Monday, September 24, 2007

Parties, openings, luncheons, and galas galore

At Geoffrey Bradfield's "30th year in America" celebration.
Geoffrey Bradfield, the international interior designer, held a celebration marking his "30th year in America." The fete brought out a huge crowd of Bradfield well-wishers who were served by men dressed as Native Americans in full dress.
Clockwise from left: Native American-dressed security at the door; Celso Gonzalez Falla; Eric Javits and Monique van Vooren.
Geoffrey Bradfield and Charles Allem
Tiffany Dubin, Geoffrey Bradfield, and Debbie Bancroft
Katharine Otto Bernstein and Nathan Bernstein
Jude Shearin, Kim Vockel, and friend
Barbara Regna and friend surrounded
Patricia Burnham and Roy Kean
R. Couri Hay and Elise Lelon
Kristina and Arthur Ward
Gillian Fuller and Marjorie Reed Gordon
Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas
Robert and Tamara
Susan Shin and Bebe Neuwirth
Martina Basabe and friend
Geoffrey poses with guests
Renee and Richard Steinberg
Emilio Jimenez and Ingrid with Geoffrey Bradfield
Phil McCarthy, Jim Brodsky, and Fabian Basabe
Judy Price and Roric Tobin
Natalie Pray and Fred Adler
Ara Hovnanian, Ilona Kogan, and Rachel Hovnanian
Scott Moses, Jeff Harner, and Keith Turnipseed
Dr. Howard Bellin, Patricia Burnham, and Jonathan Farkas
Anait Bian and Montgomery Frazier with Maiwenn and Stephen R. Jaussrianeau
Geoffrey Bradfield and Baroness von Langendorff
Monique van Vooren
Amy Fine Collins and Ann Rapp
Wendy Carduner and Geoffrey Bradfield
Margo Langenberg and Natalie Pray
Last Tuesday night, New York City Opera opened its Fall Season with the New York Premiere of Margaret Garner, an exciting new opera with music by Grammy® award winning composer Richard Danielpour and libretto by Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison. Tazewell Thompson directed this all-new production of what is hailed as “a great new American opera.”

This powerful work tells the true – and remarkably neglected – story of Margaret Garner, an enslaved woman who escaped with her family in January 1856.  Faced with capture by federal marshals, 22-year-old Margaret resolved to kill her children to prevent their return to slavery and succeeded in killing her two-and-a-half year old daughter, Mary.  The tumultuous trial that followed gripped the nation and threw into high relief the moral question: was Margaret Garner a person or was she property?  These questions are explored through the unique combination of Ms. Morrison’s poetic libretto and Mr. Danielpour’s bracing musical score.

This special evening began with dinner on the Grand Promenade of the New York State Theater with Toni Morrison and Richard Danielpour, other members of the creative team, as well as luminaries from the contemporary opera world and African American community. Following the performance there was a champagne toast with the cast and creative team.

All proceeds from the Opening Night support City Opera’s mission to produce innovative productions of new and classic work, reach a wide audience with affordable ticket prices, and bring music into the lives of thousands of students each year through its acclaimed education programs in the New York City public schools.
Deborah Roberts, Toni Morrison, and Al Roker
Pamela Thomas-Graham, Susan Baker, and Lawrence Otis-Graham
Jane Gullong and Tracie Luck
Al Roker, Deborah Roberts, Pamela Thomas-Graham, and Lawrence Otis-Graham
Chris Madden and Toni Morrison with Earl and Barbara Graves
Brent Sikkema and Kara Walker
Dennis and Camille LaBarre, and Susan Baker
Mark and Lorry Newhouse
LaChanze and Al Roker
Tamara Tunie and Donna Walker-Kuhne
Tazewell Thompson, Toni Morrison, Richard Danielpour, Billye Williams, and Hank Aaron
Amy Fine-Collins
Taran Lee Swan
Mrs. Aaron, Hank Aaron, Richard Danielpour, Tazewell Thompson, and Mrs. Danielpour
George Manahan and Tracie Luck
Mary and Howard Kelberg with Michael Lynch
The New York Philharmonic  launched its 166th season with their Opening Night Gala and concert last Tuesday night at Avery Fisher Hall (63rd Street and Columbus Avenue.)

Special guest Yo-Yo Ma performed Dvorak’s Carnival Overture cello concerto, symphony no.7. with the New York Philharmonic, under the direction of Music Director Lorin Maazel.

