Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Great chefs and great film

Tom Colicchio and Ruth Reichl
Josh and Lori Capon
Fashion foodies turned out for the Great Chefs Dinner 2007 at Lure Fishbar in SoHo. They honored the late Jeff Salaway and raised funds for the Hayground School Scholarship Fund and the School’s unique program, Jeff’s Kitchen. Jeff was the much loved co-founder of the progressive Bridgehampton school and owner of East Hampton’s internationally famed Nick & Toni’s Restaurant with his wife Toni Ross.

Lure Fishbar owners John McDonald and Josh Pickard along with chef Josh Capon made room in their kitchen for a dozen of the New York’s superstar chefs, their sous chefs and student apprentices from the school to prepare an exquisite multi-course dinner accompanied by the finest wines selected by wine expert Michael Cinque.

The evening was hosted by Gourmet Magazine editor Ruth Reichl and restaurateurs Drew Nieporent, Roy Scheider and Toni Ross. Among the guests: Isabella Rossellini, Livingston Taylor, Stuart and Vicki Match Suna, Susan Ringo, Lizz Salaway, Scott and Neil Kraft, Donna Imbarrato, Caroline Lieberman, Ann Watt, Philippe Cheng, Liz Bertsch, Steve Bashara, Herbert Gould, Anna Pump, Sybille and Gerrit Van Kempen, Rob Weisenthal, Scott O’Neil, Janice Pfund, Joni and Christopher Fischer, Peter and Harry Poulakakos, Joann Picozzi, Carole and Bob Daly, Charles Merinoff, Marilyn and Stewart Werner and Carole and Arthur Maslow.

The stellar lineup of culinary masters, many longtime friends of Jeff, included Rebecca Charles Pearl Oyster Bar, Tom Colicchio of Craft Restaurants, and Top Chef host, Claudia Fleming of The North Fork Table and Inn, Larry Forgione of An American Place and An American Café St. Louis, Michael Huynh of Mai House, Marc Meyer of 5 Points, Cookshop, and Provence, Joseph Realmuto of Nick & Toni’s Restaurants, Dan Silverman of Lever House, Aaron Sanchez of Paladar and Centrico Restaurant, Toshio Tomita of Nobu Restaurant, Laurent Tourondel of BLT Restaurants, and Miche Bacher of Sacred Sweets with Hayground student chefs who created and served dessert.
Ann and Drew Nieporent
Chloe Sonnefeld, Lucie Imbarrato, and Sara Salaway
Claudia Fleming
Harry and Peter Poulakakos
Josh Capon
Donna and Lucie Imbarrato
Nancy Robb and Lukas Weinstein
Josh McDonald and Josh Pickard Lure
Mark Ross, Carol Maslow, and Toni Ross
Hayground students
Drew Nieporent and Herbert Gould
Toshio Tomita and Drew Nieporent
Aaron Sanchez, Michael Huynh, Toshio Tomita, Toni Ross, and Drew Nieporent
Lizz Salaway, Isabella Rossellini, Toni Ross, and Anna Pump
Beth Lamden and Mark Smith
Marc Meyer and Vicki Freeman
Scott Kraft, Donna Imbarrato, Edward Callaghan, and Susan Ringo
Caroline Lieberman
Drew Nieporent and Tom Colicchio
Livingston Taylor
Christopher and Joni Fischer
Josh Pickard with Lori and Josh Capon
James Humphreys, Amy Churgin, Karen Danick, and John Wegorzewski
Stuart and Vicki Match Suna
Stefi Goldberger, Lizz Salaway, and Mother Agnes Salaway
The great chefs
Tom Colicchio, Stuart Match Suna, Ruth Reichl, Joe Realmuto, Claudia Fleming, and Larry Forgione
Tom Colicchio, Ruth Reichl, and Larry Forgione
Ruth Reichl, Richard Perlman, and Marc Meyer
Student Chefs with Miche Bacher and Neil Kraft

Hot invitations. “A galaxy of stars,” someone said in describing the crowd at The Cinema Society’s special screening of Zodiac. Names. Actually it’s amazing what Andrew Saffir, CS’s founder, draws to his screening evenings. Or I should say “who.” On this particular night it was the likes of: Bono, Joaquin Phoenix, Tim Robbins, Patricia Clarkson, Willem Dafoe, David Schwimmer, Debbie Harry, Helena Christensen, Terry George, Darren Aronofsky, Bart Freundlich, Elizabeth Berkley, Moby, Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader, Rob Thomas, Petra Nemcova, Rufus Wainwright, Frederique Van Der Wal, Damon Dash and Rachel Roy. I mean, gawd; that’s a very impressive array of star talent and celebrity. It would be even for a Hollywood screening.

And why, and how? I can only offer Mr. Saffir as explanation. He’s a showman and a very conscientious and sensitive host. His guests get to see a good picture, in the company of the creators, in the company of its stars, in the company of each other, in the company of people who are social in New York. And a good dinner afterwards, all rolled out seemingly effortlessly. That’s the Andrew Saffir treatment.

Meanwhile, the screening that provoked this paean was Zodiac, from theacclaimed director David Fincher. It is based on the Robert Graysmith book about the notorious Zodiac killer in San Francisco in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Mr. Graysmith was also on hand for the screening (which was sponsored by GQ magazine) at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, as were the film’s stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Elias Koteas. Of course they were showered with raves (as was the film). Everybody loves a winner and being in the same room with three of its stars, intime, is not a bad way to spend an evening in New York, no matter who you are.

Following the screening, the bedazzled and the constellations headed to the Soho Grand Hotel for the supper. Mr. Saffir and GQ’s Jim Nelson welcomed a crowd that also included the beautiful Lydia Hearst, Yfke Sturm, James Lipton, Loren Dean, Lauren Dupont, Bee Shaffer, Rufus Albemarle, Debbie Bancroft, Robert Zimmerman, Ghislaine Maxwell, Daniel Benedict, Marjorie Gubelmann, Ann Jones, Jackie Astier, Peter Davis, Allison Sarofim, and Bettina Zilkha and others of that ilk.
Jake Gyllenhaal
Willem Dafoe
Ann Dexter-Jones
Bill Hader
Debbie Bancroft
Damon Dash
David Schwimmer
Deborah Harry
Elias Koteas
Bee Shaffer
Patricia Clarkson
Lydia Hearst
Frederique Van Der Wal
Greg Lauren and Elizabeth Berkeley
James Lipton
Daniel Benedict, Marjorie Gubelmann Raein, and Greg Colejo
Helena Christensen and Andrew Saffir
Lauren Dupont and Allison Sarofim
Mark Ruffalo
Petra Nemcova
Tim Robbins
Rufus Albemarle
Rufus Waiwright
Marisol and Rob Thomas
Tim Robbins and Willem Dafoe
Jake Gyllenhaal and Jim Nelson
Rachel Roy and Andrew Saffir
Peter Davis and Bettina Zilkha
Caroline Berthet, Daniel Benedict, and Jackie Astier
Mark Ruffalo, Patricia Clarkson, and Terry George

Photographs by Patrick McMullan (Cinema); Joe Corrigan (Great Chefs).