Monday, January 28, 2008

NY, L.A., Houston Social Diary

Suzanne Rheinstein at Hollyhock in West Hollywood welcomed some of the Los Angeles design community’s most interesting personalities to a book-signing party for Margaret Russell’s new Elle Décor book, So Chic. 
Jacqui Lividini, Kayce Freed Jennings and Susan York held a reception at York’s townhouse kicking off the upcoming Women In Need Gala at the Pierre April 9th.

The evening will honor Charla Lawhon, Managing Editor of In Style. Among those attending were designers Mark Badgley and James Mishka, John Truex, Bonnie Stone, President of WIN, Beth Astrosky, Liz Lange, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter.

Women In Need, Inc. (WIN), founded in 1983, today serves over 8,500 people including 5,000 children who are homeless and disadvantaged; restoring dignity, promoting independence and providing stable housing to vulnerable families who face major obstacles that threaten to destroy their lives. When families find themselves without options, WIN provides them with housing, skills, knowledge, understanding and support. To learn more, click here.
James Aguiar, James Truex, Susan York, and Jaqui Lividini
Kayce Jennings Freed and Beth Ostrosky
Kayce Jennings Freed and Bonnie Stone
Beth Thomas Cohen, Amanda Alexander, and Danielle Rossi
Jessica Gioia and Lesley Kennedy
Jennifer Scully, Susan York, and Jaqui Lividini
L. to r.: Gillian Miniter; Charla Lawhon, Mark Badgley, and James Mishka; Suzie Johnson.
Liz Lang and Beth Thomas Cohen
Sylvester Miniter and Tucker York
Stephanie George and Susan Davidson
Sandi Mendelson and Marni Salup
Sophie Buhai, Lisa Mayock, and Jaqui Lividini
Tucker and Susan York
Friends and supporters of WIN
Last Thursday night, the 54th Winter Antiques Show held its Young Collector’s Night which benefited East Side House Settlement.
Annabel Vartanian
Melissa Berkelhammer and Devorah Rose
Emily Davis and Frank Madden
Maggie Rizer
Mark Badgley, Nathalie Kaplan, and James Mishka
Jay and Alison Aston
Elizabeth Meigher and Ryan Jones
Kristian Laliberte, Georgina Schaeffer, and Phillip Thomas
Caroline Cummings, Michael O'Neal, and Isabel Krusen
Nazy Nazhand
Carrie Cloud and Lara Meiland-Shaw
Chessy Wilson and Nicole Hanley
Genevieve Wheeler Brown
Suzanne Rheinstein at Hollyhock in West Hollywood welcomed some of the Los Angeles design community’s most interesting personalities to a book-signing party for Margaret Russell’s new Elle Décor book, So Chic

Hollyhock is located in a landmark building that was once a studio of legendary designer, Tony Duquette. Ms. Rheinstein has turned her shop into one of the city’s liveliest salons as well as a mecca for designers who loveher eclectic mix of 18th and 19th century antiques, international design names such as Robert Kime, Chris Spitzmiller and Lee Jofa.
Margaret Russell signing away
Margaret Russell and Suzanne Rheinstein
The two-floored space was filled with over 200 guests including: interior designers Alison Palevsky and Sarah Shetter, Ruthie Sommers with her daughter Eloise, Peter Dunham, Alexandra and Michael Misczynski, Alison Blumenfeld, Kim Alexandriuk, and Molly Isaksen. Shop owners Nathan Turner and Ames Ingham caught up with Libertine’s designer, Johnson Hartig. Writer Cooper Ray turned up.  White Webb’s Matthew White was joined by furniture tastemakers David Serrano and Robert Willson of Downtown. Rug magnate Christopher Farr visited with jewelry designer Liseanne Frankfurt. Producer John Goldwyn with Jeff Klein, of the Sunset Tower Hotel caught up with the crowd including Daniel Ragone, publisher of Elle Décor. 
Eliza Dyson and Joel Levangia
Margy Eberhardt and Susan Perry
Xander Charity and Danika Thompson
Joel Chen, Ruthie Sommers with daughter Eloise, and Peter Dunham
Nathan Turner, Ames Ingham, and Johnson Hartig
Sean Driscoll and Joyce MacRae
Alison Palevsky and Sarah Shetter
Jack Deamer and Dan Ragone
Ned Mobley and Brenda Mickel
Christopher Farr and Liseanne Frankfurt
David Serrano and Robert Willson
Matthew White and Lauren King
Meredith Thomas and Leslie Hunt
Dawn Moore and Grey Crawford
Suzanne Rheinstein and Ames Cushing
Jeff Klein and John Goldwyn
Alex and Michael Misczynski
Beth Whitaker and Jillian Fowkes
Alison Blumenfeld and Cooper Ray
Art Luna and Glen Lajeski
Kelly Katz
Madeline Stuart and her mother
Alana McGee, Fred Rheinstein, and Elana Donovan
Kim Alexandriuk, Brian Ferrick, and Molly Isaksen
Houston’s Galleria became the latest location for New York’s legendary Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House which hosted an opening party benefiting the lifesaving efforts of UNICEF.

Houston swells were treated to lobster, king crab claws, shrimp, and prime steak, and overwhelmed by Del Frisco’s $1 million wine cellar, which holds more than 20,000 different wines. 

Notables attending included: Carolyn Farb, John Tsacrios, June and Virgil Waggoner, Gigi Huang, Sylvia and John Sullivan, Dee Lincoln, Lou Greggory and Linda Lorrell, Shern Min Chow, and Deanda and Todd Thoman.

For more than 60 years, UNICEF has been the world’s leading international children’s organization, working in over 150 countries to address the ongoing issues that affect why kids are dying. UNICEF provides lifesaving nutrition, clean water, education, protection and emergency response saving more young lives than any other humanitarian organization in the world.  While millions of children die every year of preventable causes like dehydration, upper respiratory infections and measles, UNICEF, with the support of partnering organizations and donors alike, has the global experience, resources and reach to give children the best hope of survival.  For more information about UNICEF, please visit Or call 800-4UNICEF.  Or contact John M. Tsacrios, Jr., UNICEF Texas Executive Director at
Jimmy Olguin and Susan Williams
Ed Silliman and Carolyn Farb
Shern Min Chow
Gigi Huang
Deanda and Todd Thoman
Dee Lincoln and Carolyn Farb
Murphy Comardelle and Dee Lincoln
Dee Lincoln, John Tsacrios, and Carolyn Farb
Paul Nielsen and Dawn Koctar
John DiNardo and Dee Lincoln
Lou Greggory and Linda Lorrell
Norris Womack and Jamil Higley

Photographs by © (WIN & Antique Show); Stefanie Keenan (So Chic).

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