Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Giving

The Christmas scene at Doubles.
Doubles’ Wendy Carduner welcomed more than 1,000 guests to the club’s “Six Days of Christmas” Luncheons. Among them were Katie Couric, Candice Bergen, Polly Bergen, Joan Rivers, and Rex Reed.

These luncheons are certainly among the warmest traditions of the city’s holiday season. Right up there with the windows in Bergdorf’s and Barney’s, the Christmas tree and skating rink at Rockefeller Center, New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker and Radio City. This December, Doubles is especially resplendent with new decorations fashioned to enhance the club’s recent rejuvenation.
There were carolers, a delicious two-course meal and the most sumptuous dessert buffet imaginable. Chef Steven Mellina and his staff of merry men worked overtime to serve a different menu each day. Shrimp and Fennel Salad with Blood Orange Dressing, Escalope of Veal Française with Mushrooms and Celery Root; Crabmeat and Avocado Timbale; Mushroom Crusted Marinated Lamb chops; Ragout of Crab and Lobster in Puff Pastry; Asparagus Bundle wrapped in Proscuitto with Roast Pear and Endive Salad and Lobster and Crab Risotto.

Extraordinary desserts: Crème Brule, Lemon Cranberry Cake, Eggnog Basked Alaska, Gateau St. Honore, Croq en Bouche, Seven Nut Torte, Bouche De Noel, Coconut Snow Puff Cake, Chestnut Cheese Cake Graham Cracker Crust, Raspberry and Pistachio Daquaise, Stilton Cheese and Crackers, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberries, Cherries, Christmas Stocking Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet- Red Meringue Cake and on and on.
The Center Table
There were way too many to list but here are a more than a few of those we spotted: Pat Patterson, Cathy Ingram, Joan Schnitzer, Tom Britt (he designed Doubles’ new décor), Christy Ferer, Janna Bullock, Geoffrey Bradfield, Lisa Price Hope, Sharon Bush, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Michel Witmer, Diandra Douglas, Mark Gilbertson, Susie Gilbertson, Jamee Gregory, R. Couri Hay, Brooke Berlind, Michael Kovner, Ann Pyne, Christopher Obetz, Sandra McConnell, Grace Meigher, Candace Beinecke, Gillian Miniter, Laurie Dhue, Joanne de Guardiola, Anne Hearst, Gail Hilson, Suzanne Corcoran, Ashley McDermott, Cynthia and Tony Maltese, Alice Judelson, Bambi Putnam, Heather Leeds, Ruth Fleischmann, Hilary Geary Ross, Lisa McCarthy, Eleanora Kennedy with her daughter Anna Kennedy, Lorna Graev, Caroline Rowley, Mary Van Pelt, Sonia Caproni, Alatia Bradley, Debra Tanger, Audrey Del Rosario, Cornelia Bregman, Catherine Carey, Allison Stern, Mary Hilliard, Kari Tiedemann, Jackie Weld Drake, Helena Lehane, Roric Tobin, Ellen Graham, Thorunn Wathne, Francesca Gumina, Gail Karr, Alison Minton, Liz Peek, Marlene Hess, Alexandra Lebenthal, Jason Grant, Stephanie Borynack, Clo Cohen, Diana Quasha, Karen LeFrak, Muffy Miller, Beth DeWoody, Alexandra Landegger, Melanie Holland, Pam Grayson, Lisa Bytner, Amy Hoadley, Margo Langenberg, High Voltage, Daisy Soros, Donna Rosen, Joan Marks, Alexis Waller, Ana Soler, Martha Glass, Roberta Sandman, Courtney Arnot, Pilar Viladas, Clelia Zacharias, Robyn Joseph, Marianna Kaufmann, Karen Klopp, Susan Sheer, Kathy Grossman, Christina Rose, Elizabeth Stribling, Patricia Weaks, Adele Bergreen, Gigi Mahon, Jody Donahue, Jackie Yale, Emily Leonard, Jocelyn Javits, Mary Johnson, Brooks Klimley, Julie Inglis, Carol Stone, Suzanne Clary, Alexandra Kuaka, Tara Liddle, Anka Palitz, Isabelle Tonelli, Julia Wallace, Heather Sargent, Connie Lippert, Catherine Adler and hundreds more just like them.
Mary Hilliard and Lorna Graev
Helena Lehane, Geoffrey Bradfield, Roric Tobin, and Lisa Price Hope
Liz Peek
Marlene Hess, Gillian Miniter, and Candace Beinecke
Ann Pyne, Jamee Gregory, and Joanne de Guardiola
Muffy Miller and Karen LeFrak
Grace Meigher, Cornelia Bregman, and friend
Lisa Bytner, Laurie Dhue, and friends
Sandra McConnell, Christopher Obetz, and Audrey Del Rosario
Stephanie Borynack
Pretty in White
Margo Langenberg, Lorna Graev, Hilary Ross, and Kari Tiedemann
Susie Gilbertson and Mark Gilbertson
Joan Rivers and Tony Maltese
Diandra Douglas and Janna Bullock
Wendy Carduner and Joan Schnitzer
Karen Klopp and Alice Judelson
Wendy Carduner and Katie Couric
Candice Bergen, Eleanora Kennedy, and Anna Kennedy
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Ashley McDermott
Kari Tiedemann and friends
Rex Reed
Melanie Holland, Amy Hoadley, and friend
Polly Bergen
Internationally acclaimed artist Edwina Sandys and her husband architect Richard Kaplan recently opened their massive Soho loft for a select gathering of friends for a private vernissage of her latest work, Yin Yang, a series of silk screened images all in her favorite colors - red and white.

