Monday, June 23, 2008

Gala Celebrations, Birthdays, and Kick Offs

Dr. Paul LeClerc and Ingeborg Rennert
Tami Winn, Rebecca Sugar, Caryn Zucker, and Nina Davidson
President Ingeborg Rennert and Chairman of the Board Baron Robert de Rothschild of the American Friends of the Open University honored Dr. Paul LeClerc, President of The New York Public Library, at a gala celebration on last Monday night at the Plaza.

Two hundred attended and they raised $400,000 for the university’s 43,000 students, its educational programs and scholarships. 
Guests included: Ingeborg and Ira Rennert, David Avital, Dr. Patricia Cayne, Elaine Wolfensohn, Larry and Kim Heyman, Lauren and Ezra Merkin, Dalia and Larry Leeds, Eddie and Rebecca Sugar, Nina and Mitch Davidson, Barbara and Donald Tober, Gail and Ephraim Propp, Malcolm Thomson, Judy and Stanley Zabar, Danielle Levine, Dan and Marlene Arbess, Fanya Gottesfeld Heller, Marilyn and Larry Friedland, William and Elyssa Friedland, Rochelle and David Hirsch and the Commissioner Ray Kelly.
Dr. LeClerc received the coveted Yigal Allon Award, named in honor of the late Deputy Prime Minister of Israel and former Minister of Education. A renowned Voltaire scholar, Dr. LeClerc became President and Chief Executive Officer of The New York Public Library (NYPL) on December 1st, 1993. The Library is broadly recognized as one of the preeminent libraries in the world, with collections now numbering some 55 million items with 90 branches, spread over 130 square miles of New York City. The New York Public Library serves a more varied set of constituencies and has the broadest mission of any library in the nation.
Ira Leon and Ingeborg Rennert with Dr. Paul LeClerc and Dr. Judith Ginsberg
“We are delighted to honor an individual who is dedicated to literature and learning and to making both available to as many people as possible. This is a mission in common with the Open University of Israel.  Paul LeClerc exemplifies the principles on which both institutions are based,” said Mrs. Rennert, President of the American Friends.
The Open University of Israel is Israel’s largest university. The highly ranked institution affords the military during the years of compulsory service, the large immigrant population, the disabled, the indigent, and the Yeshiva student, the opportunity to study via long-distance learning. The Open University demonstrates that the Internet is the classroom of the 21st century.
Co-Chairs of the event included Baron de Rothschild, Malcolm Thomson, Patricia D. Cayne, Elie Wiesel, and Elaine Wolfensohn.
Ray Kelly
Tami Winn, David and Elise Efron, and Danielle Levine
Andrew Lowinger, J. Ezra Merkin, Lauren Merkin, and Basya Lowinger
Eddie Sugar and Mitch Davidson
Elisabeth Doft, Nira Abramowitz, Alan Doft, and Elaine Wolfensohn
Larry and Kim Heyman
Ralou and Ronnie Stern
Elise and David Efron with Elyssa and William Friedland
Dr. Alan and Lori Harris with Lisa and Steven Perelman
Lauren Merkin and Elaine Wolfensohn
Malcolm Thomson, Tama Werner, Dr. Joseph Sozio, and Amy Kamin
Rochelle and Jason Hirsch
Television anchor Rosanna Scotto celebrated her 50th birthday at a big party for family and friends and fellow anchors, in Southampton this past Friday. The Channel 5 news anchor’s birthday actually falls on April 27 so this party was a big surprise for the girl who proves that 50 is the new 35.
Annette Lauer, Richard Lefkowitz, and Karyn Rubin
Amanda Mongelluzzo, Ron Mongelluzzo, and L.J. Ruggerio
Amy Rosenblum and Rosanna Scotto
Anthony Scotto, Richard Lefkowitz, Karyn Rubin, and Theresa Scotto
Ally Vindiepen and Miriam Richie
Casey Rondello, Penny Crone, and Elvis Duran
Caroline Hirsch and Arlene Reed
Anthony Scotto, Anthony Scotto, and Danny Faucetta
Amy Rosenblum and Mark Weiss
Derick Critelli, Matilda Isibella, and Lou Ruggiero
Derick Critelli and Michael Mongelluzzo
Arlene Reed, Jerry Della Famina, and Larry Reed
Arlene Reed, Marion Scotto, and Cathy Rae
Elaina Scotto and Anthony Scotto
Elaina Scotto, Jill Martin, and Caryn Zucker
Jill Heller and Donny Deutsch
Lou Ruggiero, Kelly Anastos, Ernie Anastos, and Jay Mcnamee
Mickey Palin, Victoria Mericle, and Steve Witkoff
Jenna Ruggiero and Kiah Vidyarthi
Peggy Schleiff and Amy Rosenblum
Victoria, Hagen and Caroline Hirsch
Dan Faucetta, Barbara Glatt, and Alan Glatt
Debbie Wilpon, Jill Rappaport, and Charlie Esposito
Judy Licht, Rosanna Scotto, and Jerry Della Famina
Peter Faucetta, Gina Faucetta, and Dan Faucetta
Marion Scotto, John Tisch, Lizzie Tisch, and Rosanna Scotto
Nancy Hebart and Leslie Johnson
Lynne White and Elyse Slaine
Kiah Vidyarthi, Miriam Richie, Ally Vindiepen, and Jenna Ruggiero
Jeff Rackover, Anthony Scotto, Jerry Wolkoff, and Larry Reed
Jeff Zucker, Elvis Duran, and Rosanna Scotto
Dan Faucetta, Elaina Scotto, Anthony Scotto, Theresa Scotto, Anthony Scotto, Marion Scotto, Lou Ruggiero, Jenna Ruggiero, Rosanna Scotto, John Scotto, and Maria Elena Scotto
John Scotto, Elaina Scotto, Marion Scotto, Rosanna Scotto, and Anthony Scotto
Perri Peltz, Lynne White, and Elyse Slaine
Last Tuesday night Christie’s hosted a cocktail party from 7 to 9 at the maisonette of the late Pat and Bill Buckley. This was a kick-off (which is what they now call the party before the party) for the upcoming Fall Antique Show, the opening night of which will benefit the Society for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
Claudia Overstrom, Sean Smith, Lisa Errico, and Allison Pappas
Denise DeLuca, Melanie Holland, and Leslie Stevens
Adrianna Archer and Michael Sellman
Alexia Hamm Ryan, Alexandra Lind Rose, and Grace Meigher
Courtney Stephens and Zeke Hawkins
William Norwich, George McNeely, and Richard Heanud
Ingo Hofmann, Maryann Jones, and Antonio Del Rosario
Leslie Jones
The Buckley library
Danilo Petranovich and Caroline Oliver
Elizabeth Fuller and Shelly Carr
Leslie and Andrew Heaney
The Buckley bedroom
Lydia Fenet
Maryanne Greenfield and Jennifer Schancupp
Rik Pike
Michel Witmer
“The Feather Game” was the sixth solo exhibition of artist Hunt Slonem with Marlborough Gallery. It also marks the second decade that his work has been represented by the gallery. This particular exhibit comprises 22 paintings.

