Monday, December 22, 2008

Exhibitions, screenings, and book parties

CVZ Contemporary's "Theory of Wants" by Ohad Maiman at Milk Gallery.
CVZ Contemporary and Milk Gallery Project held a book launch and a show for New York based photographer/philosopher Ohad Maiman. Mr. Maiman who graduated from Columbia University, traveled the Far East and South America extensively after serving three years in the Special Forces. This artist's book collects his compelling, immediate photographs of people around the world with his own philosophical statements and questions.
Jake Hoffman
Eytan Rockaway and Yael Rechter
Homero Isaac de Beltran
Fabian Taghdiri, Allison Strasenburgh, and Ty Kuppig
Vinnie Potestivo, Nicole Basabe, and Fabian Basabe
Zelda Kaplan and Ohad Maiman
Charlotte Chapman, Lady Liliana Cavendish, and Georgina Cavendish
Christine Marchuska and Victor Medina-San Andres
Poet and Nicole Trunfio
Carrie Curneen, Eytan Rockaway, and Julia Birkinshaw
Jeff Gray and Demetria White
Addison O'Dea
Meghan Petersen and Ramsey de Give
Alina Slonim
Jennifer Birn and Kimberly Birn
Lenka Dayrit, Eliza Nguyen, and Irena Simonova
Miriam Maiman and Ohad Maiman
Carlo Zeitschel, Eytan Rockaway, and Ohad Maiman
Victor Medina-San Andres, Christine Marchuska, and Russ Terlecki
Irena Simonova and Lenka Dayrit
Lisa Yom, Clare Walker, and Sophie Langlois
Serena Tufo and Jules Kirby
Richard Mueller and Sep Alavi
Jasper Klein
Slavalava Wiszy and Wiszy Slavalava
Lizzie Shell and Marissa Miller
Talia Eisenberg and Christina Albina
Aarti Mann and Nicole Raef
The Tribeca Cinema Series, hosted by Jane Rosenthal, Beth Ostrosky Stern and Julia Szabo who attended along with her dawgs, had a special screening of “Marley and Me.” Some left their pooches at home. Others don’t have a pooch.
Hoda Kotb
Douglas Hannant and Ava
Abigail Breslin
Cindy Adams brought her two, Jazzy and Juicy. Clyde, the Labrador who played Marley also attended. Only in New York, kids, only in New York.
Alison Beckrer and Dignan
Andrew Kaplan and Julia Szabo
Beth Ostrosky and Bianca
Ann Lembeck, Daphne, and Denis Leary
Cindy Adams with Juicy and Jazzy
Ellen Ward, Oliver, and Chuck Scarborough
Richard Kind
Craig Hatkoff, Buddy, and Jane Rosenthal
Patricia Duff
Last Wednesday night in New York, the Ralph Lauren store in Soho, David Lauren hosted a book party for rock photographer Mark Seliger’s “The Music Book,” which is a collection of his photographs. Many were taken when he was working at Rolling Stone. Tom Wolfe, who wrote the foreward to the book, was also on hand.
Andres Levine and Tom Riley
Bob Gruen and Mark Seliger
Jules Kirby and Paul Johnson-Calderone
Irina Alexander
Ali Lapinsky and Chrissy Hamway
Anshana Arora
Bucu Bimantes
David Lauren, Tom Wolfe, and Mark Seliger
Lonneke Engel, Pierce Taylor, and Mallory June
Susan Jeffrey and Paul Licalsi
Sarah Gore-Reeves and Burcu Bimantes
Saadi Ghaton and Courtney Carrera
Susan Jeffrey, Paul Licalsi, and Tom Wolfe
Carter Cramer and Leah Bourne
Last week 2008 Birthright Israel Foundation held its annual Gala at The Pierre. The dinner honored Susie Gelman, the first chair of the Birthright Israel Foundation, who was recently installed as the president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and has leadership roles in a number of other organizations including the Nesiya Institute and the United Jewish Endowment Fund amongst others.
Michael Gelman, Susie Gelman, Bonnie Roche Bronfman, and Gala Chair Charles R. Bronfman
Susie Gelman and Michael Steinhardt
Laurie Tisch with her daughter Carolyn Sussman
Dorothy Tananbaum and Laurie Tisch
Charles R. Bronfman, Susie Gelman, and Birthright Israel Foundation Chair Dan Och
Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Gabriella Shalev and Edgar M. Bronfman
Charles R. Bronfman and Consul General of Israel in New York Ambassador Asaf Shariv
Susie Gelman and Edgar M. Bronfman

Photographs by; Melanie Einzig (Birthright).

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