Monday, April 9, 2007

The Auto show, a book party, and an anniversary

Under the Dinner Tent at East Side House Settlement’s Gala Preview of the 2007 New York International Auto Show.
Last Thursday night over at the Javits Center, Lexus hosted the East Side House Settlement’s Gala Preview of the 2007 New York International Auto Show. More than 1500 gathered for the special Lexus exhibition and a private preview of the entire auto show, as well as a cocktail reception for the benefit committee and a dinner for the sponsors and benefactors with music provided by society’s DJ Tom Finn.

Trying out the Lexus LS 600h for size
The evening’s highlight (besides the fabulous show) was a live auction conducted by Richard Brierley of Christie’s of a Lexus LS 600 hybrid luxury sedan which is scheduled to arrive in the US this spring.

The evening media sponsor was Esquire Magazine. The event was chaired by Joan Young, Phil Yang and Michael Moreno. The benefit committee was chaired by Blair Voltz Clarke, Marianna Olszewski and Tatiana Platt and they raised more than $750,000 for the East Side House Settlement.

Among those attending: Amy Fine Collins, Evan Yuman, Gillian Miniter, Lydia Fenet, Felicia Taylor, Somers and Jonathan Farkas, Alison Minton, Blair and Alistair Clarke, Alexi Zoullas and Priscilla Azeredo, Bobeette Cohn, Theresa Olszewski, Marianna Zois, Bettina Smith, Jennifer Powers, Di Petroff, Chad Ritchie, Jim Corl, Melissa and Chappy Moreris, Dylan Brown, Joan Young, John Sanchez, Stephen Jacoby, Phil and Maria Yang, Katie and Bill Elder, Campion and Tatiana Platt, Tana Dye, Michael and Betsy Moreno, Mark Schienberg, and Candida Romanelli.
Alexis Zoullas and Priscilla Azeredo
Amy Fine Collins and Flora Collins
Blair Clarke and Caroline Rowley
Blaire Clarke, Stephen Jacoby, and Tatiana Platt
Chappy and Melissa Morris
Dr. Steven Butensky and Di Petroff
Michael and Betsy Moreno
Bobette Cohn
Evan Yurman
Lydia Fenet
Teresa Olszewski and David Tuthill
Joan Young and Phil Yang
John Sanchez and Mark Scheinberg
Marianna Olszewski, Blair Voltz Clarke, and Tatiana Platt
DJ Tom Finn
Candida Romanelli
Gillian Miniter, Tana Dye, and Jennifer Powers
Felicia Taylor
Campion and Tatiana Platt
Katie and Bill Elder
Lydia Fenet
Somers Farkas
Last Wednesday night Denis and Ann Leary and Tom and Lisa Hedley hosted a book party for Dani Shapiro and her “Black and White,” a fictional account inspired by the provocative and controversial photographs Sally Mann took using her children as subjects. Drawing on her own experiences as a child model Ms. Shapiro constructs a compelling tale of art, ambition and famiy, set against the backdrop of the New York downtown art scene.

The Learys and the Hedleys brought out a cross-section of the New York celebrity/arts and letters scene  that gathered at the L&M Arts gallery on East 78th Street, including: Jerry Adler, Paul Auster, Lisa Birnbach, Gina Gershon, Jane Green, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Barbara Goldsmith, Philip Gourevitch, A.M. Homes, Glen Horowitz, Richard Lambertson, Frank McCourt, Judith Miller, Honor Moore, Peter Newman, Tatum O’Neal, Gerald Schoenfeld, John Burnham Schwartz, Lynn Tillman, John Truex, Meg Wolitzer, the cast of Rescue Me and others.
Michael Lombardi, Jerry Adler, Denis Leary, and Daniel Sunjata
Dani Shapiro, Callie Thorne, Amy Sedaris, Andrea Roth, Ann Lagravanese, Ann Leary, Daniel Sunjata, Rosalva Sierra, and Denis Leary
Clockwise from top left: Meg Wolitzer and Lisa Birnbach; Ann Leary, Dani Shapiro, Amy Sedaris, and Callie Thorne; Callie Thorne, Dani Shapiro, Ann Leary, and Amy Sedaris.
Ann Leary, Dani Shapiro, and Denis Leary
Joanna Coles and Peter Godwin
L. to r.: Judith Miller and Dani Shapiro; Ellen and Frank McCourt with Jerry and Joan Adler.

