Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Young Set making a difference

Chairteens at Teen Effort's annual celebration
Teen Effort, an organization where teens team up with underprivileged New York City teenagers, held a celebration at the Mandarin Oriental.

Teen Effort is the brainchild of four New York teenagers: Elizabeth Sacks, Harry Sitomer, Rachele Trentalancia, and Samantha Perelman.

These New York City teens are reaching out to fellow teenagers in need. They’ve  targeted Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, an institute that provides “confidential, wraparound physical, mental and reproductive health  services.” Their mission is to support the enrichment and improvement of the center, to enhance the facilities so local teens will have a place to call home.
Sosie Bacon, Jennifer Alper, and Allie Peltz
Nine Days' drummer banging it out
Olivia Zaro, Elizabeth Sacks, and Danielle Levin
Elizabeth Sacks, Patty Sacks, and Haley Sacks
Bruce Margolis, Laura Rothschild, and Peter Rothschild
Ryan Chang and Fernandez Maya
Adam Donaldson and Harry Sitomer
Sophia Signorelli and Isabella Trentalancia
Christina Kringstein and Lori Shabptai
Taylor Templeton, Jamie Marrow, and Paige Krindscein
Camilla Kalvaria and Samantha Perelman
Harry Sitomer, Rachele Trentalancia, Teddy Geiger, and Elizabeth Sacks
Gale and Ken Sitomer
Dr. Angela Diaz and Liana Backal
David Levinson and Chloe Richards
Jenny Little and Zoie Guttman
Jackie Silverbush, Claire Hillary, and Juliette Monaco
Lisa Engel and Lois Robbins
Award winners
Liz Melnitzky, Dana Rothschild, and Rachele Trentalancia
Paige Krindscein and Courtney Krindscein
Sara Druckenmiller and Morgan Hitzig
Anisha Lakhani and Tatiana Boncompagni
Evan Woolley and Dr. Angela Diaz
Ellie and David Levin
Lilly Sondik, Stephanie Spanfeller, and Isabella Trentalancia
IElizabeth Klein, Emily Liebowitz, and Danielle Levin
IMeghan Caplan, Julie Hartman, Nicole Walsh, and Beth Gladstone
Jen Rothschild and Ryan Engel
Dr. Angela Diaz, Danielle Levin, Olivia Zaro, and Jennifer Rothschild
Ellie Levin, Lois Robbins, and Patty Sacks
Rachele Trentalancia, Elizabeth Sacks, and Harry Sitomer

Godiva Chocolatier held its 11th Annual Valentine's Day promotion and the winner of its contest, one Jennifer Barnier of Austin, Texas won $1 million worth of Hearts on Fire diamonds as well as one year of Godiva chocolate. Now, how much chocolate is one’s year’s? All depending on what your appetite is for Godiva chocolate, no? I know whenever I get some (sent by someone of course because I’m too good to buy it), I eat all of it almost instantly (and then wish I had been a little more moderate). I don’t know Jennifer Barnier so who knows.

Following the announcement, Godiva continued to spread the love with the 9th annual 50 Fabulous Females fundraiser to benefit Love Heals which took place last Tuesday at Tenjune. The fundraising event serves as an opportunity for New York tastemakers to applaud committee members for the remarkable contributions that they make personally, professionally and philanthropically throughout the year.  As expected, 50 fabulous women hosted the event and attended (of course) along with many other fabulous women and men, including such New York notables as Charlotte Ronson, Richie Rich, Donnie Deutch, Lucy Sykes Rellie, Shoshanna Gruss, and Celerie Kemble.  

All proceeds from 50 Fabulous Females directly support Love Heals, which was founded in 1992 to carry on the work of the late AIDS activist Alison Gertz.
Jaci Reid, Dini von Mueffling, and Jasmine Nielsen
Camilla Morse and Simon Archer
Suzanne Forbes and Nancy Bacich
Nicole Torracampo and Karen Glass
Alexandra Vidal and Dini von Mueffling
Libby Langdon and Jaci Reid
DJ Beverly Bond
Charlotte Ronson
Josephine Stevenson, Ashley Stark, Michael Lorber, and Sara Karp
Joselyn Fine and Kearnon Omolony
Keija Minor and Cindi Cook
Pijana and Filiva Perovic
Andrea Grossman and Julie Barry
Richie Rich, Jaci Reid, and Ali Reza
Debra Halpert, Jasmine Nielsen, and Dini von Mueffling
Kim and Lindsay Jacobson
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos
Sophie Sutton and Theresa Fulhorst
Robin Hazelwood and Allison Brokaw
Dini von Mueffling and Josh Bernstein
Erin Scales
Dale Westreich and Susan Novick
Kiane Wallis and friend
Lola Ogunnaike, Richie Rich, Jaci Reid, Barbara K, and Libby Langdon
Sana Rizvi and Taylor Spellman

Photographs by Rob Rich/516-676-3939.