Monday, June 2, 2008

The Last of Spring Flings

Dinner in The Edna Barnes Salomon Room at The New York Public Library for a dinner in honor of Stephen Schwarzman.
KiDS of NYU’s Springfling Gala raised more than $1.7 million to support children’s medical services at NYU Langone Medical Center. 

The 17th anniversary benefit event, chaired by Trudy Elbaum Gottesman and Robert Gottesman, drew 450 guests to The Plaza the Wednesday before last, for cocktails, dinner and a lively auction. KiDS of NYU Board members Susi and Peter Wunsch were recognized for their combined 27 years of volunteer work on behalf of KiDS of NYU. They shared their experience with pediatric medical services  from the perspective of a grateful family. 

Trudy and Robert Gottesman
A pyramid of toys to be donated to the Pediatric Unit, table decorations of live plants bound for the Horticulture Therapy Program, and opportunities for guests to purchase directly items needed by the Child Life and medical staffs, underscored the evening’s focus on recognizing the special needs of children. 

The successful event built on the momentum established at last year’s gala, where KiDS announced a $35 million pledge by two board members toward the children’s hospital, for which plans are beginning to take shape. 

“My vision, as a whole, is to see our Medical Center take its rightful place as one of the very top institutions of its kind in the world,” said Dr. Robert Grossman, Dean and CEO of NYU Langone Medical Center. “And certainly, to reach that goal, we must have world-class services for children.” 

Ms. Gottesman, a long-time KiDS board member, emphasized the ongoing need to create child-friendly spaces in all areas where pediatric patients receive care at the Medical Center.

“The good news is that we have the best pediatric doctors and clinical staff,” Ms. Gottesman said. “The challenge in the short term is to improve all the areas where children are currently seen.” 
Alex and Susan Casdin
Dr. Laurie Brotman and Dr. Andrew Brotman
Among immediate improvements outlined by Dr. Grossman will be to build up the Medical Center’s “front door” to pediatric treatment. He announced plans for adding two pediatric emergency physicians, upgrading the waiting areas and the pediatric treatment room, and creating a more defined space for children within the Tisch Hospital Emergency Department. KiDS has worked closely over recent years with Dr. Benard Dreyer, interim chair of the Department of Pediatrics, to significantly expand pediatric emergency medical coverage at Tisch Hospital.  

Dr. Jessica Foltin, director of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Transport Program at Tisch Hospital, and Dr. George Foltin, director of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Program at Bellevue Hospital, were honored for their advocacy for children and their commitment to the highest standards of excellence in pediatric emergency medical care.
Vicki and Ian Cohn
Dr. Andrew Hilton and Dr. Irma Hilton
Susan and Frank Aiello
Tina Nadler, Lynn Sedley, Janet Ginsburg, and Suellen Freeman
Stuart and Vicky Match Suna with Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz
Edward J. Minskoff and Linda Sirow Koplewicz
Brooke Neidich, Dr. Robert I. Grossman, and Alice Tisch
Vera Wang, Arthur Becker, and Julie Minskoff
Dr. George Foltin and Dr. Jessica Foltin
Peter and Susi Wunsch
Hannelore and Victor Trautmann
Dr. Eugenie Doyle and Joseph Doyle
Brad Wechsler and Patty Newburger
Dr. Robert Porges and Dr. Felicia Axelrod
Dr. Steve Hofstetter, Jill Sedley, and Dr. Howard B. Ginsburg
Joshua Laterman, Dr. Aaron Rausen, and Emmalou Rausen
Dr. Marcia Wishnick and Stanley Wishnick
Abbe and Greg Large with Lisa Watkinson
Lorraine Wint-Johnson, Dr. Anil Lalwani, and Frances Bordoni
Marymount Manhattan College’s 2008 President’s Medal Gala Benefit at the Rainbow Room: Celebrating the Mind, Body and Spirit, raised $325,000 for the College. Proceeds from the event will be applied toward MMC’s capital campaign efforts to increase student access to higher education.

They honored Jana Klauer, M.D, a physician and best-selling author specializing in nutrition, exercise and weight management. NBC’s Hoda Kotb, a co-anchor for the Fourth Hour of Today and a correspondent for Dateline NBC, served as the mistress of ceremonies.

Gala co-chair and Trustee Jim Buckman shared his appreciation for supporters of the College, including fellow co-chair Gerold Klauer and his wife, gala honoree Dr. Jana. President Judson R. Shaver presented Dr. Klauer with the President’s Medal for her service to improving the health and well-being of others through medical weight loss, nutrition and exercise. The evening, which included a performance and presentation by MMC students, also acknowledged other student scholars for their academic accomplishments and campus leadership.