Female and male figures in counterpoint dominate this new series of ink on archival paper works with common items like tulips (which she adores) that reflect some of her previous well known sculptures.

Richard Kaplan and Edwina Sandys
Sculptor, artist, writer and mother of two, Sandys is also the granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill. Growing up in the post-World War II era, among her fondest memories were watching her grandfather paint and work on the family farm, where he tended horses, pigs and, for a few days, a lion.

Over the decades, Sandys has explored a number of mediums but her gigantic public sculptures that have caught the attention and fancy of the world at large. In 1990 following the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, she created a monumental sculpture entitled Breakthrough fashioned from sections of the Wall close to the Brandenburg Gate, complete with all the political graffiti. The sculpture is now on the grounds of Westminster College where her grandfather delivered his famed Iron Curtain speech.

Her sculptures are for the most part based on universal themes and many portray women and family. During the International Year of the Child, the United Nations installed three of sculptures, Child, Family and Generations at the U.N. School in New York and at the U.N. headquarters in Geneva and Vienna.

Edwina and Richard, consummate hosts, welcomed a diverse group of friends’ family and fans to the airy loft including Stephania Conrad, David Aldea, Paul Sharpe, Josiah Early, Julie and David Toby, Paul Guntter, Brenda Anderson, Kelley Anderson, Christopher Norwood, Arthur Prager, Jennifer Beeby, Alex and Barbara Kreton, Lon Choung, Frederick Doner, Mary Ellen Oldenburg, Sandra Ourusoff, Paula and Eliot Hawkins and James Whitecross.
Chris Norwood and Arthur Prager
David Tobey and Kelley Anderson
Josef Asteinza and Lon Choung
Sue and Burt Beau
Mary Holmes Smith, Jennifer Beeby, and Dale Coudert
Ben Rodriguez Cubenas and Roz Golber
Terry Harris
Bruce Kelly, Sarah Mudge, and Robert H. Moore
David Aldea, Paul Sharpe, and Josiah Early
Ronald Wagner and Mary Holmes Smith
Peter Fleischer and Sunny Adler
Hugh Williamson Noble, Edwina Sandys, and Chris Norwood
Stephanie Conrad and David Aldea
Dr. Alain Roizen, Edwina Sandys, and Ellen Roizen
Raoul Didisheim and James Whitecross
Katherine and Francesca Manisco
Frederick Doner, Marry Ellen Oldenburg, and Michele Oka Doner
Julie Tobey, Paul Guntter, and Brenda Anderson
Sandra Ourusoff with Paula and Eliot Hawkins
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, LLC hosted the launch of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park Trees Project at the Riverhouse residence of Harrison and Leslie Bains.

The Park will contain 150 Little Leaf Linden trees creating two allées on the east and west sides of the great lawn. Each tree will be associated with a significant milestone of FDR’s administration, such as the Minimum Wage Act, Social Security Act, the G.I. Bill, or aspects of Franklin Roosevelt’s life and legacy. Four Freedoms Park was designed by the late renowned architect Louis I. Kahn, and is one of the most admired of Kahn’s unbuilt works.

