Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Orchids growing wild

Oscar Mora for Valentino
Eric Cohler Design & L'Olivier
Thomas M. Burak Interiors, Ltd.
The Orchid Dinner is an annual event in New York, sponsored by the New York Botanical Garden (and this year in collaboration with House & Garden magazine).

For anyone who loves flowers, or even likes flowers, it’s a fantastic evening of natural beauty and human creativity. This year 30 designers an names from the worlds of fashion, architecture, horticulture, literature, film and food created a theatrical setting of orchid table designs in the Rainbow Room high above Rockefeller Center.

The evening was chaired by that priestess of beautiful interior design (and beautiful life-style), Dominique Browning, the editor-in-chief of HG, along with Fernanda Kellogg, President of the Tiffany & Company foundation, and Joan Khoury, Managing Director of the Bank of New York.

Honorary Chairs for the evening were Mr and Mrs. Philip Miller. The Gala chairs were Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fast and Mrs. and Mrs. Robert Graham Jr.  Decorations Chair was Charlotte Frieze, Garden Editor of House & Garden.

The gala benefited the New  York Botanical Garden’s orchid collections and scientific research, which fosters better understanding and conservation of these precious jewels of the plant kingdom.
Whitney and James Fairchild
Dominique Browning, Robert Rufino, and Naz Tesfit
Gretchen and Gene Grisanti
Philip and Lisa Gorrivan
Elizabeth Stribling and Guy Robinson
Anne Hubbard and Michael Lonergan 
Adrian Benepe
Jennifer Creel and Ellen Deery
Stephanie Krieger
David Beahm with Sherri and Larry Babbio
Nonie Sullivan and John Sullivan 
Dylan Lauren next to her table
John Thain
Donald Young
Dominique Browning, Joe Lagani, Sarah Ferguson, and Charlotte Frieze
Joe Lagani and Cindy Adams
Lisa and Philip Gorrivan
Ellen Deery, Jennifer Creel, and Jill Roosevelt
Dancing the night away
Joan Khoury, Fernanda Kellogg, and Dominique Browning
Ellen Niven, Mark Gilbertson, and Ellen Deery
Gregory Long and friends
Fernanada Kellogg, Kirk Henckels, and Joan Khoury
Ernest de la Torre for Lladró
Mario Nievera
Sylvia Weinstock Cake
Gregory Long, Anne Hubbard, Dominique Browning, Mrs. Nobuko Sakurai, and Ambassador Motoatsu Sakurai, Council General of Japan in New York
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Nolen
Isaac Mizrahi for S. Harris
Dylan Lauren
Sharen and James Benenson, Jr.
Patti Fast
Anne Miller and Julie Graham
Charlotte Frieze and Peter Jones
Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckels
Julie Graham and Philip Miller
Julie Graham, Philip Miller, Patti Fast, and Anne Miller
Friederike Biggs and Mary Davidson
Gregory Long with Carmen and Jonathan Thain
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
Lionel and Dotty Goldfrank
Joan Khoury, Fernanda Kellogg, and John and Molly Garone
Charlotte Frieze, Eric and Patti Fast, Gregory Long, Julie Graham, Robin Graham, Fernanda Kellogg, Dominique Browning, and Joan Khoury

Photographs by Cutty McGill and Neil Rasmus