Monday, April 9, 2007

Hoppin' down the Bunny Trail & The Boy’s Town of Italy

Dinner at The Boy’s Town of Italy's 62nd annual “Ball of the Year”
Ole Peter Cottontail came hoppin' down the Bunny Trail last week at Doubles, the private club in the Sherry Netherland Hotel. He left hundreds of eggs on the big grassy quad set up in the middle of what is ordinarily the club’s dance floor. It was Easter Egg Square. Remember those days; the wonder of the painted eggs? (ever try to eat one? Ewwww, no?) But magical to look at (while chomping on a chocolate bunny). It was a family affair in an Easter Village square complete with a white picket fence, big bunnies, duckies and pastel tinted streamers.

Blair Hussein
brought Hannah and Harris; Claudia Overstrom brought Gunner and Taylor; Isabel Tonelli with Sophia and Alexia; and Denise Saul with her granddaughter Caroline Yaffa. Also: Jack, Tom and Shabnam Henry; Coco and Cornelia Carragher; Christina, Sascha, Amelia and Chris Gatti; Sophia and Clarita Fodor; Matthew, Cortland, Anastasia and Annick Coleman; Christine and Annabel Graham; Carmen, Sophia and Ana Beatriz Slade; Paige, Basil and Bennett Hardy; Pilar, David and Maryellen Cundey. Not to mention Barrett Pickett, Anna Marie Perez, Max and Nick Yale, Libby and Liz Mather.
Caroline Yaffa and her grandmother Denise Saul
Isabel Tonelli and Anna Marie Perez
Jack and Shabnam Henry
Sophia and Clarita Fodor
Harrison Hussein
Matthew, Kara, and Karolina Fic
Cortland, Anastasia, and Annick Coleman
Paige, Basil, and Bennett Hardy with Wendy Carduner and Barrett Pickett
Carmen and Sophia Slade
Christine and Annabel Graham
Ana Beatriz Slade
Gunner and Taylor Overstrom
Sascha Gatti
Harris, Hannah and Blair Hussein
Christina, Sascha, Amelia, and Chris Gatti
The Boy’s Town of Italy held its 62nd annual “Ball of the Year” two Fridays ago on March 30th with a dinner at the Pierre. Boy’s Town of Italy is a charity operating in Rome which is committed to aiding underprivileged children from around the world. It’s mission began with helping the homeless, hungry children, orphans of the war so that they could develop into responsible citizens.

They honored Patti LaBelle, Ben Gazzara, Peter F. Vallone Sr., Dr. Paula A. Moynahan, Cav. Amato L. Berardi. Rosanna Scotto emceed the star-studded evening.
Carmen Dell 'Orefice and Lilliane Montevecchi
Fabio Granato and Valentina Brungnoli
Grace Ianucci and Brother Diadamo
Elke and Ben Gazzara
Mercedes Ellington
Peter Vallone and Peter Vallone Jr.
Dr. Paula Moynahan
Lee Mellis and Dana Dellavalle
Denise and Larry Wohl
Peter Duchin
Carmen Dell' Orefice, Tommy Tune, and Lilliane Montevecchi
Patti Labelle and Catherine Saxton
Rosanna Scotto, Patti Labelle, and Denise Rich
Peter Vallone and Amato L. Berardi
Table settings
Gena Rowlands and Ben Gazzara

Photographs by Cutty McGill (Easter); Rob Rich/516-676-3939 (Boy's Town).