Ambassador William J. vanden Heuvel, Founder and Chair Emeritus of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, gave a keynote speech to the guests like Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., Ambassador Robin Duke, Ambassador Alan Blinken, Dutch Ambassador Frank Majoor, Senator Liz Kruger, Councilwoman Jessica Lapan, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Kathy Sloane, and Sally Minard.
Sally Minard, Mrs. Melinda Blinken, and Ambassador Alan Blinken
Stephen Schlesinger, Sharon Jacquet, and Kirk Ressler
Dutch Ambassador Frank Majoor, Melinda Blinken, Ambassador Robin Duke, and Ambassador William J. vanden Heuvel
Kathy Sloane, Carl Hewitt, and Marsha Hewitt
Kathy Sloane and Joan Postel
Mrs. Arthur Ross, Kathy Sloane, and Muriel Siebert
William Little, Helen Little, and Sandra Eu
Sally Minard, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, and Gina Pollara
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., Kathy Sloane, Ambassador William J. vanden Heuvel, and Sally Minard
Sally Minard and Senator Liz Kruger
Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador Willam J. vanden Heuvel
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., Ambassador William J. vanden Heuvel, Leslie Bains, and Muriel "Mickey" Siebert
Leslie Bains and Laura Pels
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. and Stephen Schlesinger
Councilwoman Jessica Lapan and Muriel Siebert
Leslie Bains and Harrison Bains
This past December 2nd, there was a lecture at the Polish Consulate by one of the world’s foremost economists, Professor Leszek Balcerowicz, the architect of Poland ’s economic reform after the fall of Communism and the man hailed as “rebuilding Poland in five days.” The lecture was organized and hosted by Consul General Krzysztof W. Kasprzyk, The Republic of Poland.  

Professor Balcerowicz, currently with the Warsaw School of Economics (WSE), former Poland ’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and former President of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) was the architect of Poland 's economic reforms initiated in 1989 at the time of the collapse of communism.   
The lecture took place in the opulent drawing room of the landmark Beaux Arts De Lamar mansion, home to the Polish Consulate since 1973.
John P. Clarke, Joyce Furfero, Steven Papamarcos, Igor Tonic, Rad Jacuch, and Karol Ciechanowski
The audience was filled with American businessmen and women from AIG, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Moody’s and more. Among those participating in the lively and informative Q & A session that followed were Asaf Buchner (UBS), Ashwini Gupta (American Express), Helmut Kratky(UniCredit), Karren Morris (AIG), Jonathan Schiffer (Moody’s), William Timothy Love (Omnicom Group, Inc.), Barbara Katz (CUNY), Hugo Kaufman (CUNY). They were all literally hanging on every word from the financial guru.
Professor Balcerowicz is an alumnus of St. John’s University. Applauding their distinguished former graduate were John P. Clarke, Chairman of the Department of Law; professors of economics: Ivan Abel, Young Back Choi, Joyce Furfero  Igor M. Tomic and Gary Andreassen.
There were also many members of the diplomatic corps including Swen Janke (Consulate General of Germany), Dina Kopilevic (Consulate General of Lithuania), Vera Lizarzaburu (Permanent Mission of France to the UN), Dominic Meiklejohn (Consulate General of the UK), Nikolay Milkov (Consulate General of Bulgaria) and Vladimir Protsko (Consulate General of Ukraine).
Peter Makula and Witold Sulimirski
Cristina and Richard Olszer
Consul General of The Republic of Poland Krzysztof W. Kasprzyk and Professor Leszek Balcerowicz
John P Clarke, Steven Papamarcos, Professor Leszek Balcerowicz, Consul General, The Republic of Poland Krzysztof W Kasprsyk, and Karol Ciechanowski
Mr. Kerkovski
Alex Storysinski and Jerzy Warman
David Andelman, Pamela Title, Krzysztof W Kasprzyk, and Edward Callaghan
Zeg Norsworthy and Kinga Marszal Norsworthy
Consul General of The Republic of Poland Krzysztof W. Kasprzyk and Monika Fabijanzka
Mariusz Kwiecien and Christina Dura
Witold Sulimirsk and Leszek Balcerowicz
Ivan Abel
Wanda Lopuch and Karen Morris
Tyrus Nobis, Anna Pogorzlec, Ursula Slazak, and Andre Grun
Martina Minkowska and Martin Zegunia
Alina and Iwonna Kedzierska
Janusz Zastocki, Lenni Kucibea, and Peter Makula
Professor Leszek Balcerowicz and Gary Andreassen
Richard Olszer
Wioletta Szymanski and Arthur Szymanski
Kinga-Marszal-Norsworthy, Ewa Ger, and Ewa Gumpert
Elizabeth Daly, Lukas Zynia, and Terry Jackson
Edward Nell and Marilyn Adams
Radek Jacuth
Michael Urbanowski and Arthur Szymanski
Matthias Richardt, Philipp Becher, and Martin Dusinski
Richard Olszer with Helena and Daniel Hessel
The Krukowskis
Marta Korzek and Hugo Kauffman
Beatrice De Bacco and husband Sven Oehme
Greg Mularczyk and Mario Pajaczak
Consul General of The Republic of Poland Krzysztof W. Kasprzyk and Jerzy Warman
UJA-Federation of New York held its annual Lion of Judah Luncheon on Wednesday, November 5, at The Plaza in New York City, honoring Martine Fleishman and Tina Price recognizing them them as extraordinary women who have set high standards for philanthropy and volunteerism. Karenna Gore Schiff, the daughter of former Vice President Al Gore, addressed the room of more than 350 women.

