Sunday, March 18, 2007

The whole town's around, and all over town

The birthday scene at Marty Richard's apartment.
More birthdays. Marty Richards, the film and Broadway producer (“Chicago”) celebrated a birthday on Saturday a week ago at his palatial Upper East Side duplex overlooking the East River. Marty, one of the original Broadway babies, if there ever was one, has had a long and colorful and successful career as a producer. A once-upon-a-time kid from the Bronx with stars in those big eyes, he IS  Mr. Show Business.

Which means if there’s gonna be a party, it’ll be a humdinger. And it was. Besides being a bigtime producer, Marty has also had years of experience as a bigtime party giver. He really opens up his house(s), lays out a superior spread, and fills the place to its gilted rafters. Everyone has a good time at Marty’s. If they don’t, it’s only because they aren’t there.
Hunt Slonem, Scheher Azade, and Rick Friedberg
Larry Rosenthal, Arnie Rosenshein, Larry Wohl, and Frank Rella
Dr. Joel Kassimir and Spencer Kassimir
Nina Goodman and Marty Richards
Elaine Orbach and friend
Carole Shelley and Jack Weatherall
Ted Miller and Randie Levine-Miller
Tom Puccio, Kathy Puccio, Michele Rella, Marty Richards, and Frank Rella
Steve Volita, Gwen Arment, Michael Milton, and Susan Hartley
Marlyne Sexton, Deeda Blair, and Nicole Sexton
Marty Richards, Catherine Saxton, and Mr. Hamburger (that's what we were told, really)
Michael Warren, Marty Richards, and Marcy Warren
Paola Rosenshein, Cornelia Bregman, Denise Wohl, Ramona Singer, and Michele Herbert
Carole and Todd Rome
Marty Richards, Bob Adler, and Deanna Adler
Lauren Day and Bob Roberts
Richard Soloway and Dame Donna Soloway
Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict
Tamara Tunie and Gregory Generet
Peter and Dana Catalano
Marty Richards and Kim Garfunkel
Marty Bregman and Denise Wohl
Lucia Hwong Gordon, Lyn Paulsin, and Jewell Jackson McCabe
Al David, Marty Richards, and Clint Mauro
Marty Richards and Jewell Jackson McCabe
Nikki Haskell and Elaine Kaufman
Debbie Bancroft and Somers Farkas
Kedaki and James Lipton
Meredith Valiando and Marissa Bregman
Nurit Haase and friend
Marcy Warren, Caroline Berthet, Michael Warren, Dan Gallagher, and Maria Teresa Fauci
Cornelia Bregman, L.Marilyn Crawford, and Maria Teresa Fauci
Frank Rella, Al Reynolds, Michele Rella, and Marty Richards
Ed Adler, Marty Richards, Scottie Ryan, and friends
Nick Raynes and Meredith Valiando
David Fiveson and Jewell Jackson McCabe
Geoffrey Thomas and Sharon Sondes
Brian Heir and friend
Ann Keating and Caroline Hirsch
James Nederlander and Margo MacNabb
Al Reynolds, Michele Rella, Maria Teresa Fauci, Marty Richards, and Star Jones
Sabet Hormoz with Kathy and Tom Puccio
The "Happy Wow Marty" birthday cake
Ann Dexter Jones, Marty Richards, Cornelia Bregman, and Marlyne Sexton
Frank and Michele Rella
Marva Hicks, Tamara Tunie, and Star Jones
Mario and Ramona Singer
Lonnie Youngblood
Hot Dog, anyone?
Bruce Richards, Michele Rella, Marty Richards, and Cornelia Bregman
Lonnie Youngblood and Sharon Wilkins
Gregory Generet, Marva Hicks, and Sharon Wilkins
Lucia Hwong Gordon and L. Marilyn Crawford
Chris Sheldon and Brenda Bressler
Marcy Warren and Elke Gazzara
Sharon Wilkins, Star Jones, and Marty Richards
Star Jones and Al Reynolds
Sara Galloway and Star Jones
Michael Milton, Deborah Craig, and Dan Gallagher
Judine Richard and Marty Richards
Judine Richard, Tamara Tunie, Marvet Hicks, and Star Jones
Gregory Generet and Frank Rella
Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC) hosted its Premiere Spring Luncheon last week at the Pierre. The luncheon featured special guest speaker Karenna Gore Schiff, author of "Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America" (Miramax Books, 2006).

