Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Symphonic sounds

At The Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic's "A Mid-Winter's Eve" (Clockwise from top left): Phoebe Booth, Keith Connor, and Roderic Mathey; Loren and Michael Dinger; Amanda Starbuck, Benner Ulrich, and friend.
Two weeks ago on January 31st, the Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic enjoyed their annual Winter Benefit, “A Mid-Winter’s Eve" with a concert conducted by Maestro Lorin Maazel. There was a champagne reception during intermission and a dinner dance following the concert. 255 young New Yorkers attended the concert and 350 attended the dinner dance. The evening was made possible through the generous support of Fortunoff jewelers.

The Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic comprise people from 21 to 40 who appreciate and support the Philharmonic and who love symphonic music. Their membership gives them unique opportunities to attend concerts as well as educational events in the company of friends while supporting one of the city’s most valuable cultural enterprises. Founded in 1994 the Young New Yorkers group includes more than 4,000 members.
Eleanor and Andrew Beasley
Christopher George and Lindsay Clarke
Montana Timchula and William Fitzgerald
Krystian von Speidel, Jessica Betts, and Ryan Carney
Caroline Perkin and Mark Gilbertson
Erin Linnihan, Betsy Keller, and Lindsay Cherashore
Collins Ward and Walton Ward
Keith Connor, Dan Entwistle, and Chandler Evans
Adora Ofodile and Cristiano De Rossi
Claire Noland and Justin Karr
Charles Darling, Amanda Starbuck, and Christopher Leach
Elizabeth Belfer and Cody Constable
Three friends
Crystal Gipe
Lindsay Burnett and Reed Coleman
Fernanda Gilligan and friends
Samantha Woods and Jeffrey Caldwell
Lindsay Feigin and Michael Bracken
Christian MacDonald and Holly Huffman
Chris Leach, Samantha Woods, Adrian Ulrich, and Benner Ulrich
Philip Thomas, Georgina Schaeffer, and Mark Gilbertson
Emily and Richard Leonard
Tenley Beals and Peter Boss
Donald Palmer and Paul Desmarais
Two Wednesdays ago at the Forbes Galleries at 60 Fifth Avenue, there was a private reception before the grand opening of a new photographic exhibition Horst Platinum, an extensive collection of 50 of Horst’s photographs which graced the covers and editorial of Vogue for 60 years from 1931 through 1991.

The private reception was hosted by Forbes Magazine’s Vice President of Business Development, Miguel Forbes and the exhibit’s curator Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque.

Attendees included Erin Lazard, Herve Bernard, Charlie Scheips, Richard Meier, Michael and Tara Rockefeller, Rufus Albemarle, Cece Cord Baldwin, Victoria Silvstedt, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Patrick McMullan, Countess Stephanie D’Orglandes, Johan and Marcella Lindeberg, Padma Lakshmi, Carol Alt, Marc Ecko, Damon Dash, Christopher Mason, Sebastian Assouline, Stephanie LaCava, Lauren Remington Platt, and many more.

Horst Platinum includes timeless photographs of celebrated personalities of their day as well asVogue fashion spreads and images from the artist’s travels and still life subjects. One of Horst’s most famous photograph’s which had a revival thanks to Madonna in 1980s and her popular song “Strike a Pose” -- Mainbocher Corset -- was the last he developed in Paris before World War II. It is on exhibit alongside such notables as Round the Clock, Salvador Dali, Lisa as V.O.G.U.E. and Lisa with Harp. The exhibit will be on display through 15 March 2008 at The Forbes Galleries located at 60 Fifth Avenue at 12th Street.

Horst, one of the most famous fashion photographers of his generation, was born in 1906 in Germany and enjoyed a long, successful career at Vogue. In the history of twentieth-century fashion and portrait photography, his contribution figures as one of the most artistically significant and long lasting, spanning six decades. During this period, his name became legendary as a one-word photographic byline, and his photographs came to be seen as synonymous with the creation of images of elegance, style and rarefied glamour.

The exhibition’s curator, Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque is a Colombian-born decorator with notable clients throughout the world, and is based in Miami. A passionate photography collector at his former Miami A-D gallery, he has curated and displayed a number of exhibitions highlighting the work of Peter Beard, Helmut Newton, Araki, Sarah Moon, Albert Watson, Iran Issa Khan, and Horst P. Horst, amount others. His design work includes everything from private, upscale residences to trendsetting restaurants.
Adam Dell and Carmen Casadella
Anastasia Khozzisova, Georgianna Robertson, and Carol Alt
CeCe Cord Baldwin and William Heath
Elga Wimmer and Dr. H. Manes
Carmen Casadella and Sam Robin
Deborah Fenker, Camilla Olsson, and Victoria Silvstedt
Erin Lazard and Herve Bernard
Sebastian Assouline, Mac Patoulas, and Gert Elfering
Miguel Forbes, Juan Carlos Arcila Duque, and Gert Elfering
Gert Elfering and Richard Meier
Juan Carlos Arcila Duque and Bonnie Kirschstein
Johan and Marcella Lindeberg
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Juan Carlos Arcila Duque
Lauren Remington Platt and Stephanie La Cava
Georgianna Robertson, Marc Ecko, and Carol Alt
Michael Rockefeller, Tara Rockefeller, and Juan Carlos Arcila Duque
Richard Meier, Xin Li, and Juan Carlos Arcila Duque
Rufus Albemarle and Patrick McMullan
Countess Stephanie D’Orglandes
Padma Lakshmi and Patrick McMullan

Photographs by Linsley Lindekens (Philharmonic).

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