The Lion of Judah Luncheon honors philanthropic women. More than 16,000 women around the world are recognized as Lions of Judah, including more than 1,200 in the New York Jewish community. A woman who makes a personal contribution of at least $6,000 annually to UJA-Federation is eligible to wear a Lion of Judah pin — the nationally recognized jewel-inset, 14-karat gold lion. As a woman’s contribution grows, a corresponding precious gem is placed as an inset in the lion’s eye.
Jennifer Harris, Alexandra Lebenthal, and Risa Pulver
Laurie Davidowitz, Leigh Fisher Savar, and Emily Gindi
Judith Zabar and Anita Schlem
Lynn Korda Kroll, Alisa Levin, Carol Levin, Susan Stern, Ambassador Gabriela Shalev, Lynn Tobias, and Stephanie Joseph
Joan Wachtler, Linda Spitzer, Robin Spielman, and Erika Witover
Joan Wachtler and Carol Levin
Candice Koerner and Gloria Kaylie
Cynthia Wolff, Alexandra Lebenthal, and Alissa Makower
Laura Kleinhandler, Leslie Goldberg, Nancy Kansler, Karen Sobel, and Ellen Brown
Naomi Kronish, Muriel Goldberg, and Adele Becker
Sandra F. Cahn and Linda Mirels
Elisa Broad and Pamela Barnett
Joan Jakubovitz and Donna Jakubovitz
Renee Mordfin and Arlene Wittels
Phyllis Gitlin and Tina Price
Natalie Barth and Nurit Resnick
Leigh Fisher Savar and Jennifer Harris
Robin Spielman and Erika Witover
Martine Fleishman, Karenna Gore Schiff, and Tina Price
Lois Kohn-Claar, Bonni Gould, Karenna Gore Schiff, Risa Pulver, and Donna Jakubovitz
Nurit Amdur and Andrea Nirenberg
Leona Leven and Marcie Imberman
Ann Yerman, Ruth Perelson, and Barbara Salmanson
Patricia Silverstein, Elyse Newhouse, Kim Dickstein, and Nina Levene
Stacy Scheinberg and Lynette Koepell
Diane and Allison Wohl
Linda Mirels, Martine Fleishman, Tina Price, and Jerry Levin
Lynn Tobias and Alice Kulick
Bonni Gould and Karenna Gore Schiff
In anticipation of its year-long 50th anniversary celebration to begin in May 2009, Lincoln Center celebrated on December 8th with a night of special private dinners hosted by more than 50 New York civic and philanthropic leaders. The dinners, held simultaneously across the city, preceded the first performance in the newly revitalized Alice Tully Hall, which is scheduled to reopen in February of 2009.

Young Patrons of Lincoln Center (YPLC), the membership group for professional New Yorkers in their 20s through early 40s dedicated to celebrating, supporting, and promoting the world’s largest performing arts center, held one of the 50 Dinners at 6 Columbus Hotel in Columbus Circle, catered by Blue Ribbon Sushi. The evening’s hosts were YPLC members Mali Gaw, June Wu and Jessica Betts. YPLC’s mission is to “perpetuate the limitless possibilities of the arts by building a community of young performing arts enthusiasts whose devotion to Lincoln Center is vital now and in the years to come,” and on this evening was a group effort to actively and significantly contribute to Lincoln Center’s future; the Young Patrons contributed $50,000 to campus redevelopment efforts. 40 Young Patrons and special guests were in attendance, including the recipient of the YPLC 200 Arts Leadership Award, fashion designer Zac Posen.

