Thursday, July 24, 2008

A little tango, a lotta polo

The Young Patrons of Lincoln Center's Tango On the Rocks.
Last Monday night a week, over at Damrosch Park by Lincoln Center, the Young Patrons of Lincoln Center held a night of “cool drinks and dancing under the stars” and called it Tango On the Rocks. Cocktails, dance lessons and dancing to the torrid sounds of Argentina’s Orquestea Tipica Imperial at Midsummer Night Swing, plus DJ Carlos Quiroga, Repor Tango. The only thing missing was Carmen Miranda.
Lauren Kay, Cari Widmeyer, Lara Azria, Rita Joan Santelli, Sandra Ribicic, and Mary Apicella
Co-chairs of the evening were April Thibeault and Cari Widmyer. The Events Committee was Jen Gatien, Sasha Kipka, Marisa Sechrest, So-Chung Shinn, Kristen Spensieri and Sarah Stafford.
Lindsay Bell and Dom Browski
Avik Roy and Anna Lessard
Amjad Pervez and Stephanie Hahn
Dara Levine, Yasaman Pishvazadeh, Meg Beiter, and Lauren Ristau
Greg LiVigne, Scott Schulte, and Peter Bianco
Natalie Milbrodt and Matt Bishop
Makram Hamdan and June Wu
Scott Rickman, Aleta Spitaleri, and Matthew Steinberg
Camille Varlet and Elizabeth Hamilton
Lisa Lurie, Courtenay Burley, Jessie Betts, and Alvin Crawford
Candace Mstowski and Elaine Masci
Cari Widmeyer and April Thibeault
Steve Oh and Paola Castro
Shana Gulatini and Shalni Khurana
Meghan Chiste, Meredith Nelson, and Cara Brugnoli
Mary Apicella, Randi Melton, and Matthew Melton
Maria Labrutto, Mary Mauro, and Christine Marchuska
Beth Baker and Graeme Sanderson
Claire Farley, Kara Medoff Barnett, Deeb Salem, Lauren Salem, Dov Barnett, and Mustafa
Deeb and Lauren Salem
Monique Goodwin, Audrey Overbey, Cari Widmeyer, April Thibeault, and Lauren Kay
Chris Gottlieb and Susan Kobylarz
Marisa Sechrest and Kara Medoff Barnett
Jennifer Newman, Bill Bragin, and Damian Baker
Rob Reider and Helen Kaplan
Cheri Kaufman and Raymond Gomez
Brooke Christopher and Angela Ismailos
Claire Noland and Eric Belle
The Bridgehampton Polo Club opened their 2008 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge last Saturday afternoon at the club’s field on Hayground Road in Bridgehampton.

The official “host” was Chace Crawford -- you all remember Chace -- who was joined by a bevy of beauties including Ramona Singer, Sylvia Miles (that you, Sylvia?) and host of others, and most especially the Team White Burch that went mallet to mallet with Team Jumeirah Culo Culo.
Team White Birch Winners
The Most Valuable Player award was presented by Jaci Reed. All proceeds from the Challenge will go to the South Fork Breast Health Coalition.
Noah Tepperberg
Chace Crawford
Crystal Marshall, Mike Heller
Conrad Hilton and Nicky Hilton
Delfina Figueras and Nacho Figueras
Don and Katrina Peebles with children
Dani Stahl
Caridee English
Devorah Rose
Jason, Marguerite, and Richard Strauss
Kamela Forbes and Merv Matheson
Sam Nazarian
Wass Stevens and Danny A
Samantha Cole
Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss
Last Saturday afternoon on Main Street in East Hampton, Rory and Elie Tahari hosted a book party for Simon Doonan and his new book “Eccentric Glamour” at their shop on Number One Main. If you haven’t already read Simon’s fashion edicts elsewhere, you may have seen them in Barney’s windows which are his main chef d’oeuvre, such as:

"I want people to go back to the period where there are surprises and diversity."

"Everyone needs to develop a few signature flourishes."  

“Fashion is about figuring out who you are and dressing the part.”

“Conforming is the only crime, dressing down is the only faux pas.”

I can think of a few others, but whatever ... In other words, the more the merrier.
The Taharis latched on to a good one when they booked Mr. Doonan into their shop because the party follows the man. Guests sipped champagne, gnoshed on the hors d’oeuvres such as Smoked Salmon Caviar with Crème Fraiche, Barbecued Duck Quesadillas, Fig-wrapped Goat Cheese, etc., and yakked it up with the author who was joined by his partner Jonathan Adler and their dog Liberachi for one big yappy family. DJ Lady Bunny kept everything light and beach bunny crazy and Simon sold more than 200 books. Not bad, eh?

Plus people shopped. Well, what did you expect? A certain portion of the proceeds went to the Elton John Foundation.

This went on from 4 to 7 and while Simon didn’t speak to the crowd, he very graciously chatted with all the guests who were eager to have his signature in their books -- which he did with a flourish of course.
Among the Taharis’ guests were Tom Kalenderian, Marjorie Gubelmann, Pamela Fiori, Ed Fogarty and that real countess masquerading as a housewife, LuAnn de Lesseps.
Elie Tahari, Zoe Tahari, Rory Tahari, and Jeremy Tahari
Cindy and Barbara Bebon
Jaret Keller and Tara Halper
Rob Banning, Marjorie Gubelmann, and Scott Currie
Jonathan Adler, Simon Doonan, and Mark Goulet
Countess LuAnn deLesseps and Lady Bunny
Lindsey Noble
Esther McGowan
Carey Nadean
Ashley Lamar and Anna McVey
Travis Howe, Mario Nievera, and Mark Gilbertson
Tess Maland
Tom Kalenderian and Rory Tahari
Simon Doonan and Pamela Fiori
Jonathan Adler, Liberachi, and Simon Doonan
Liberachi doing his own thing

Photographs by © (Doonan).

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