Friday, March 28, 2008

Preservation and Performance Art

Kate Shelton
Kendall Arney and Julia Croddick
Annie Fiorilla
On a Friday night earlier in the month, the Young Friends of Save Venice gathered at the Metropolitan Club for their annual masked ball, this year called the Iridescent Masked Ball. The evening’s theme was inspired by moonlit nights in Venice with walks along the mist-filled canal and palazzi softly glowing in the moonlight, its shimmering reflections dancing along the walls.

The masked guests started the evening at the Dom Perignon Bar. Dinner followed with the dining room’s iridescent  décor by H. DeVinn Bruce. Music was provided by DJ Frank Delour. Prizes for the evening were contributed by Barbetta, Dom Perignon, Faraone Mennella by R. F. M.A. S., Hollywould, and Karen Marshall Photography. Gift bags were filled with goodies from Chantecaille, Elemis, John Frieda, Hollywould, Korres, MutualArt, Salontea, and Jay Strongwater. Hollywould sponsored the evening.
The scene at the Metropolitan Club for the Iridescent Masked Ball, hosted by the Young Friends of Save Venice.
Adelina Wong Ettelson was Honorary Ball Chairman. Olivia Chantecaille, Blair Voltz Clarke and Alexandra Lind Rose were the evening’s Chairmen. Vice-chairs were Christine Cachot, Holly Dunlap (creator of Hollywould), John Leopoldo Fiorilla, SunHee Grinnell, George Rudenauer, Christian Salvati, Sarah Jane Sculco, Susan Shin and Melissa Skoog. Dance Chairs were Martin Dawson, Fiona Scarry and Luigi Tadini.

The proceeds of the evening will go to the restoration of two paintings, Landscape with Horses and Landscape with Stream and Figures by Marco Ricci in the Academia Galleries in Venice.

The mission of Young Friends of Save Venice is to introduce supporters in their 20s and 30s to the artistic patrimony of Venice, and to instill in them the desire to help to preserve her timeless treasures.
BJ Topol
Elisabeth Saint-Amand
Christine Cachot
Sarah Basile
Matthew White and Charles Tolbert
Chris Mehringer and Seema Mehta
Sheila Parham and Kim Hicks
Mary Kathryn Navab
Adelina Wong Ettelson
Ashley McDermott
Melissa Berkelhammer
Linda Fargo and friend
Luigi Tadini and Jackie Astier
Tom and Lori Florio
Natasha Boncompagni and friend
Alina Cho and Gilles Mendel
Claude Shaw and Lara Meiland-Shaw
Beatrice Rossi-landi
Holly Dunlap
Gillian Miniter
Nicole Ruvo
DeVinn Bruce
Co-Chairs Blair Clarke, Alexandra Lind Rose, and Olivia Chantecaille
Alvise Casellati
George Rudenauer and Maud Cabot
Francesca Traldi
Susan Shin and friend
This past Tuesday, Anthology presented its 17th annual Film Preservation Honors Dinner at the Water’s Edge Restaurant in Long Island City, Queens, celebrating institutions and individuals who are leaders in cinema preservation, or who promote deeper understanding of our collective film heritage. Past honorees have included Martin Scorsese, Enno Patalas, Edith Kramer, Cineric Inc, the NBC News Archives, Ken and Ric Burns, and filmmaker/scholar Peter Bogdanovich.

This year’s roster of honorees included Jonas Mekas, Milestone Films, and DTS Digital Cinema (which is conducting a joint project with Anthology, the National Gallery, and the Museum of Modern Art).
Jonas Mekas
Harry Stendhal and Robert Heller
Arthur Penn
Kirsten and Fran Bowen
Bernard Klevickas and Fred Mushel
Maya Stendhal
Aly Hosseini and Raimund Abraham
Sandra Navidi
Fred Henry, Maya Stendhal, and Harry Stendhal
Balasz Nyari, Francine Nyari, and Reiko Tsubaki
Sebastian Mekas and Sandra Navidi
Phong Bui
Andrew Lampert and Ross Lipman
Carolyn Hutton
Sebastian Mekas, Bradley Eros, Harry Stendhal, and Elle Burchill
Allison Niedermeier and Andrew Betzer
Adrianne Jorge, Joaquin DelaPuento, and Bradley Eros
Peter Hutton and P. Adams Sitney
Marian Heller, Dennis Dorros, Adam Dorros, Gary Palmucci, and Amy Heller
Wendy Dorsett, Tim White, and Christopher Wazzaro
Akiko Limura and Taka Limura
Bob O'Neil, Margaret Bodde, and Schawn Belston
Seth Berkowitz and Adam Wangerin
Sandra Navidi, Harry Stendhal, Jonas Mekas, and P. Adams Sitney
Vincent and Eva Cheng
Stephanie Gray and Elle Burchill
Adrianne Jorge and Jonathan Lees
Sarah Halpern and Corlyn Funk
Two Wednesdays ago, the LongHouse Reserve hosted an exceptional evening,  a benefit at the historic Cherry Lane Theater where longtime supporter and Pulitzer Prize winning author Edward Albee has shared his 80th birthday with the East Hampton based art and sculpture center.