Proceeds from the President’s Medal Dinner will go toward the creation of financial aid opportunities through scholarships an initiative of This is the Day, the campaign for Marymount Manhattan. The $25 million campaign goal will also support the enhancement of college facilities and the creation of fixed-term academic chairs. These campaign initiatives reflect MMC’s mission of providing a high quality liberal arts education as an affordable option for a diverse body of students through scholarship opportunities.
Ted Bowden, U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica Brenda Johnson, Jana Klauer, and Gerold Klauer
John Davis, Trustee Thomas Clark, Trustee Lou Maratarano, and Dansby Evans
President Judson R. Shaver, Ph.D. and Honoree Jana Klauer, M.D.
Barbara and Buddy Freitag
Josie and Kenneth Natori
David Corvo, Mistress of Ceremonies Hoda Kotb, President Judson R. Shaver, and Page Shaver
Caroline Wekselbaum and Natan Wekselbaum
Trustee Judith Carson, Trustee Ron Yoo, and Leslie Yoo
Gerold Klauer, Erika Klauer, Jana Klauer, and Matthew Klauer
Jackie Harris Hochberg and Robert Hochberg hosted a cocktail reception at their home to raise awareness and support for the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. The Harris Obesity Prevention Effort (HOPE) at NYU was established in 2005 by Ms. Harris Hochberg’s parents, Nicki and J. Ira Harris

Over 60 close friends of the Hochbergs gathered to learn about HOPE’s groundbreaking research and programs aimed at stemming the child obesity epidemic.  “Imagine a world where no child suffers the medical, psychological or social consequences of being obese. This is the world of HOPE,” said Laurie Miller Brotman, Ph.D., Director of HOPE. “We have developed programs for families and teachers that promote healthy eating and encourage physical activity so we can reach children throughout the nation in an effort to prevent childhood obesity.”

Guests at the reception included: Sheri andLawrence T. Babbio, Jr., Yildiz Blackstone,  Thomas Farley, M.D., Erica and Michael Karsch, Harold S. Koplewicz M.D., Rodney Propp; Lee Stahl, Vicki and Joseph Tahl, Karen Zucker; HOPE board members: Elissa Burke, Michael Alan Graves and Douglas P. Teitelbaum.

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Evan Nadler, M.D., Laurie Miller Brotman, Ph.D., and Michael Alan Graves
Jackie Harris Hochberg, Robert Hochberg, and Laurie Miller Brotman, Ph.D.
Douglas P. Teitelbaum, Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr., Jackie Harris Hochberg, and Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D.
Michael and Erica Karsch
Lawrence and Sheri Babbio
Elissa Burke, Jackie Harris Hochberg, George Fielding, M.D., Douglas P. Teitelbaum, and Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr.
Michael Alan Graves, Jackie Harris Hochberg, and Evan Nadler, M.D.
George Tsiolis and Michael Egarr
Vera and Kent Clark, Fiona Gosschalk, and Andrea Vazzana, Ph.D.
Yildiz Blackstone, Marcia Tucker, and Christine Ren Fielding, M.D.
Jackie Harris Hochberg and Yildiz Blackstone
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, Spring Dawson-McClure, Ph.D., and Indran Purushothaman
The Central Park Conservancy hosted its annual Playground Party for children, friends and families last Wednesday afternoon.

Heckscher Playground in Central Park.
The Playground Partners and Patrons of the Central Park Conservancy is part of the Women's Committee, and works to keep all 21 of the Park's playground safe and fun.  

Featuring live music by the Squeaky Clean Band, performances by Magic Al, character appearances (Prince Charming, Bob the Builder, Spiderman, and Princess), face painting, balloon sculptures, lemonade and ice cream stands, and much more ... the party raised $160,000. 

Playground co-chairs Carol Herring and Jennifer Saul Yaffa were joined by 600 guests at the historic Heckscher Playground, including Gillian, Sylvester, Serena, and Quint Miniter, Betsy Messerschmitt, Eleanora Kennedy, Nancy Paduano, Suzanne Cochran, Christine Cachot and Allegra Williams, Kamie and Carter Lightburn, Jennifer and Braden Keil, Janet and Olivia Kagan, Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler, Vicki and Will Foley.
Allegra Williams
Bob the Builder
Lois Herring
Christine Cachot and Allegra Williams
Gillian and Serena Miniter
Hart and Sarah Robinson
Carol Herring, Doug Blonsky, and Jennifer Saul Yaffa
Nancy Paduano and Suzanne Cochran
Janet and Olivia Kagan
Jennifer and Braden Keil
Carter and Kamie Lightburn
Carol Lee, Zoe Tomlinson, and Mary Lee Aphtoff
Hannach and Amy Schrader
Nico and Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler
Sydney, Virginia, and Annesley Apple
Will and Vicki Foley
Last Wednesday night The New York Public Library hosted a dinner in honor of Stephen Schwarzman honoring him for his $100 million unrestricted gift to the Library. 190 guests, including many of the library’s most prominent backers attended.

The menu for the evening: White and Green Asparagus with Spring Morels and Black Truffles; Roasted Halibut with Capers and Lemon,Grilled Plum Tomato Purée of Pea and Watercress, Pommes Gaufrettes; and Bombe of Mango, Passion Fruit, and Cassis Sorbets, Berry Compote.
Linda Janklow, Candice Bergen, and Marshall Rose
Edward Cardinal Egan with Janine and Tom Hill
Annette and Oscar de la Renta with Catie Marron
Susan Fales-Hill and Christine Schwarzman
Pete Peterson and Stephen Schwarzman
Kathy Rayner and Jane Stanton Hitchcock
Jeff and Liz Peek
Olga Votis and Elizabeth Rohatyn
Jeffrey Rosen, Caroline Kennedy, and Stephen Schwarzman
Josh Steiner
David Nasaw
Lewis Cullman, William Wright, and Yvonne Durant
Scott Stringer, Stephen Schwarzman, and Catie Marron
Vincent Gentile and Caryl Soriano
Sue and Edgar Wachenheim
Sam Butler and Stephen Schwarzman
Stephen and Christine Schwarzman with Catie and Don Marron
Mark Whitaker with Kathleen and Chris Matthews

Photographs by © (Marymount & Hope); Don Pollard (NYPL).

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