Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fiesta Forever

Dancing to the Bob Hardwick Sound at Casita Maria's annual Fiesta.
This past Tuesday's annual Casita Maria Fiesta was held at the Mandarin Oriental bringing out a big glamorous crowd for dinner and a night of dancing to the Latin rhythms of the Bob Hardwick Sound.
Jackie Weld Drake
Gaetana Enders and Thalia
Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza
Roberto Camacho and Mary Balaban
Tina and Simon Beriro
Jamee Gregory and Jon Marder
Roman Martinez and Frances Sevilla-Sacasa
Adrienne Arsht and Jorge Plasencia
Jamee Gregory, Pierre Durand, Daisy Soros, and Todd Sowers
Thalia with her mother, Yolanda Miranda
Michelle Harper
Tony Bechara, Encarnita and Bob Quinlan, Yolanda Santos, and Ana Cristina Alvarado
Bob and Joyce Sterling
Karla diAndre and Dave Kitrell
Emory Von Szcankoczy, Bernardo Bermunez, Luke Gladis, Kate, and Sam Botero
Violy McCausland-Seve, Aaron Wong, and Frederico Seve
Malu Millerman with Jack and Isabelle Beiderman
Gillian and Jeb Brian
Ellen Graham
Pepe Fanjul and Lee Brokaw
Ricardo Marano and Lazaros Mazrizes
Raul Suarez and Paul Soros
Paul Wilmot and Aileen Mehle
Ellen Graham with Bill and Anna Mann
Alejandra Cicognani
Jamee Gregory, Pierre Durand, Daisy Soros, and Todd Sowers
Margo Langenberg
Mario Buatta, Patricia Weeks, and Rod Drake
Jeffrey Slonim and Hunt Slonem
John Mashek, Christine Schwarzman, and Daisy Soros
Audrey Gruss
Anthony Dimartino
Catherine Cahill and Adrienne Vittadini
Edward Gallagher
Yolanda Miranda, Thalia, Tommy Mottola, and Jackie Weld Drake
Barbara Cirkva and John Schumacher
Joseph Bartning
Jose Zambrano, Philippe Gastone, Blanca Gastone, and Massimo Scapini
Yolanda Santos and Raul Suarez
Mamen Sanchez Perez and Christine Schwarzman with Claire Champy in the background
Mary McFadden and Ann Nitze
Chris Browne and Barbara Tober
Hilary Geary Ross
Prince Dimitri of Yugolslavia and Yanna Avis
Katherine White and friend
Rod Drake, Estrellita Brodsky, and Yolanda Santos
Esmeralda Pedroni and Enrica Arengi Bentivoglio
Tony Bechara and Ana Cristina Alvarado
Ann Jordan (Mrs. Vernon) and Annie Roberts
Sam Michaels and Bill Mann
David and Neva Anton
Dr. Bill Haseltine with Amanda Haynes-Dale
Rod Drake and Victor Shafferman
Matt Rich and Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza
Roy Kean, Chris Browne, Ann Rapp, and Hunt Slonem
Stephanie Stokes
Elsie Nelson and John Punnett
Martha Bograd, Tom Jones, and Esty Brodsky
Gail Hilson
Marife Hernandez
Frannie Scaife and Marjorie Reed Gordon
Amanda Haynes-Dale, Sam Michaels, and Peggy Mejia
Marlene Hess and Jim Zirin
Marjorie Reed Gordon, Sam Michaels, and Amanda Haynes-Dale
Jackie Weld Drake and John Mashek
Barbara Tober
Maria Cristina Ansola de Heimann and John Heimann
Ann Nitze with Roman and Helena Martinez
Raul Suarez and Helena Martinez
Alberto and Annabelle Mariaca
Yolanda Santos and Bill Nitze
John Framm and Alicia Jahn
The kickoff party for the inaugural Holiday House took place on Wednesday October 1st at Myrtle located at 245 E 60th Street in New York City. The Showhouse will open with a gala preview party on Monday, November 3rd and run for five weeks until Sunday, December 7th,. Proceeds will benefit the Greater New York City Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

Holiday House will bring an exciting, different and festive element to designer showhouses. It will be a designer showhouse with each room not only featuring the work of a talented interior designer but also dedicated to a specific holiday theme. For example, the Dining Room will feature Thanksgiving, the Living Room will feature Christmas, the Library will feature New Year’s Eve, a Bedroom will feature Valentine’s Day, etc. The Showhouse will be presented in a Manhattan townhouse and will feature the country's top interior designers and highly talented decorative artists. The Corcoran Group is this year’s Exclusive Real Estate Sponsor.