Mr. Albee dedicated this performance of his seminal plays, The Sandbox and The American Dream at the theater where these deeply influential plays were originally produced in 1961. Coming on the heels of rave reviews for Fall 2007’s Peter and Jerry (encapsulating the Zoo Story), the evening was an opportunity to see Albee’s radical early plays that changed the course of American theater. An additional treat, Mr. Albee directed the production.
Edward Albee
Jack Larsen
Edward Albee and his "Layer" birthday cake.
Prior to the performance, LongHouse Reserve Trustee and gallery owner, Charlie Cowles opened his art-filled loft for a pre-theater supper for LongHouse supporters who purchase tickets at the Benefactor or Underwriter level. After the performance, everyone, including the cast joined Mr. Albee for cake and champagne. 

All proceeds from the LongHouse Reserve Celebrates Edward Albee’s 80th Birthday will support the LongHouse Reserve’s mission to exemplify living with art in all forms. Through its gallery, arboretum, sculpture gardens and educational programs, LongHouse brings together art and nature, aesthetics and spirit, with a strong conviction that the arts are central to living wholly and creatively.
Matko Tomicic, LHR Executive Director, Elizabeth and Mark Levine, and Marian Seldes
Jack Larsen, Charlie Roos, and Edward Albee
Anne and Dr. Charles Roos with Matko Tomicic
Shirley Fromer, Katja Goldman, Fern Tessler, Matko Tomicic, and Dorian Goldman
Karrie Wright, Barbara Slifka, Lys Marigold, Dianne Benson, Matko Tomcici, and Ayse Kenmore
Edward Albee and Dianne Benson
Down in Palm Beach, they celebrated Easter weekend at Michael R. McCarty's ...
Ivanka Trump and Michael R. McCarty
Susan Dickey, Tricia Quick, Loy Anderson, and Bryna and Bevin Butler
Weadle and Megan Cheatham with Bobby Leidy
Tony Musso, Kelly McCaffrey, and Robby Kahle
Avery Broadbent, Hermione Joye, Courtney Quay, and Caroline Rowley
Kristin Runco and Nico Fanjul
Some art hits at precisely the right moment in time. And so it was with “Ladies & Gents”, the site-specific theatrical event produced by Georganne Aldrich Heller and presented coincidentally by the Irish Arts Center in the toilets at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park at the time of the breaking Spitzer sex scandal. Yes, you read that right.

Executive Director of Irish Arts Center Aidan Connolly and Producer Georganne Aldrich Heller
Based on a true 1950s tabloid scandal that rocked Dublin, the short play focuses on an act of prostitution bringing down the high-and-mighty socio-political elite. The bloody debacle takes place in both the Ladies and Men’s Rooms, involving the spectators as witnesses to the “crime”.

Producer Georganne Aldrich Heller served as Cultural Director of the Borough of Manhattan for five years. Her many theatrical credits revolve around the production of Irish theater.

She is also the daughter of the late Larry Aldrich, the Seventh Avenue manufacturer whose passion was art and who in the late 1950s had the vision to found the Aldrich Museum for Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, Connecticut.
Adian Connolly, John Keating, Sean Gormly, John O'Callaghan, Laoisa, Director/Writer Paul Walker, Paul Nugent, Producer Georganne Aldrich Heller, and David McDonald
Mr. Aldrich rescued Monet’s Waterlilies from destruction in France, following World War II. He was also at one time, with a consortium, the owner of the Empire State Building.

Since 1973 the Irish Arts Center has been the primary home for Irish Arts and Culture in New York City.
Actor Sean Gormley
Actors Paul Nugent and Laoisa
Mounties Patrolling Central Park

Photographs by Julie Skarratt (Save Venice); (Mekas); Lucien Capehart (Easter); Jill Lynne (Ladies & Gents).

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