For more information on Young Patrons of Lincoln Center and its offerings, contact YPLC Coordinator Amanda White at, 212.875.5446, or visit
YPLC Steering Committee members Cari Widmyer, April Thibeault, and Emily Feinstein
Marc and Natasha Cornstein with dinner host Mali Gaw
John Flynn, Claire Farley, and Emily Feinstein
Musicologist Rob Kapilow and dinner host June Wu
YPLC Steering Committee members Alvin Crawford and Emily Feinstein
YPLC member Jonathan Schorr with Mark and Elizabeth Finkelstein
Fashion designer and this year's Young Patrons Arts Leadership Award recipient Zac Posen with Allison Aston and Melanie Fascitelli
YPLC Steering Committee member Courtenay Burley with Dov Barnett
Susan Posen and Lois Betts
Margaret Betts with Eliza Lipsky-Karasz (of WWD) and Dov Barnett
Marc and Natasha Cornstein
Marc Cornstein and YPLC member Paul Sa
YPLC Steering Committee members Courtenay Burley and Kara Medoff Barnett
Rosey Chan and YPLC Steering Committee member April Thibeault
Dinner host June Wu and Jeff Guida
YPLC members Paul and Louise Sa with Akarin and Mali Gaw
Roland Betts and YPLC Steering Committee member Alvin Crawford
Vivek Shah and John Flynn
Fashion designer Zac Posen pays tribute to the dinner hosts and Lincoln Center
The staff of the 6 Columbus and Blue Ribbon Sushi as the dinner portion of the evening comes to a close
Melanie Fascitelli, Louise Sa, and Cari Widmyer
Dov Barnett and Mark Chan
YPLC Steering Committee member Kara Medoff Barnett with Emily Finkelstein
Susan Posen, Margaret Betts, Zac Posen, Lois Betts, and dinner host Jessica Betts
Claire Farley and Katherine Johnstone
YPLC Steering Committee member Courtenay Burley with musicologist Rob Kapilow
New York Cares, New York City’s leading volunteer organization, honored the employees of HSBC Bank USA, N.A., Sidley Austin LLP, and longtime New York Cares volunteer Linda Blacken at its annual Winter Benefit at Pier 60 in Chelsea Piers.

Last year, New York Cares enabled 43,000 New Yorkers to serve on hands-on volunteer projects that helped 450,000 New Yorkers in need. Proceeds from the benefit, chaired by Anton J. Levy, Managing Director of General Atlantic, will support New York Cares’ year round volunteer programs including annual citywide projects such as New York Cares Day, Hands On New York Day and the New York Cares Coat Drive.  

Since 2004, Linda Blacken has contributed an astounding 1,150 volunteer hours with New York Cares, serving as a Site Captain on New York Cares Day and Hands on New York Day, orienting more than 2,000 new volunteers, and team leading over 400 projects. Linda’s leadership was especially visible in her work with the Garden in Transit program in 2007, which engaged children across the city to paint bright flower panels that adorned New York City’s yellow taxi fleets last fall. She currently team leads four ongoing New York Cares projects managing volunteers as they accompany homeless children on cultural adventures, teach computer skills to disabled adults, visit Alzheimer’s patients, and help isolated senior citizens craft their personal memoirs. She is also a part of the New York Cares’ Team Leader Council. Linda lives in Weehawken, New Jersey with her husband, musician Walter Thompson.
Paul Lawrence, the CEO of HSBC Bank; Gary Bagley, the executive director of New York Cares; Linda Blacken, a New York Cares volunteer; and George Petrow, a partner in Sidley Austin's New York office and a member of the firm's Management and Executive committees.
New York Cares is New York City’s leading volunteer organization. Founded in 1987, New York Cares enables 43,000 New Yorkers each year to serve on hands-on volunteer projects that help New Yorkers in need break the cycle of poverty and build better lives. New York Cares offers a full range of volunteer opportunities that meet critical social needs, including helping children learn to read, preparing meals for homeless and housebound people, helping low income students get into college, delivering job training to unemployed men and women, revitalizing public parks and schools, providing companionship and meals to the elderly, giving coats to those who don’t have them, and much more. Last year, New York Cares volunteers helped 450,000 New Yorkers in need. For more information about the New York Cares Winter Benefit or New York Cares, please visit:
Anne Corry and Lynda Baquero
Colleen Farrell and Evan Firestone
Janet Zagorin and Veronica Bulgari
Anton Levy with friends
Janet Zagorin, Stephan Haimo, and Anne Zagorin
Nathan Berkoff, Danielle, Scott Gorran, Amy Wickstein, and Adam Oestreich
Tracy Porosoff and Anne Corry
Deirdre Flynn and Robert Shepardson
Stephan Haimo and friend
Tom Nides and Gary Bagley
Alan Weil, Gary Bagley, and George Petrow
Deirdre Flynn, Gail Harris, and Kathy Behrens

Photographs by Ann Watt (Doubles & Polish);

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