The Showhouse is located at 2 East 63rd Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues. Showhouse hours will be: Monday through Sunday, 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM and until 8:00PM on Thursdays. Children under six, infants, strollers and pets are not allowed in the Showhouse. Gala tickets are $250 each. Admission to the Showhouse will be $30 and includes a Showhouse Journal. For more information, please visit or call 212-843-1756.
Iris Dankner, Tony Manning, Dr. Dara P. Richardson-Heron, and Michelle Prentice
Jane Genesi, Gerald Tolomeo, and Lisa Ontiveros
Eddie Ross and Harry Heissmann
Andrew Flesher and Tom Gunkelman
Harry Heissmann and Stephen Fanuka
James Rixner and Roby Hastey
Kathy Abbott, Jesse Lopez, Harry Heissmann, and Osmundo Ecchevarria
Livia and Mason Morjikian
Alison Froling and Ondine Karady
Rick Garofalo and Christina Juarez
Pnina Michelson, Iris Dankner, and Dr. Dara P. Richardson-Heron
Michael Fey, Stephen Fanuka, Jennifer Mason, and Matt Hartzog
Timothy Miller and Amy O'Connor
Jeffrey Shaw and Lucille Khornak
Andrea Milstein and Danielle Dankner
Barbara Ostrom, Nancy Stout, Dennis Rolland, and Jason Campbell
Naz, Tom Lampson, Lisa Isaac, and Diane Durocher
The Doubles Young Associates crowd came together for “A Night in Margaritaville,” chaired by Mark Gilbertson, Alatia Bradley, Claudia Overstrom, Annabelle Fowlkes, Mary Van Pelt, and Heather Sargent.

The place was packed with the Margaritas flowing and the food delicious. Among the guests: Cheryl Liebman and Keith Guliner, Leslie and Andrew Heaney, Blair Husain, Jon and Michelle Marie Heinemann, Kirk Ferguson, Susan Cushing, Chad Ritchie, Caroline Rowley, John Sargent, Kathy and Andrew Thomas, Guy Harley, Martha and John Glass, Christine Murphy, Rett Wallace, Evelyn Tompkins, Mark Murray, Alison Minton, Todd Romano, Patricia Ceballos, Avery Broadbent, Lisa Bytner, Kathy and Othon Prounis, Laura Ballentine Ferris, Kent Sevener, Pia Murphy, Bryan Colwell, Blakely and Wade Griggs, Katie Tozer, James Corl, Tana Dye, Mark Bryant, Cena Jackson, David and Melanie Holland, Jessica Zaganczyk, Ed Brown, Melissa Berkelhammer, Melissa Thors, Campbell McCrary and McDowell Winn, Anya Herz, Andrew Shiva, Drew Goldman, Dana Farrington, Maresa Laino, Steve Farrelly, Cami and Tod Fischer, Lesley Schulhof, Michael O’Neal, Shari Alcoff, Peter Sotos, Kate Allen, Storm Nickerson, Kate Earls and many more just like them.
Kathy and Andrew Thomas with Claudia Overstrom
Katie Tozer and Wendy Carduner
Blair Husain
Cheryl Liebman, Chad Ritchie, Maresa Laino, and Steve Farrelly
Lisa Bytner with David and Melanie Holland
Evelyn Tompkins and Mark Murray
Blakely Griggs and Susan Cushing
Keith Guliner and Cheryl Liebman
Drew Goldman and Dana Farrington
Christine Murphy and Mark Gilbertson
Lesley Schulhof and James Corl
John and Heather Sargent
Mark Gilbertson and Alison Minton
Othon and Kathy Prounis
Alatia Bradley and Leslie Heaney
Jon and Michelle Marie Heinemann
Quatro Hombres de Margaritaville
Campbell McCrary and McDowell Winn
Kent Sevener and Pia Murphy
Todd Romano
Melissa Thors and Kirk Ferguson