In Mr. J. P. Morgan’s library within the Morgan Library and Museum at Madison Avenue and 36th Street, Michèle Gerber Klein hosted a lively party to celebrate the contributors to BOMB Magazine and announce the publication’s 26th anniversary gala set for April 17th at The Park in Chelsea. Guests included star artist Chuck Close, art historian Irving Sandler (who will be honored along with Kara Walker at the gala), cult film producer Andy Fierberg (Fur starring Nicole Kidman), Pulitzer Prize winner Mike Wallace, best selling author Frederick Tuten (Tintin in the New World), Christian Lacroix muse Marie Martinez, Agnes Gund, Jeffrey Klein, Michel Cox Witmer, Janna and Alexei Bullock, rare books experts Carolyn Alexander and Michael T. Ryan, Bill Jensen, Pulitzer Prize winner Laurie Sheck; MacArthur Genius winners Sarah Ruhl (playwright) and Han Ong, actress Blanche Baker, George Negroponte, Erica Klauer, Alex Lari, Ella Krasner, Tatiana and Campion Platt, Alice and Paul Judelson, Claudia Altman-Siegel, Claudia Aronow, Leslie Camhi, Gabriella de Ferrari, Sylvia de Cuevas, Joe Fyfe, Rashawn Griffin, Shirkey Kanede, Heather Kirby, Aric Mayer, Anthony and Annabell McCall, Ellen Phelan, Joe Zucker, Angeliki Intzides, and Monroe Denton.

BOMB is a non-profit quarterly magazine that publishes essays in which emerging and established artists can speak openly about their work. Started because its early editors saw a disparity between the way artists talked about their work among themselves and the way in which it was described by critics, BOMB aims to reveal, intimately and intellectually, an artist’s creative process through in-depth conversations between peers.
Agnes Gund
Alexei and Janna Bullock
Chuck Close
In support of the magazine, Columbia professor Arthur C. Danto says, “It will always be of inestimable historical value to have provided these intimate glimpses into the personal centers of the creative process.” Columbia’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library is now the permanent home for the BOMB Archives, where artists, students, scholars, and researchers will utilize its holdings to their fullest capacity.

Others enjoying the mix in the historical setting included, ARTnews’s Robin Cembalest, Brian McMullen, Sian Ballen, Charlie Scheips, Mary McKenzie, Christopher Mason, Richard Schurkamp, Lillian Kreppel, Karen Kohler, Gerry McKeon, Iris Smyles, Michelle Clough, Gail Lloyd, Mary Jordan, Anastasia Pappas, Michelle Toulou, Geza Engelschall, David Korsnow, Lauren Cornell, Randall Stempler, Laird Borelli, Fernanda Gilligan, Vlada Krassilnikova, Julie Walker, and Lloyd Grove.

BOMB's 26th anniversary gala will take place on April 17th at The Park on Tenth Avenue.
Annalise Carol and Ivy Tashlik
Joe Zucker and Bratta Leva
Michael T. Ryan and Betsy Sussler
Tatiana and Campion Platt
Carolyn Alexander and Irving Sandler
Michel Witmer and Alice Judelson
Iris Smyles and Frederick Tuten
Aric Mayer and Brian McMullen
Deborah Garwood and Joe Fyfe
Frank Schroder and Mary Heilmann
Meg Malloy and Ellie Bronson
Olivier Renaud-Clement and Anthony Allen
Michele Gerber Klein, Ella Krasner, and Marie Martinez
Betsy Sussler and Dorothy Dunne

Photographs by Joe Schildhorn & Matthew Carasella/© (Auto Show & Bomb)