Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Wonderland

The New York Botanical Garden's Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.
Last Friday night was the 10th Anniversary of the Winter Wonderland Ball held in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at The New York Botanical Garden.

CHANEL Fine Jewelry was this year’s sponsor in honor of the House’s signature flower, the Camellia.
Winter Wonderland Ball Chairmen
There were 360 guests at the holiday party of the season. The Chairmen were Cristina Cuomo, Nina Garcia, Emma J.P. Goergen, Marjorie Gubelmann, Alex Kramer, Alexandra Lebenthal, Christian Leone, Rebekah McCabe, and Molly Sims. The Junior Chairs were Byrdie Bell, Martin Dawson, Poppy Delevingne, Minnie Mortimer Gaghan, Blake Lively, Dalia Oberlander, Gillian Hearst Simonds, and Claiborne Swanson. The Founding Chairs were Sloan Barnett, Whitney Fairchild, Pauline Joerger, and Nathalie Kaplan.

The Conservatory -- the Garden’s landmark crystal palace -- was filled with a fabulous display of magnificent model trains winding through a sprawling landscape of historic New York City.
A model of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory
The evening began with cocktails in the Palm Dome and the turn-of-the-century glasshouse while the actual dinner dance was held under the stars in an adjacent tent with décor designed by Ron Wendt, courtesy of CHANEL Fine Jewelry.

This event, which raised $250,000, supports children’s education programs at the Botanical Garden, allowing children of all ages, particularly underserved children in the Bronx, an opportunity to learn about nature in engaging ways through workshops and hands-on activities.
Coco Chanel's favorite flower was the Camelia. She originally chose it to offset her little black dress. Eighty years later, Mademoiselle's trademark flower is an icon for the House of CHANEL. It is re-interpreted each season in CHANEL Ready-to-Wear, Haute Couture, Accessories, and Fine Jewelry and Watch Collections.

For 2008, CHANEL Fine Jewelry offers an interpretation in 18k white gold and diamonds in a selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and watches. The camellia epitomizes the spirit of CHANEL worldwide: a masterpiece of simple beauty, as timeless as CHANEL itself.
Winter Wonderland Ball Chairmen
Emma Goergen and Laurent Grosgogeat
Liz Cohen and Beth Blake
Rebekah McCabe and Nina Garcia
Chloe Delavigne, Poppy Delavigne, and Sophia Hesketh
Joseph and Nazee Moinian with Jennifer and Fred Noban
Anne Grauso and Mish
Alison Hyde and Debbie Silverman
Alex Kramer
Aida Khoursheed
Allison Lubin
Alexandra Lebenthal, Erica Castle, Marie Laude Grosgogeat, and Laurent Grosgogeat
Amanda Mallan and Marin Radovanovich
Alexandra Lebenthal and Jay Diamond
Anastasia Smith, Tiffany Koury, and Elizabeth Grimaldi
Byrdie Bell, Amy Greenspon, and Jenn Brill
Chris and Cristina Cuomo
Carla Barbosa
Adelina Wong Ettelson
Evangello and Victoria Bousis
Christina Snylyk and Dawne Marie Grannum
Devin Powell and Amy Dwek
Liz Cohen and Aida Khoursheed
Ingrid Schram and Erin Featherston
Jon Kurpis and Elizabeth Grimaldi
Jennifer Rominiecki
Joy Wayne
James Aguiar, Patrick McDonald, Stephen Knoll, and Mark Haldeman
Marcie Pantzer and Gretchen Fenton
James and Whitney Fairchild
Jason Wu and Olivia Chantecaille
Kimberly Putzer and Melissa Lis
Lauren Goodman
Miguel Calderon, Theresa McNamara, Daniel McNamara, Evelyn McGrath, and Patrick McGrath
Michelle Hellman and Andrew Fry
Neva Anton, Nathalie Kaplan, and Kalliope Karella
Rebekah McCabe, Alexandra Lebenthal, and Nathalie Kaplan
Patrick and Evelyn McGrath
Michael Macko, Heather McAuliffe, Wendell Brown, and Frank Muytjens
Sasha and John Galantic
Pamela Fiori and Babi Alluwalliah
Victoria Bousis, Evangelo Bousis, and Coralie Charriol Paul
Serena Nikkhah, Kate Dimmock, and Nancy Walsh
Lisa Airan and Byrdie Bell
Rebekah McCabe, Emma Goergen, Cristina Cuomo, Nina Garcia, and Alexandra Lebenthal
Rachel Wolkowitz and Lara Meiland-Shaw
Sarah Bradford Wetherell
Stephanie LaCava and David Scoroposki
Tory and Elena Kiam
Zani Gugelmann and Thom Felicia
Sheila Parham, Susan Krysiewicz, Kim Hicks, and Adelina Wong Ettelson
Rachel Peters, Liz Cohen, and Aida Khoursheed
Zani Gugelmann and Valerie Boster
Sasha Galantic and Marie-Laure Grosgogeat
Lila Warburton and Sarah Bradford Wetherell
Alexandra Lebenthal and Gillian Miniter
Maggie Betts, Jessica Joffe, Rebekah McCabe, and Ferbee BishopTaube
Maggie Katz
Mark Biron, Helen Whalon, and David Anton
Marie-Laure and Laurent Grosgogeat
Last week in New York, Lily Donaldson, Fabiola Beracasa, Margherita Missoni, Amy Sacco, Sonia Braga, Patricia Cisneros, Yaz Hernandez, and Angel Sanchez joined AID FOR AIDS International founder Jesus Aguais, benefit chairs Narciso Rodriguez, Maria Eugenia, Maury Arria, Alejandro Santo-Domingo and Claudia Cisneros at the 2008 AID FOR AIDS International My Hero Gala honoring famed photographer Mario Testino, SABMiller, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLC and 19-year-old activist Alejandro Pompei for their contributions to the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Catty Cisneros and Claudia Cisneros
Alvaro Domingo and Maria Eugina Maury Arria
The 300 guests enjoyed cocktails as they browsed the silent art auction and took to dancing after the awards presentation. The evening raised $500,000 for the organization.

AID FOR AIDS International is the non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS in developing countries and who are immigrants to the United States by providing access to medications, health education, HIV prevention strategies and advocacy.
Alexandra Trullols, Jane Bloomingdale, Andrea Gutierrez, Henrique Cisneros, and Jose Agria Trulliols
Alejandro Santo Domingo
Yaz Hernandez
Carlos Picon, Jose Solis Betancourt, Maria Eugenia Maury Arria, and Andrew Kepler
Claudia Cisneros, Katerina Thermiotis, Martin Rozenblum, and Katie von Strasser
Mark Mullet, Fabiola Beracasa, and friend
Yayi Santandreu, Corina Balbontin, Maria Eugenia Marury Arria, Irene Zingg, and Katerina Thermiotis
Sonia Braga
Amy Sacco and Mario Testino
Narciso Rodriguez, Margherita Misoni, Sonia Braga, and Lily Donaldson
Alexandra Trullols, Regina Haymes, Karen Larrain, and Lily Maddock
Maria Eugenia with Ambassador Ricardo Arias and wife Maraquel
Jesus Aguais, Fabiola Beracasa, Alejandro Pompei, and Maria Eugenia
Karina Correa Maury, Mario Testino, and Maria Eugenia

Photographs by Patrick McMullan.com (Winter Wonderland); Wire image (Aid for Aids)

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