau, Robert P. Morgenthau, and Joan Morgenthau Bright
Ambassador John Loeb Jr. and Rabbi Ron Sobel
Howard Rossbach and Kenneth Libo
Edgar Bronfman and Adam Bronfman
Claudia Meyers, Ambassador John Loeb Jr, Sherry Bingham Downes, and June Bingham Birge
Irving Straus, Lucinda Morgenthau, Robert Morgenthau, and Anna Straus
Judy Chiara, Ambassador John Loeb Jr., Anne Bronfman, and Arthur Loeb
Sharon Handler, Martin Lehman, and Maureen McCloskey Oxenberg
Anne Bronfman and Edgar Bronfman
Anna Pettersson and Nicholas Loeb
Ken Libo and Ambassador John Loeb Jr.
Robert Morgenthau, Robert Morgenthau, and Jenny Morgenthau
William Bernhard, Robert Morgenthau, June Bingham Birge, and Ambassador John Loeb Jr.
Martin Lehman and Joanne Sobel
Ricardo Fernandez
Natalie and Taran Davies
Nicholas Loeb, Anna Peterson, Alexandra Lobe Driscoll, and Joe Driscoll
Robert Sobel and Eli Evans

Photographs by ©Patrick McMullan