A mother, an advocate, a journalist, a lawyer and an author, Ms. Schiff values everything Planned Parenthood holds dear, especially women and their unique role in advocating for gender equality and social and reproductive justice. Also speaking was Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Foundation of America.

In attendance were: Joan Malin, President of Planned Parenthood of New York City, event Co-Chairs Eva Pomice Timerman, Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn, Leslie Harwood Ehrlich, Planned Parenthood of New York City Board Chair Laura Philips, and Board Members Nicole Wachter, Penny Levy, Peggy Danziger, Katie Danziger, Beth Rothenberg, and Mary Lindsay.
Cecile Richards and Joan Malin
Karenna Gore Schiff
Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn and Gary Cohn
Eva Pomice Timerman, Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn, Leslie Harwood Ehrlich, and Nicole Wachter
Lisa Rechler and Nicole Wachter
Lisa Beattie Frelinghuysen and Katie Danziger
Caryn Cohen and Beth Rothenberg
Penny Levy, Peggy Danziger, and Mary Lindsay
Joan Malin, Nicole Wachter, Eva Pomice Timerman, Cecile Richards, Leslie Harwood Ehrlich, and Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn
Last week at the Grill Room at The Four Seasons, Jane Rosenthal, Craig Hatkoff, Tiki Barber, and Millard Drexner joined Jonathan Tisch in celebrating the publication of Chocolates on the Pillow Aren't Enough; Reinventing the Customer Experience, written by Jonathan Tisch and Karl Webber.

Among the many wellwishers (take a deep breath): Serena Altschul, Ken Auletta, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Len Berman, Leon Black, David Boies, Matthew Bronfman, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Campbell Brown, Arthur Carter, Kenneth Chenault, Ron Claiborne, Liz Claman, Laurie Dhue, Maurice DuBois, Tina Brown and Harry Evans, Michael Fuchs, Roy Furman, Amb. Dan Gillerman, Betsy Gotbaum, Cathy and Stephen Graham, Allen Grubman, Richard Haass, Jane Hanson, Sandy Hill and Tom Dittmer, James Hoge, Randy Jones, Vernon Jordan, Commisioner Ray Kelly, Calvin Klein, Marie-Josee and Henry Kravis, Jared Kushnerm, Edward Lampert, Jane Lauder, David Lauren, Debra Lee, Sirio Maccioni, William Mack, Fern Mallis, Catie and Donald Marron, Sean McManus, Georgette Mosbacher, Drew Nieporent, Soledad O’Brien, Connie Chung and Maury Povich, Gabe Pressman, Steven Rattner, Deborah Roberts and Al Roker, Daryl and Steven Roth, Karenna Gore and Andrew Schiff, Mickey Schulhof, Tom Scott, Rosanna Scotto, Lynn Sherr, Harry Spevak, Diana Taylor, Anne and Andrew Tisch, Billie Tisch, Joan Tisch, Laurie Tisch, Steve Tisch, Alice and Thomas Tisch, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Weld, Linda Wells, Lally Weymouth, Robert Zimmerman, Caryn and Jeff Zucker, and last but not least, Mort Zuckerman.
Andrea Ross and Serena Altschul
Rosanna Scotto and Julian Niccolini
Caryn and Jeff Zucker
Dominick Dunne
Lesley Klotz and Debbie Bancroft
Denise Rich
Jonathan Tisch, Tiki Barber, and David Dinkins
Drew Nieporent, Jonathan Tisch, and Tiki Barber
Helen Schifter
Jennifer Creel
Jane Rosenthal and John Sykes
Maurice Dubois
Vernon Jordan
Drew Sheinman, Tiki Barber, and Harvey Spevek
Jonathan Tisch and Jamie Tisch
Lauren Spencer and Len Berman
Marion and Elie Wiesel
Maury Povich and Connie Chung
Nicole Miller
Rosanna Scotto and Julian Niccolini
Tina Brown
Mickey Dexter, Jonan Tisch, and Tiki Barber
Steve Rattner talking to Barry Diller
The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Town & Country joined hands to celebrate Dr. Taryn Rose and her brand new boutique on Madison Avenue. It was a fashionable evening focusing on “paying it forward” and philanthropy being a wise business decision .