A native of the State of Maine, Mr. Slonem studied at the Skowhegen School of Painting and Sculpture. He has exhibited in the United States and abroad. In 2000 he was honored with a retrospective at the Centro Recoleta in Buenos Aires.

His work and life were celebrated last year in the book “Pleasure Palaes: The Art & Homes of Hunt Slonem.”

After the opening, there was a party hosted by the artist at his Manhattan loft.
Mark Haldeman, James Aguuiar, and Patrick McDonald
Montgomery Frazier and Sandy Long
Kenny Kenny
Barry Freundlich, Kimberly Marrero, and Debbie Freundlich
Michael Gitlitz and Hunt Slonem
Carol Friedman
David Victor Rose
Elaine Sargent and Matt Rich
Michelle and John Ferro
Marcia Levine, Hunt Slonem, and Marjorie Reed Gordon
Carlos Mare Rodriguez
Harvey Shipley Miller and Ann Northrop
Wendy Federman and Judith Ann Grahm
Erin Berhan
Myra Scheer and Judy Taylor
Mark Stetler, Therese Ryan Mahar, and David O'Connor
Palma Driscoll and Steven Connell
rank Piazola, Jacqueline De Looz, and Michael Mimicopoulos
Peter and Saari Eris
Carlos Mare Rodriguez, Carole Newhouse, William Grusel, and Rocco Barbetto
Photographs by ©

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