Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For our children and animals

reparing for dinner at the 11th Annual ASPCA Bergh Ball.
They held the 11th Annual ASPCA Bergh Ball at The Plaza last Thursday. The evening was sponsored by Chopard. The emcee was dog-rescuer and canine friend, the man who put the soft-Gee in Target, designer Isaac Mizrahi. The event’s purpose was not only to help raise money for a great cause, but to also bring awareness of the ASPCA’s goal.
Ellen and Chuck Scarborough
Michele Gradin, Margo McNabb, Isaac Mizrahi, Linda Lambert, and Somers Farkas
Ariel Greenberg and Jessie Epstein
Martin Bregman
Cornelia Bregman
Robert Verdi
Lake and Luke Bell
Andrew Black, Fernanda Gilligan, Jeffrey Caldwell, Georgina Schaeffer, and John Auerbach
Chappy and Melissa Morris
Dylan Lauren
Nicole Miller
Riyo Mori, Ed Sayres, and Crystle Stewart
Amy Lau
Cynthia and Dan Lufkin
Brandon Miller and Candace Levy
Isaac Mizrahi and Fern Mallis
Diane Passage and Ken Starr
Lonneke Engel
Melissa Berkelhammer
Matthew Rich and Elaine Sargent
Arnie Rosenshein, Margo McNabb, Hunt Slonem, and Paola Rosenshein
Patty Raynes and Somers Farkas
Dr. Melinda Merck
Pamela Fiori and Marc Hruschka
Tatiana Byron
Mark Gilbertson and Caroline Dean
Tonya Fleetwood and Monique Nguyen
Somers and Jonathan Farkas
Wendy Diamond
Peter Regna, Stephanie Kamfar, Barbara Regna, Lisa Lambden, and Michael Rosenblum
Last Wednesday night at the Pierre, Parnership With Children held its Centennial Ball and honored CIT Chairman and CEO Jeff Peek. Mayor Bloomberg came for cocktails. A big crowd came for dinner including Liz Peek, Charlotte Moss, Coco and Arie Kopelman, Catie and Donald Marron, John Pomerantz, Helen Marx, Lauren and John Veronis, Alice and Tom Tisch, Candace and Rick Beinecke, Alexandra Lebenthal and Jay Diamond.

Partnership with Children was begun a century ago as Big Sisters by a few prominent New York women whose mission was to mentoring and improving the lives of underprivileged girls and young women. Among those women was Mrs. Henry O. Ittleson whose husband also founded CIT that same year. Ever since, the company has maintained an interest in supporting the organization.
Diane van Amerongen and Michelle Sidrane
Coco and Arie Kopelman
Emily Forbes and Ron Divito
Diana and Jay Goldin
Barbara Cavallo, Olivia Abramchik-Cavallo, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg
George and Madeline Long
Alan Klinger, Joel Klein, and Susan Klinger
Bebe Broadwater, Eliot Stewart, and Helen Marx
Chandler and Tony Ittleson
Janine Guido, Natalie Silva, and Jaime Radecke
Joanne de Guardiola
Amna Naseer
Ken and Linda Mortenson
Maureen Footer
Alexandra Lebenthal and Jay Diamond with Janice and Chris Williams
Derek Finnell, Chris Podskoc, and John Beyersdorf
Patricia and Jesse Lovejoy
Sy and Laurie Sternberg
Tom and Susan Nicholson
Jeffrey, Hilary, and Liz Peek
Mayor Michael Bloomberg with Liz and Jeffrey Peek
Chandler Ittleson, Margo Ittleson, Pamela Syrmis, Victor Syrmis, Tony Ittleson, Sean Smith, and Christina Ittleson Smith
Lucy Lampher and Diane von Amerongen
Ken and Ellen Grossman
Gillian Miniter, Joel Klein, Jeffrey and Liz Peek, and Sylvester Miniter
Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Richard Ferraiolo with Merlin
And on last Thursday lunchtime, over at the Plaza, Jeffrey Toobin, Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and Richard North Patterson joined Linda Fairstein in helping God's Love We Deliver raise more funds for their free-of-charge nutritious meals program. God's Love provides daily meals for almost 1600 men, women and children living with life altering illnesses in the five boroughs as well as Hudson County, New Jersey and Newark, New Jersey. More than 300 attended and the writers kept the audience rapt with interest.
Adora Udoji, Lisa Davis, and Star Jones
Blaine Trump and Michael Sennott
Meyer Hoffman and Karen Pearl
Cece Cord and Anne Keating
Chet Harrell and Linda Fairstein
Micheiko Abe, Susan Tennant, and Adele Suveyke
Brad Learmonth, Tamara Tune, and Jon Gilman
Star Jones and friends
Jeffrey Toobin, Lidia Bastianich, Richard North Patterson, Karen Pearl, and Linda Fairstein
Victor and Kathleen Zammit
Cynthia Lufkin
Susan Tennant, Arline Blake, and Mitsuhiro Mitsui
Jamee Gregory, Hilary Geary Ross, and Sandy Hill
Mitsuhiro Mitsui, Chet Harrell, and Hajime Fukuju
Also last Thursday night over at Christie's, there was a celebration and booksigning of Ellie Cullman's new book, "Decorating The Master Class: The Cullman and Kravis Way."
Lisa Bastone and Roberta Crelier
Elizabeth Kohn
Helena Phillips and Jenny Fishbeck
Sandra Nunnerly
Pilar Roberts
Rob Lowenthal and Amanda Lowenthal
Mr. Flinder and Lydia Fenet
Tracey and Robert Pruzan with Robert and Ellie Cullman
Jill Kargman
Dursten Saylor, Tracey Pruzan, and Ellie Cullman
Stacks of books all gone by night's end
Patricia Chen and Woody Campbell
Robert Forbes, Ellie Cullman, and Stephen Lash
Robert Pruzan and Jody Klein
Ambassador Brenda Johnson and Howard Johnson
The Fresh Air Fund hosted their annual Spring Fling at Touch and raised about $60,000 to support the Organization’s mission — to allow children living in disadvantaged communities to get away from hot, noisy city streets and enjoy free 
summer vacations in the country.

Event Chairs were Caroline Cummings, Jenna Dreher, Sabrina Mallick, Alden McNally, Andrew Ackerman, Jake Claghorn, Erin Ryder, Alex Witten, and Scott Roslyn. 

The Fresh Air Fund, an independent not-for-profit agency, has provided an opportunity to enjoy free Fresh Air program for nearly 10,000 New York City children annually. In 2007, close to 5,000 children visited volunteer host families in suburbs and small town communities across 13 states from Virginia to Maine and Canada. 3,000 children also attended five Fresh Air camps on a 2,300-acre site in Fishkill, New York. The Fund's year-round camping program serves an additional 2,000 young people each year.
Jenna Dreher and friends
Scott Roslyn
Justin Karr and friends
Friends of The Fresh Air Fund
The scene at Touch
Hyum Kim and Samantha Turner
Suzanne Monahan, Erin Ryder, Ilka Gregory, Samantha Turner, and Malisa Meresman
Gavin Stephenson and Rebecca Meyers
Caroline Cummings and friend
Fresh Air Fund volunteers
Event Chairs Caroline Cummings, Jenna Dreher, Sabrina Mallick, Alden McNally, Andrew Ackerman, Jake Claghorn, Erin Ryder, Alex Witten, and Scott Rosyln

Photographs by ©PatrickMcMullan.com; Alexander Amster-Wikoff (Fresh Air).

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