Mr. and Mrs. Efrim G. Greenberg were this year’s event Gala Chairmen. Co-chairmen included Mr. J. Christopher Flowers and Dr. Mary H. White; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Hassell; Mr. and Mrs. Karlheinz Muhr; and global sponsor Credit Suisse.
Adora Ofodile
Anna Nikolayevsky Benton
Barbara and Donald Tober
Brooke and Peter Duchin
Among the guests: Mr. and Mrs. Yo-Yo Ma, Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Maazel, Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Guenther, Mr. and Mrs. Zarin Mehta, Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Ax, Mrs. Shirley S. Bacot, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bartner, Mr. and Mrs. Sid R. Bass, The Honorable Donald Blinken and Mrs. Blinken, Dr. and Mrs. Clemens Börsig, Mr. Greg Case, Countess Yoko Nagae Ceschina, Mr. Michael Cherkasky, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. Toos N. Daruvala, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Duchin, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Durst, Mr. Peter Enns, Ms. Katherine G. Farley, Mr. J. Christopher Flowers and Dr. Mary H. White, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. George, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gerry, Mr. Peter B. Goodrich, Mr. and Mrs. Evan G. Greenberg, Mr. Alan I. Greene, Ms. Sung E. Han-Andersen and Mr. G. Chris Andersen, Mr. and Mrs. Gurnee F. Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Hassell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hekemian, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert E. Kaplan, Mr. Jeffrey B. Kindler and Ms. Sharon Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kissinger, Mr. and Mrs. A. Eugene Kohn, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kovner, Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Kravis, Mr. H. Frederick Krimendahl, II and Ms. Emila A. Saint-Amand, Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. LeFrak, Mr. Kenneth Lipper, Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Peter Löbbe, Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. MacDonald, Mr. Michael MacElhiney, Mr. and Mrs. William J. McDonough, Mr. and Mrs. Karlheinz Muhr, The Honorable Frank N. Newman and Mrs. Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F .Niemeth, Mr. Donald A. Pels and Ms. Wendy Keys, Mr. and Mrs. Itzhak Perlman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Petschek, Mr. and Mrs. Joel I. Picket, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Renyi, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Rosen, Dr. and Mrs. Leon Root, Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Silverstein, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ulrich, Mr. Antonio Ursano, Mr. and Mrs. Stanford S. Warshawsky, Mr. and Mrs. Masamoto Yashiro, Mr. and Mrs. Yasunori Yokote.
Carmen and Zarin Mehta
Avery Fisher Hall, home of the New York Philharmonic
Daisy and Paul Soros
Christina and Alan MacDonald
Diane and Paul Guenther
Donna and Benjamin Rosen
Elizabeth Ballard
Gerald and Agnes Hassell
Karen and Richard LeFrak
Vera and Ambassador Donald Blinken
Rosalind Glaser
Hilary Geary and Wilbur Ross
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
Paula and Leon Root
Sascha Greenberg, J. Christopher Flowers, and Evan G. Greenberg
Karen LeFrak, Gillian Miniter, and Vera Blinken
Guy Robinson and Elizabeth Stribling
Emily Ma, Yo-Yo Ma, and Jill Hornor
Paul Callelo
Patricia Cisneros
Sung Han-Andersen
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Nancy and Henry Kissinger
Post-concert Gala dinner
Cosby and Timothy George
Last Thursday night, Akris, the boutique at 835 Madison (and 69th Street), hosted a kick-off cocktail party for the Whitney Museum of Art’s 2007 Gala and Studio Party “Shades of Gray” honoring Chuck Close.

Among the crowd: Lisa Anastos, CeCe Barfield, Justin Bond, Leonard Lauder, Meredith Melling Burke, Dalia Oberlander, Delia Brown, Melva Bucksbaum, Chuck Close, Tim Hailand, Jim Hodges, Liz Hopfan, Kipton Cronkite, Martin Dawson, Amy Phelan, Nina Runsdorf, Adam Weinberg, Lisa Dennison, Lydia Fenet, Tom Florio, Glenn Fuhrman, Melissa Gellman, Marc and Andrea Glimcher, Amanda Hearst, and Michael Ovitz.
Shauna Brook, Nazy Nazhand, and Gina Rogak
Jessica Nagel and Nick Steele
Kirsten Steglich, Patrick McGregor, and Lisa Anastos
Abigail Golden and Martin Dawson
Lottie Oakley, Meredith Melling Burke, and Emilie Rubinfeld
Karin Luter and John Bossard
Melva Bucksbaum, Leonard Lauder, Chuck Close, and Amy Phelan
Tom Florio, Caroline Brown, Leonard Lauder, Lottie Oakley, and Adam Weinberg
Lisa Anastos and Dalia Oberlander
Lisa Dennison and Amy Phelan
Lydia Fenet and Emilie Rubinfeld
Delia Brown and Raymond Learsy
Lottie Oakley and Tom Florio
Liz Hopfan, Scott Gregorchuk, and Chris Cohen
Michael Ovitz, Melva Bucksbaum, and Chuck Close
Melissa Gellman and Marc Karimzadeh
Liz Swig, Lisa Dennison, and Nina Rumsdorf
Nancy Seltzer and Michele Gerber Klein
Stavros Merjos, Amanda Steck, Jennifer Beerman, and John Phelan
Christina Odelfelt, Jennifer Beerman, Michael Beerman, and Susan Harriot
Alexandra Lebenthal and Maria Bartiromo hosted a luncheon for designer Kim HIcks at Lever House last Monday. The lunch was to introduce Kim and her designs.

Attending were: Alexis Clarke, Amanda Gordon, Lydia Fenet, Rachel Hovnanian Cynthia Lufkin, Michelle Smith, Lisa Belzberg, Judy Byrd Blaylock, Diana Taylor Blythe Masters, Liz Peek, Gilian Miniter Elyse Newhouse, Sabina Schlumberger, Susan Kryzciewicz. The only one who couldn’t make it (and most would agree for a pretty good reason) was co-hostess Bartiromo who had to go to Washington to interview Alan Greenspan.
Alexis Clark, Gillian Miniter, and Elyse Newhouse
Rachel Hovnanian, Susan Kryzciewicz, and Liz Peek
Alexandra Lebenthal and Lisa Belzberg
Alexandra Lebenthal and Rachel Hovnanian
Diana Taylor
Kim Hicks, Sabina Schlumberger, and Alexis Clark
Cynthia Lufkin, Susan Kryzciewicz, Blythe Masters, Alexandra Lebenthal, and Michelle Smith

Photographs by Lauren Peltzman (Bradfield) & (Philharmonic, Lebenthal, & Whitney)

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