Pamela Fiori, the editor in chief of Town & Country, stressed the importance of charity in society.

Joanne de Guardiola, Tom Britt, Alexia Hamm Ryan
Taryn Rose, announced that she was once again co-sponsoring The Society’s annual Preview Party for the Haughton International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show on October 18th. “It is known as the opening of New York’s fall social season,” she noted. "I didn't want to do a big splashy store opening event and pay a celebrity—I wanted to put the money toward something that New Yorkers care about," she added to much applause.

Joanne de Guardiola told the group the excellent news that Alexandra Lind Rose and Alexia Hamm Ryan would be joining her as co-chairs of this year’s Preview Party.

The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has for over 50 years attracted the most stylish women in the city, who literally roll up their sleeves to make the lives of people going through cancer care better. At this party were such Society supporters as their new Associates Chairman Christina Smith, President Vera Safai, Lisa Errico, Mary Davidson, Nicole Limbocker, Ruth Fleischmann, Eugenie Niven, Leslie Heaney, Heather Leeds, Chesie Breen, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Gillian Miniter, Catherine and Bryan Carey and Kathy Thomas.

There were cocktails and hors d’ouevres, a cool jazz guitarist, and a collection of handbags and shoes inspired by the Sienna Miller film “Factory Girl,” about Andy Warhol’s tragic “it girl” Edie Sedgwick. Among those mixing and shopping were Michel Cox Witmer, Alison Minton, John Yunis,Ann Rapp, interior designer Tom Britt, Victoria Moran, Aud Cabot, Mark Langrish, Patricia Burnham, Sonia Morgan, Domhnal Slattery, Adria de Haume, Michael Scanlon, William Gibbons, Blair Schlumbom,Claudia Overstrom, Sharon Bush, William Gibbons, Holly Butler and Christine DeLisle, who had just won the part of Mrs. Robinson in an off Broadway production of “The Graduate.”

A percentage of the evening's sales went to SMSKCC.
Alex Lind Rose, Joanne de Guardiola, and Alexia Hamm Ryan
Pamela Fiori and Taryn Rose
Chesie Breen and Heather Leeds
Leslie Heaney, Eugenie Niven, and Claudia Overstrom
Gail Karr and Sharon Bush
Gillian Miniter and Mary Davidson
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Lisa Errico and Christina Smith
Ruth Fleischmann
Bryan and Catherine Carey
Michel Witmer and Alison Minton
Ann Rapp and Christine DeLisle
Alex Lind Rose
Domhnal Slattery and Adria de Haume
Alex Lind Rose and Kathy Thomas
Alex Lind Rose, Alexia Hamm Ryan, Pamela Fiori, and Taryn Rose
Pamela Fiori, Joanne de Guardiola, and Taryn Rose
Melissa Berkelhammer
William Gibbons and Blair Schlumbom
Pamela Fiori and John Yunis
Patricia Burnham, R. Couri Hay, and Sonja Morgan
Nicole Limbocker and Vera Safai

Photographs by Rob Rich/516-676-3939 (Marty Richards); © (Chocolate Pillows & Taryn Rose).